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TJ- Human Fox- Assassin
Captian Tessa - squirrel- Abby Champion
Jessie-  squirrel-cartographer
Doctor Fabiana- Mouse - Doctor
Commodore Dominique- Otter- Pirate

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Jessie's head shot up and her tail puffed up, "OK OK! I"M SO SORRY SIS!" Jessie cried panicked, "I know I should be at the party, but I found these really cool documents on creatures of the world and…" she trailed off, "Tessa?" she said looking around and not noticing her sister "Whos there.." she said her voice quavering and then gave a nervous laugh, muttering "Oh are just imagining things, the book on creatures in the world is messing with your mind." she smoothed her emerald dress, getting rid of the wrinkles and walking over to the stack of books that fell over, she gave a small laugh, "Oh Jessie, it was just a stack of books falling over.." she grumbled as she picked them up and put them back in a stack, neater then before before making her way back to the center and settling down and picking up her creature book again, thinking how silly she was. At least Tessa hasn't caught her yet in here.

Dominique responded back, "Way up north from here on a mountainis ring of islands in the middle of the sea. My library has all my records, sometime you should check them out. she said giving a smile.

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ooc: gets irritated and finishes the whole post then deletes it since TJ can't take over characters, just muses what will happen in her mind for the longest time..

Fabi still curled up, fast asleep, nose tucked under her paw, the wildcat smiled, "Get some rest Fabi..still has a ways to go."
Stacey slid the window open and poked her head through, "Hey guys," she said, "Once we get a breather I want all of you to get checked out, and I mean everyone…" she said pointedly looking at Lennard and Marcus. "Got it?" She looked at Mortimer sleeping and frowned, she awkwardly reached a paw through and poked Mortimer, "Mort, wake up." she hissed and then poked him harder and frowned, "What you guys give him? He is out like a rock." Stacey growled and looked at Lennard, "What he take?" she reached for his wrist and felt for a pulse, it was slow and weak. HEr heart skipped a beat and she looked back at sleeping Fabi before facing the front, her eyes scanned Mortimers body and stopped when she saw a bandage under his jacket. "No....Marcus! Lennard! Morts injured." she said her voice quaking in a whisper. "We need to check the extent and get him stable at least to base." she looked back again at sleeping Fabi and made a decision, "I"ll grab an IV and some clean bandages, Marcus wake up Mortimer, now, if not..." she drifted off, she knows what could happen, if someone was to fall into shock, they would be in a coma and then die. She couldn't bare the thought of Mortimer dying and she knew Fabi would take it hard. "Thats NOT gonna happen."

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Hey!!! Welcome back!

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oh look who come to join the party! Welcome back!

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ooc: DON"T YOU DARE GO STEALING STUFF FROM DOMINIQUE! lol ask is better then stealing.
Oh what contest shall we do next? Dance concert, Dance off? fencing? about about games like ring toss? of pong?
Rudderwake, she signed back to Hinata, but I have been everywhere around the world up since I was a kid, worked on a variety of different ships, one was a crew member who knew sashasha and taught me_._ She signaled again. But if you are curious, my travel journals record my adventures on the high sea and places I have been. One second she signaled.

She focused back on the table and gave a grin, the pain in her eyes gone Dominique hopped up on the table once more. "VRASKU! Congratulations on winning! You have won the prize money! Once you feel better you can retrieve your prize, With Katsuke a close second, followed by Rascalm well done my friends!" she quickly added, noticing all the faces look like they were about to be sick, she gave a small grimace, that wouldn't be a pretty sight. "NOW EVERYONE! ENJOY THE REST OF THE FESTIVITIES!" she cried gleefully before jumping down off the table. She grinned at Hinata and handed her a chocolate chip cookie.

Back in the house, Jessie had managed to sneak way from her sister and found herself in the library where she was in the middle of the floor surrounded by stacks of book she plucked off Dominiques shelf. In her hand was an old leather bound book talking about mythical creatures in the world which captured her interest. A fe wtimes she noticed the Dominique had scribbled in the margins notes and things about some of the creatures. She wondered if Dominique acually had found some of these creatures.

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TJ looked at the contestants, "Looks like it's Rasacl first followed by Vrasku, and then Katsuke. But it's close!" She then added, "If you are done, please raise your hand, and that tells me that your done!"

Dominique gave a look of surprise at who bumped in to her and recovered nicely. She saw Hinata signal 'Sorry.' Or she thought it was sorry, Dominique was a super rusty on Senshschachaa, but singled back 'Accepted' (hopefully it was the right motions) Dominique though and then grinned, "Dominique Perrie, welcome to the party." She held out her hand in greeting, "My senshschachaa is very rusty and I hope I didn't offend you."

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TJ sheathed her sword, "You make a fair point." And then gave a bright grin, ears pricked forward in excitement. "Alright! Is everyone who wants to participate in the eating contest here? So far I have to say Rascal is in the lead but we have a close second contender catching up quick, a the new comer, Vrasku, who just started. This will be a marvelous event! So come one and come all!"

Dominique chimed in and amazing a bottle of rum appeared in her hand, "It's an event you don't wanna miss! Let's cheer on the champions!!" Before taking a huge drink and. Giving a cheer before jumping down from the table. This was a marvelous night indeed. She sauntered over to TJ, "Thanks mate." She said giving a cheery wink. Watching the three beats eating, "Also congrats on being Abbey Champion! Def cause for celebration tonight." TJ grinned before calling out! "Come Guys! A huge prize awaits!! Eat up."

TJ smiled again at Star, "Things are never boring with TJ and crew. Who are your friends?"

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ooc: : Don't dare make TJ and Cree mad, they will gang up and you will get a beating, each have a set of skills that combined makes them quiet a deadly force. 🙂

Everything was going along fine until a lizard joined the frey and what turned out to be fun and games now had the bet of the loser getting eaten for dinner. That is one thing TJ couldn't stand.

"ENOUGH!"' she snapped in a loud voice, drawing her saber and slamming it down on the table, cutting the plastic card in half. "I HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE, OR WHAT YOU ARE DOING BUT THIS IS A PARTY!" she continued her voiced getting louder, "AND YOU, SIR, ARE A GUEST AT THIS PARTY! I HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU HOPE TO GAIN OUT OF BETTING ON OTHER LIVES, BUT IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED." she glared at the lizard merc, moving closer she held the sword up to his neck and spoke in a normal voice, laced with contempt, "Have you no manners? What gives you the right to barge in on a friendly competition during this glorious time? threaten lives and act all godly about it? that you are all that and everyone should obey you?!" she gave him a smack over the head, "REALLY? You are an adult for heavens sake, a grownup, a member of society and right now you are acting like a child." she glowered, "SO SIT YOUR ARSE DOWN IN THE CHAIR and SHUT UP Vrasku" she snapped. Abbey Champion Tessa and sister Jessie stepped behind TJ, hands on weapons ready to draw if a fight came to it. "Now, you can either participate and the prize for the winner would be the price of a new knife, plus the 59 kamas and I'll double it. Take it or leave it." she glowered looking him in the eyes.

]Dominique in the meantime appeared at his other side, pistol sword drawn and a flagon of ale in the other hand, "I suggest you do what Administrator TJ says, I heard she has quiet a nasty temper, I mean after all, she is part of the Sisterhood of Assassins, amazing at tracking down and getting rid of troublemakers." She gave a flourished bow, "Commodore Dominique Perrie, treasure hunter and adventurer. And this is MY part and I don't appreciate guests threatening other guests lives, if it continues, I would have to ask you to leave, and if you don't leave willingly, I will force you to leave." she gave a quick smile, "Besides, you can do all the killing, conquering, eating other beasts by noon tomorrow, so lets hold off on all of your dark fantasies until tomorrow ok?" she handed him the flagon of ale, "Drink up sweetheart, best ale in of the worlds if I say so my self. And who knows, maybe by the end of the night everyone here will be your friend."