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Happy Windsday everyone!

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Hey everyone! Been a VERY long time since I've posted anything here, and being back here brings back a flood of great memories. So I thought that over the next week and some I might dust off some of my old characters and see what could be done with them.

I know a lot of the folks here today won't recognize me, but there are some familiar names still around, which is awesome! For those that don't know, I joined back in April of '09 and for a while was a Global Mod (I think) before I went inactive.

Should I jump back into RPing, would anyone be interested in starting up a new story with me?

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You guys might find this useful. If nothing else it's good for a laugh.

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May I offer my heart felt congratulations on the upcoming happy occasion! If there is any service I can render, I will be lurking on the sidelines for at least two weeks. 🙂

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If you made that up I applaud you heartily!

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Hey, that's what I thought! I might not have known how to spell it, but it's the thought that counts, lol.

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Averlin saw her movement and and started to turn away when the fox th Willow was talking to saw him and said,

"Evnin' matey!"

He muttered something in reply and slipped inside the Abbey toward the kitchen.

He muttered to himself on the way,
"Willow really needs to work on her communication skills! If it hadn't been for that fancy bit of footpaw work I wouldn't have known what to do! As it is I'm suppose to go keep an eye on those vermin in the kitchen."

He walked casually down  the stairs and into the kitchens and almost guffawed at the antics of the enemy. They were all over the kitchen, poking noses into cupboards, getting paws pinched in drawers and one stupid rat had just tried to take a half baked pasty out of the over and gotten burnt for his trouble. All the while the Friar was running here and there with a large wooden spoon smacking paws and noses and trying to make all these creatures leave his kitchens!

Ave slipped in and grabbed a pasty off the cooling rack and darted out again to go find Willow.

OOC: Can Willow come find Ave? I'm going to need something to do in my next post. sorry it took so long, I didn't relies you was a'waitin' fer me.

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Hey Frost, no problem matey! That contest sounds interesting, I'll go check it out!

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That is cool Kai, I think I'l use it as my background. 🙂

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That series is pretty good!~ The first book is dark for the first half but gets better as you get farther into it.

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Shaun grabbed a bottle of cheap wine off the bar and smashed it over the head of a passing rat. The rat fell to the floor, out cold. The otter glanced up in time to see the ferret dive very ungracefully out a small square window. He dodged an ungainly blow from a nearly drunk stoat and back-handed it across the face, probably braking some of it's teeth in the process.

He glanced back at the window and saw a small swirl of smoke float past the window. He blinked. The smoke was gone, as were his brains, nearly. He caught a chair across his back and neck that sent him to all fours. Shaun shook his head and got to his feet, glancing at the window again. This time there was a lot of smoke, and a tongue of flame!

He looked around for thr fox and saw him fighting off two rats with a broken chair. Shaun worked his way over to him and bopped to two rats on the head.
"Come one, that sneaky ferret set the place on fire! We gotta get out before we go up in flames."
He turned and dashed at the door and burst out, knocking said ferret over and into a mud puddle.