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"Burn the bridge behind you, leave no retreat"

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,One Ring to bring them all and in thedarkness bind them, In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
J.R.R. Tolkien, "The Lord of the Rings"

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I can approve of all of these.

2. Vermin Warlord seeks redemption upon being defeated by the sun.

However, I think this one is my favorite.

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Christian. That's all I have to say.

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Dusk listened to his brother’s question with a small smile, his fingers still linked before him. Upon the conclusion of Torix’s question, Dusk gave him a full smile and then took his hat from his head, placing it on the table before him.
“I’m afraid that a bridge or tower would be rather difficult to have this technology applied to them, dear brother,” Dusk began to explain. “You see, this hat can utilize the mechanism due to its extremely light weight, allowing me to use very small, clockwork gears and very light metals and woods. However, if applied to a tower or to a river spanning bridge, it would simply be too much. The sheer increase in size required would, in itself, cause problems, not to include the fact that bridges and towers are often made of stone and oak. The end result is that I would need to greatly redesign the original blueprints to make it in any way effective, and it would cost a great deal more resources and simply overcomplicate the structure on a whole, resulting in a great loss in efficiency in either of the structures,” Dusk stated, taking on an almost lecturing tone, one that was fairly ruined due to the comical, double tall top hat before him, the bathrobes that he was wearing, and the fact that he was noisily sipping hot chocolate. “As to your crown, I’m afraid it wouldn’t work as well, since it’s made of metal, adding more complications than necessary to the machinery once more,” he pointed out. “Could I do it? Of course, with time and effort. Will I? I feel it would just be far simpler for you to switch to a jewel encrusted top hat, making the work far easier on me,” He finished, taking up his top hat again and placing it upon his head at a jaunty angle. This angle of jauntiness, coupled with the uncommon height and weight of his hat, resulted in it falling off his head backwards, crashing to the ground. Dusk simply smiled all the way through the hat-tastrophe, eventually getting up so he could reach down and grab his hat once more.

(OOC) sorry I've been gone so long.

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Dusk smiled at his brother and sister-in-law, finally taking his feet down from the table and instead placing his elbows on the coasters. He steepled his fingers and looked at the two of them through his digits.
      "I'm afraid that's not quite what I meant, my dear royal couple. No, I was more referring to my own hat that I am currently warring," Dusk said, tapping his top hat with his right hand. "You see, this hat is an engineering marvel, something that is quite useful to no one save me." With a small flourish, he produced a small metal crank from his right hand sleeve, waving it slightly so as to show it off to the occupants of the room. Then, with a careful hand, he inserted the crank into the small hole in his hat. The crank fit into the hole perfectly, stopping with a soft metallic click. Then, with a massive grin on his face, he started turning the crank. At first, nothing seemed to happen, but after the fourth turn, some small resistance was met by the crank, and from then on as the crank turned, the hat raised up. The hat split at just above the crank, making a perfectly even split between brim and hat as it went up. A cylinder of fabric was visible within the opening, slowing expanding as the upper half of the hat moved. Once the top hat was near double it's previous height, the inner fabric snapped outwards and filled in the space that the apparent mechanism within the hat had created, leaving Dusk with a perfectly formed, double tall top hat.
      "That, my dear brother and sister, is what I have created," he said as he returned the crank to it's previous place in his sleeve. He then turned to look at Jared and Melinda, asking, "Yes, how have you two been fairing?" adding to Kiara's question.

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"Excellent attempt at humor, brother, hopefully it isn't reflective of your abilities in running our kingdom," Dusk said, giving the king some applause and a smile in his direction. once finished with that, Dusk leaned forward enough to snatch his hot chocolate from the table, leaning back again once his task was complete and sipping at the mug in his hands loudly. He continued to do so up until Kiara started to reprimand him for his behavior, as he knew she probably would. "Ah, yes, how rude of me," he acknowledged," I shall deal with that forthwith, sister-in-law." With a certain level of care, Dusk brought his feet down from off the table, setting his drink down in their place. He then reached into the voluminous confines of his bathrobe sleeves and pulled out from either arm a coaster, which he placed upon the table. Finally, he took up his drink again and set his feet down upon the coasters, clearly pleased with himself. "There you go, my most radiant majesty, I sorely hope I did not offend too greatly with my uncouth manners," he said as he favored his sister-in-law with a smile.
      Before Kiara could respond to Dusk, Jared spoke up, asking a question that Dusk loved answering whenever it came up. "I for one, my good blacksmith, have been working on this hat," he explained, pointing to the top hat upon his head, "It is- how should I put it?- my crowning achievement in head wear." Dusk beamed at Jared, clearly pleased with his pun.

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Dusk smiled at all of the greetings he received, taking Jared's hand in his own and giving it a hardy shake. "I'm doing rather brilliantly today, in answer to all of you," Dusk said after releasing Jared's hand. He shoved his chair back and raised his legs up, placing his feet onto the table in front of him, slanting his chair slightly as he did so. He ignored the cup of hot chocolate that was rested near his feet. Dusk glanced over at his brother as he made his request of Melinda.
      "Oh yes, send one person to fight fifty ships worth of barbarians, please and thanks, be back in time for tea. This has to be one of your more brilliant plans, brother mine," said Dusk with a sardonic smile. placing his hand on the armrest of his chair, Dusk began tapping out a rhythm," Now, of course I believe you have good reason for asking Melinda to go on what could be a suicide mission, and I for one would like to hear it, if those here are permitted to know this reason," Dusk asked his brother and king.

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Dusk walked through the palace on his way to the dining hall, his slipper clad feet silent on the floor. His cane, on the other hand, was not as silent, tapping against the ground and echoing every time he brought it down. He wore an elegant bathrobe of a deep red color, one that reached all the way down to his feet, concealing him completely. Atop his head he wore his a top hat, one with a bronze ribbon tied round it just above the brim. There was a small hole in the right side of this hat, seeming to serve no purpose. Dusk of course knew the purpose, but he wouldn't reveal said purpose until he decided to.
            Dusk stepped into the dining hall through a side door, arriving opposite Jared, along with his companion Melinda. Dusk smiled across at the couple, tipping his hat to them, then turning to face the head of the dinning table, sighting his brother and his sister-in-law. He smiled thinly at them, tipping his hat as well to them. With that formality out of the way, he stepped forward and took his place at the table near his brother, placing his cane down in front of himself on the table.
            Once seated, Dusk said "Hail my lady, my lord, and my blacksmith, and the blacksmith's lady. How are we all fairing on this fine day?"

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Nickname: High Prince, the artificer, The crazy brother of the King

Name: Dusk Gammelis

Gender: Male

Species: human

Nationality: Eselbrador

Description: Dusk is six-foot two-inches, and is on the thin side, much thinner than his brother Torix. His features are much finer and gentler, more feminine, although he does bear some resemblance to his brother. He would normally have red hair like his brother, however he dyes it jet black, keeping it at shoulder length and tied back in a ponytail. His normal clothing includes whatever he feels like at the time, however when he's feeling serious, or needs to perform some royal function, he will wear a black tailcoat, a crimson vest underneath, a grey undershirt under that, and a set of black dress pants. He normally wears a fine silk top hat and carries a blackwood cane inscribed with silver scrollwork. He's fairly unserious, treating a lot of things like a joke, only truly focusing on his own personal work. He enjoys studying magic and machinery, combining the two in inventions of his own, some of which are actually quite useful, while others are just made for his entertainment and his jokes.

Possessions: The things he creates, a glaive, a golden medal with the sun engraved on it, and his hat and cane.

-Creative, inventive
-well educated in the fields of magic and machine

-His unserious nature can upset others and get him into trouble with others.

I'm apparently the king's brother now, so I will now take up residence in the royal palace and do things of a crazed nature.

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I personally liked Hans, I think he would have made a good leader. I also liked the fact that the "Act of love" was more like an act of selflessness and sacrifice rather then the generic "Love's kiss" thing. All in all, it was an okay movie.

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I'll be taking dusk and changing him into something way more awesome-better. He's going to no longer be a noble, but instead the head of a carnival. I'll wait until after we have something more complete on Elselrador before I get all of the details set out.