Veska (Work In Progress = History Not Finished)

  • Full Name


    Monitor Lizard (Appearance of a Blue-spotted tree monitor)


    Panteleon Radzi's right hand and the leader of his monitor shock troopers

    _Only the largest and strongest monitors earn the right to be leading the other monitors when Pan isn't around to do so and Veska is the biggest of the lot, capable of licking any three of her fellow monitors with her claws, fangs and tail alone. She is the biggest and meanest thing on Sampetra.

    Veska along with all the other monitors in Sampetra, is black and dark almost glowing blue in color that is a combination of spots and stripes with a white underside.  She also has a very long tail that can be used at will as a vicious whip that can strike with enough force to break a beast's neck and fearsome eyes that are of the most concentrated color of amber, almost red in appearance. Her teeth are like serrated razors, but usually partially hidden in her gums and her claws are like fire smoked black sickles, perfect for climbing….. and ripping flesh from bone.

    There is a noticeable difference between her and the other monitors though besides size differences, her head and part of her neck is actually covered in almost glowing blue feathers. At first, it looks natural, but in reality. They are a type of many, many piercings that are a lot like a stud piercing, but instead of a stud, it's a short fire smoked metal tube that each fits a blue feather of a common kingfisher and is secured with two screws each thanks to four holes on the tubes. (It basically gives Veska a raptor mohawk. = P )

    Veska has suffered several scars, but surprisingly. Not many of them came from corsairs, during her time in the Desert Peninsula nation of the far west before Pan bought her, her slavers liked abusing their slaves and have lashed her many times with a whip and iron rod.

    Another interest of note is that Veska's breath smell significantly less horrid than most other monitors, her breath still smells bad, but is more tolerable. This came from a willingness to drink peppermint tea on a daily basis to please her pine marten master, at first. She hated the taste, but in time it has came to grow on her and now she almost always take every chance she gets to drink a glass of it._

    _Veska is already a formidable weapon herself, but she is also trained with several weapons. Particularly the monitor lizard's main issued weapon, the lance. She also knew how to effectively use a net for combat purposes as well and the trident in case it was necessary. Thanks to Pan using her for mock duels, she became familiar with many swords, some she liked less than others. In the end, Veska found her two most favorite weapons were a cleaver blade falchion and bolas made from iron balls and steel chains. She compliments the use of a sword with a metal targe.

    Veska's only visible articles of clothing is a silk khalat robe that reaches down above her ankle and is worn with the sleeves rolled up past the elbows and completely buttoned up and secured with a belt and sheath made from dyed black ray skin. The khalat, like all the others, is custom made for the monitor and uses unique embroidered patterns that no other such robes have, the dark green embroidering resembles the leaves of a particular species of tree (Jubaea) which is grown in Sampetra for it's sap, which can be made into an exotic wine. It is a brilliant blue and purple, giving the impression of a night sky just as the set finally sets out of sight and disappears completely. The borders of the khalat are black. Finally, the khalat's shoulders, upper back and chest are covered by dark dull gray, hexagonal plated chainmail that provides decent protection against the curved blades that corsairs constantly carry with them during their visits to Sampetra.

    Underneath the robe, there was hidden added protection. Some quilted, cotton, sleeveless armor that had been soaked in brine and left to dry under shade, causing the salt to crystallize inside, an old trick she learned from an old, experienced bat-eared cat whos kind have used it for protection when engaging in piracy as it proved very effective at protecting against arrows and poison darts._

    _Veska is easily the strongest and scariest creature walking on top of Sampetra's surface. Usually just the sight of her settles arguments and fights, she is so feared by most of the visitors of Sampetra that crowds of them typically part and give her plenty of space to move. All the while grateful they are not her targets yet have nothing but pity for those who have caused enough trouble to warrant her hunting for them.

    Veska's strength also makes her one of the best ranged throwers on the island, while she is great with any throwing weapon. Bolas were her specialty, she was capable of throwing them much farther than any other beast and was able to throw them with such force that they could fly through the air faster than some eyes can follow. There were times where she 'stole' Raknak's potential prisoners with them that up until that point, had been giving the greatrat a good long run for his ducats._

    _Veska, being a reptile, suffers from the penalties of being cold blooded. In cold enough temperature, she can turn sluggish and even become severely sick, monitors can die if they become too cold for too long. Fortunately, Sampetra rarely has any such weather so Veska has never suffered under the cold grip of nature during her time there. She would much rather like to keep it that way too.

    Veska isn't very charismatic, though she can convince beasts to see things her way. It is never with the smooth talking diplomacy that Pan is a natural at doing, Instead, it is with sheer intimidating prowess. Many beasts fear her, which means they also hate her. Veska has very, very few friends in Sampetra. Even her monitors are not her friends, they only follow her out of fear and also because Pan hypnotized them too. Not many beasts on Sampetra would mourn if she suddenly died one day…._

    Veska is a very bitter, stubborn and especially adamant creature. No corsair, no slave, no treasonous beast has ever succeeded in bribing or convincing her to turn on Pan or ignore a crime they did. She takes her job very seriously, mainly because it's really all she has besides the clothes on her back. It's not like she could leave Sampetra and make a life for herself if she wanted, no corsair would dare let her on their ship. She also has very good common sense and is fairly good at telling if a beast is trying to lie to her or not, as her appearance makes it hard for her victims to keep their nerves calm and their story straight. In recent years, Veska has been suffering from paranoia and for the first time, fear, of Pan due to the realization of his hypnotic powers. (She was unaware of it for a time because his gaze did not effect her due to her stubborn nature. She never really disobeyed him however because of how seriously she takes her job and because of this, Pan is actually still oblivious to her 'gift.')

  • Background
    _Veska was hatched and raised in a jungle country that bordered Zandor and the South Desert Peninsula where she grew up as a fisherbeast and became quite good at it thanks to a very almost unnatural talent of throwing harpoons and nets and the fact her tribe settled not too far away from a small city inhabited by bat-eared cats. She made her monthly trips to the shop of a old cat to restock on her baits and whatever equipment that had broke while she was fishing and eventually, to hang out with the feline, who she grew to respect and see as an ally. Eventually while still an adolescent, she had to serve her tribe in a war as a child soldier. Thankfully, she has some special help from the old cat, who taught her how to make inexpensive armor by soaking thick cotton wear into brine and leaving it to dry in shade. Causing it to turn into a very light armor capable of even stopping arrows dead, the cats used this armor to make their generation's long tradition of piracy much easier, this armor would save her in several battles from bowbeasts and beasts who use blowguns and poisonous darts.

    Again, her talent with throwing things made itself known, throughout the war. She killed dozens of beasts with light spears and javelins, even killing one of the rival chieftain's sons. He had been taunting her tribe from the top of a wood wall and was certain that he would be safe thanks to its height and the steam that her tribe would have to wade through to get to the walls, arrows from their bows failed to reach him, but Veska's use of a atlatl made him the first casualty of a siege that didn't even start yet.

    Like all tribal wars, due to the primitive lifestyle and technology, did not last for long. It was a season long conflict, after it ended. Veska went back to fishing and soon on her next birthday she got a small boat for a discount from the old cat, small enough that she only needed a small crew, but big enough to be seaworthy. It was a junk ship, she liked how she could go anywhere she pleased with it. Even against the wind.

    What would appear to be a profitable and pleasant future for her and about two score others would met tragedy at the hands of Desert Peninsula natives, slavers they were. The country was best known for its huge slave market. They hooked Veska's junk and swarmed the left railing of their galleass with scimitars and other curved blades against her crew's harpoons and nets. None of them were cats.

    Veska and her forty crew mates were put in chains and forced to help row the galleass back to the desert peninsula due to it being dragged down by the junk it was towing. Between them and the slaves already there it was very crowded, when they finally made it to shore. Herself and her crew were taken to a slave compound, she never saw her ship again after that, nor did she ever see her crew mates again either when she got processed and moved to a different compound. (When beasts were enslaved in a group by desert beasts, it was typical procedure to separate them so they couldn't potentially work together a plan for escape or rebellion.)

    For the next couple of years, Veska became a strong, but hated slave. She worked hard, but was also bitter tempered from having her freedoms ripped from her and being treated like utter garbage by her two slavemasters, a sun squirrel and a mongoose, who would punish her cruelly even if she did exactly what she was told to do by them perfectly and flawlessly. They were also cruel to the other slaves in her work group and in had a special particular way of torment them. The squirrel was a rapist and the mongoose was a paranoid creature and always thought the slaves were planning a revolt of some kind, causing unlucky beasts to be subjected to hours of torture for information that didn't exist. Fortunately, Veska never suffered either of their special treatments because the squirrel wasn't interested in females of the reptilian kind and the mongoose thought no beast would trust or like a lizard enough to share secrets and plans with. (She was the only lizard in her group.)

    Unfortunately for the mongoose, karma would catch up to him while feeding the slaves, typically. Slavemasters had two doors to each squarish slave cage, one to the side so the slaves could be contained and retrieved and one on top so masters would drop food and lower buckets of water down to the slaves without them being able to potentially make a break for it due to the door being far out of their reach. When the mongoose opened the top of Veska's cage and taunted her by dangling a dead seagull just out of her reach. He had never known that Veska had been noting his habits every single day and realized that he liked to bend in and lower the food as close to where the slaves can reach while jumping as he possibly can so he could enjoy their misery even more.

    Veska jumped for the gull, but came up significantly short, the mongoose laughed at her and taunted her about how hungry she must be and lowered the gull, she jumped again and still came up sort, again, she was taunted and laughed at and the gull was lowered. The mongoose's head now was through the top door and in her cage, she jumped for the gull again, but this time changed the amount of strength she put into her jump and came up short again. The mongoose was enjoying himself, he lowered the gull even farther, what he believe was just out of her reach, just enough for her to cut it with one of her claws. His shoulders were through the door now. Veska lowered herself, bracing all the muscles in her legs and even her tail. She had her most powerful jump ready.

    She jumped with all her might, more than enough to get the gull, but she never got close to the gull, she struck the side of her cage instead with such force that the cage shook violently and the mongoose overbalanced and fell screaming into her cage. He attempted to use the natural swiftness known to his race to get back up and to defend himself, but she was already on him before he could get off his back….

    When the outraged sun squirrel found him in all his intestinal glory the next mourning, he immediately gave Veska the death penalty. She had just signed her own death warrant. While his underlings were moving her cage outside however, he was met by a young adult pine marten who, fascinated by the lizard he beheld in her cage. Attempted to convince him to sell her and any other monitor like her over to him, at first. The sun squirrel attempted to write him off and convince him that she is not for sell and that she was too dangerous to be owned by any beast, the marten persisted and the squirrel finally lost his patience. He turned around to look him in the eyes and nail it into his stubborn and foolish mind that the lizard was not for sale, period and to scream for his guards to remove him from his sight. However, when he looked the marten in the eyes, he instead ended up selling Veska and all monitors he had in his possession to him and even informed the martin of fellow clients who also own monitor lizards like Veska.

    When Pan told the monitor her fate from than on, Veska immediately agreed to serve him. It wasn't like she was going to be able to fight her way through a small army of trident rats and even if she managed to escape, where would she go? At the end of the day, she would rather be a soldier than a slave.

    Veska wasn't prepared for the hail of immense benefits she would receive in exchange for her willing cooperation with the pine marten. Not only was she never put in chains and shackles again, but Pan saw fit to give her the position of leading the reinstated monitor shock troopers which thanks to the slave market, would eventually grow to two hundred total. Veska thought originally she would have to fight for the position and keep fighting to keep it, but strangely. She was never challenged by her fellow monitors.

    The start of her career did not go too pleasantly, although she had been out to sea once before, she didn't stray far from the shore and when she got taken to the Desert Peninsula, it was still warm temperature. This time, the weather changed constantly and she and the rest of her fellow monitors were constantly sick during their trip to Sampetra. Much to Pan's dismay, several would die during the trip, however. Veska and many others were strong enough to survive and see the shores of Sampetra. It was an experience Veska would never forget due to how nervous it made her the first time she saw the unruly corsairs. Sure, she had met pirates before, she bought fishing supplies from a city populated by felines who made it their heritage, but they never behaved like these sea scum did. She thought if it wasn't for the trident rats, the mob of corsairs would likely try to have a go at her and her fellow monitors.

    However, it didn't take long for her to realize that the corsairs were actually scared of her kind. On the first day when they were being escorted to the palace, corsairs willingly moved out of their path like minnows getting out of a shark's way. Something she had never had happen to her up until now, she would find out many more new and interesting things about living in what appeared to be an entirely new world. For the next few years, she learned any things about the island of Sampetra and about her new master. Most of them revolved around smashing small slave rebellions and enforcing security when corsairs got rowdy, she found the corsairs to be master liars and when that failed them, the scared beasts typically attempted to bribe their way out of a situation. Strict to her duty, she never let them escape their crimes.

    Eventually, she would become one of the older members of Pan's staff that was still alive. Her relationships with the other beasts serving Pan's inner circle varied,  despite the fact Veska is hated and feared by most beasts who come and go to or live on Sampetra, the monitor found comforting company in the form of the emperor's Imperial Physician. Desmora, although at first she was distrusting of the vixen, she grew to find great comfort in her company and her kind nature and Desmora would from than on not only served has her healer, but also her psychiatrist whenever the lizard felt overwhelmed by her job and the cold attitudes directed towards her by the corsairs, sometimes even a member of her fellow palace staff, a Marlfox known as Kawldkan, would use his position as Spymaster to mess with her. She grew to greatly dislike him for his psychological cruelty towards her at times.

    As for the rest, she found the stoat Achenar to be a untrustworthy creature, he had been very polite to her when she first met him and in time found this behavior to be suspicious, she wonder if there was a great grand scheme he was planning on pulling on the monitor that would surely ruin her and maybe even end her life, She disliked Zeke for his cowardice and views him as a complete waste, however. She found worst beasts to dislike even more than the searat which came in the forms of Raknak Raggedtooth and the even more dreaded Kawldkan! Raknak had been a recent addition to the palace staff, replacing the previous trident rat leader after he had died defending the emperor during one of his travels from the island, the rat had never been a friend of the monitor per se, but he was professional and typically worked together well with Veska and made both their jobs easier in the process, she liked him for those reasons and had tried to save him when he was being overwhelm by savage toads, she failed however and was not even allowed to try and retrieve his body afterward. Pan didn't mourn or care to much for the rat who gave his own life to save him and had ordered her to not even bother, it didn't take too long for the pine marten to find Raknak and promote him as the now current captain of the trident rats, he was inferior to the previous rat in every way in the monitor's eyes and thanks to his repulsive attitude. Veska didn't want to work with him, this put a wedge between the trident rats and the monitor shock troopers and she knew this would be a weakness that sooner or later, the corsairs would realize and constantly try to take advantage of.

    Despite all this, Raknak was hardly the worst thing that has happened to her or to Sampetra, Raknak was a repulsive creature, but at least he was hardly a threat to her life in any manner and he had no dangerous ambitions beyond being captain of the trident rats. Although greatrats were a subspecies that was twice the size of a normal rat, he was still hardly a match for her in a straight up fight. All of their arguments when they came never resulted to physical blows, so she knew that he didn't have the guts to fight her and he would have to if he wanted the throne. Raknak was also not just repulsive to her, but towards other beasts as well, especially the common corsairs. The last trident rat captain lasted twelve years because he was a fair creature and corsairs begrudgingly respected him for it. Raknak was horribly corrupt and because of this, Veska firmly believes that he will not last two more years before he finally pays the ultimate price for his corrupt behavior, maybe he will pay even sooner if she is lucky.

    No.... There was far worse and it came with a name she has learned to dread in the most recent part of her existence. Kawldkan! Just the mere mention of his name made her miserable, Kawldkan had been around for three years now and to this very day, she isn't sure if she had wronged the Marlfox in any manner, if he was just that cruel towards other beasts like Raknak was or if he had dangerous aspirations of greatness and was indirectly trying to have her killed and out of the way. 'Indirect' is best way to describe just how the Marlfox made her life difficult. She rarely saw him, and spoke to him even less. Yet every other day there was a murder, conspiracy or slave unrest to investigate, Veska could sense that the spymaster had already begun his shady work before she even arrived. She knew he had many eyes, ears, and whispering tongues working for him, and she had access to none of their secrets. Veska worked tirelessly to bring justice to the island, but Kawldkan's claws always struck before hers. The worst part was Pantaleon didn't care how the situations were fixed, just that somebeast fixed them and gave him all the credit for keeping order. Sometimes it would become so bad that it threatened to overwhelm her, she would remember how nonchalantly Pantaleon replaced his last trident rat captain without shedding a tear and knows that could be her, except that she would likely be killed by the emperor himself under his supernatural gaze for failing too often or by looking too useless in his eyes. She felt the Marlfox was slowly, but surely murdering her. Slowly torturing her to death. Sometimes she had thought about breaking the very rules she constantly worked so hard to enforce and killing him herself, she thought about every possible method and scenario and whether she could get away with it or be found out in all of them. She wanted to do it, so he wouldn't be able to 'murder' her and get away with it, she dreaded to think what Sampetra would turn into afterwards if she died. Kawldkan and Raknak Raggedtooth were hardly worthy of keeping the peace in Sampetra._

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