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  • Whats this? A vermin horde I see of some sort??? Count me in! I too dont know much about the place but I have a lizard alt. And I am willing to make more if needed

  • I know that in the The Pearls of Lutra the crews of the Sampetran ships weren't Monitor Lizards, only the captains/guards of the captains were. That opens up some possibilities (Especially with an RP dealing with ships currently in progress) for either captains of ships (Trident Rat Captain subordinates) or captains of the guard. It would actually be quite interesting to expand upon the hierarchy of Sampetra, seeing as though throughout The Pearls of Lutra it was basically up in the air who was in charge over there.


  • _….....

    I don't think I have ever felt so disrespected by a forum community in my entire life. >_>

    I'm curious on how Gerns will feel about this too._

  • Coolcoyote responds with a simple ???????

    Also, I'm afraid I havnt read up on Pearls yet. But I'm game for any kind of rp! 😄 If anyone needs minions or what not I dont mind making a few.

  • Oh. My bad. There's already a thread on Sampetra right below this. I'm sorry if I offended you Mister Stickabee…


  • The Jewel of the Sea is the only active roleplay in this section. It is written by two members of the forum that are active daily, using characters that are still on the front page of the character profiles section. I have links to that thread and my character's profile in my signature, so wherever I post, there's easy access to reading it. The face of the Emperor of Sampetra is my avatar. There's a picture of him in the gallery.

    We cannot make it any more obvious that we have already done a significant amount of world building, planning, and writing that already answers the question posed by this thread. We have done our best to create a new and interesting Sampetra with engaging characters. The Jewel of the Sea is one of my favourites I've ever done. I know there's not a great number of posts, but each one takes a good amount of time, effort, and discussion between us. The thread is still being worked on, and we definitely have future plans for our Sampetran characters.

    It confuses me as to why this thread was located and revived without anyone checking the content of the only RP thread in Sampetra.

  • Ahh, forgive me.

    it's been so long, so I answered as best as I could.  XD

    I'll make a 'position' for it and link you up, so that it doesn't happen again.

  • Ha! Don't sweat it. It happens. Im used to mucks but recently a few months ago I jumped into the form rp. So i am still trying to find my way around here. My advice would be to just post to the active threads, meeting people and asking where all the rp is at or where it is needed. until you get your feet wet ^^

  • Ooc Gah! Ignore my last post, I didnt see you were administrator XD I got somewhere confused down the line thinking you were a new player. I know there was one somewhere…oh that me. Right. XD Anyway, um...yep...thats me sticking my foot in my mouth. Nice meeting you all!

  • LOL. yes, I am the all and powerful! 😛
    And it's been done  🙂

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