Gnarlspike the fox

  • Nickname: Gnarl

    Name: Gnarlspike

    Description: Red fox, with a cream belly. Wears a yellow cape. It has a hood, but he rarely uses it. He has a black leathery belt, with daggers hanging on it. He has poisons on it as well. He has a long hideous scar on his left cheek,  and huge fangs. He has a large leathery whip tied along his waist just above the belt. He has black eyes, as if the pupil covered the entire eye. He is grim.

    Possesions: Whip, poisoned dagger.

    Strengths: Prowess with a whip, extreme quickness (He can yank the whip off his waist and use it in a blink of an eye, and put it back fast as well) tough, brave (for a vermin) and merciless.

    Weaknesses: Cowardly when faced with extreme peril, has a hard time swimming, and cannot use any melee weapon except the whip.

    Personality: Grim, merciless, and brave(ish). Gnarlspike is fierce and vicious. He can settle any uprising within his band easily, because of the fact that nobeast dares uprise against him. He is witty and can always think of a snappy reply. He is good at planning and arguing.

    History: Gnarlspike was a born slave on Zemmerug Zitspike's ship, and one day he mutinied along with the other 99 slaves. It was a long and grueling battle, and he was wounded on the cheek, but he did escape, with Zitspike's trident. He gathered a gang of wandering robber foxes and doesn't know it, but he is hunted by Zemmerug.

    Age: 20 some seasons, 3-4 human years

    Alignment: Extremely evil

    Job: Band leader, robber, assassin

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