Tale of Travel an' Conquest

  • "Well that's easy, you…" the ferret was quickly interupted as the red furred fox clamped his claws around his snout.

    "Let me handle this." The fox then politely coughed to clear his throat. "I my fine fellow foxy friend am Crossclaw the dread pirate, this Pipsqueak. Say hello Pipsqueak."

    "Hello Pipsqueak." The ferret replied.

    "Right then, I have bad news for you pal. You have been captured by pirates! Squirrel pirates! That are rabid and canibal!" The fox flailed his arms about in the air, "they are slowly fattening us up to make us into fox and ferret stew!"

    "Cross..." pips began begrudgingly. The fox slid over to him, wrapping his arm around the ferrets shoulder and poking his roughly in the side. "If you ask me this one doesn't have too much longer to live."

    The ferret shoved the fox away, sending him falling against the floor. "Ignor my brother. He is just an idiot. We are all prisoners  a pirate ship. Not exactly sure which one. Didn't have a chance to ask as they killed our crew mates."

    "Oh sure! Just tell him the truth! How boring!" Cross shouted from where he sat. Pouting and crossing his arms as he did.

    "Like I said...he is an idiot." He then gestured his thumb to a sullen looking figure in the corner. The rat from before was rocking back and forth, nervously rubbing his tail to the point he was leaving a sore on it. "And that is a crazy person they dragged in shortly before they dragged you in."

    "Dead...I'm dead...dead...I'm so dead...." he mumbled over and over again.

    Above deck Liam nodded his head fervently, "Rioght away capt'in." The portly pine marten turned to leave but hesitated. "Um...before I do captain. I was just going to say, we took some real casualties there didn' we? We might need to replace a few officers and such...um...have...have you given any thought to who you are going to replace them with?" He asked hopefully.

  • Zemmerug shrugged.

    "Ah will, once yew get da prizners ready an' Jadeye finishes recruitin'."

  • "Help wanted" said the sign slightly ajar of the small table Jadeye was able to scrounge up out of the back of the charred tavern. The now smoldering building had caught fire minutes after he had entered the relatively boisterous business, and gotten into a heated argument with the leader of the deserted crew. During the confrontation and ensuing brawl, a torch was knocked and the place had lit up. Jadeye, now burned on his left shoulder and right knee, had skewered three deserters and scattered those sober enough to run from the inferno before leaving himself, and after waiting 20 minutes or so for the fire to calm down, he had reentered the charred premises. The sign was perfect, not too burnt, and could be used to maybe fill up empty positions on the Midnight Fury. "It better". muttered Jadeye nervously.

    As the mortician walked out of the storage cabinet, he heard a"So, you're part of  that ship o' fools I's been hearin' a-bout"  the town beggar affectionately known as "Grumps" a drunk, middle-aged ferret, slurred out from his burnt stool on the corner. Three kegs of rum sequestered from behind the bar, were on the charred edifice, two empty and another about to join them. "You corsairs, y'all be trouble. Not one day inna dis here bar and the whole dern place a-burned down!"

    Jadeye chuckled nervously. "We do our best, I suppose." An awkward silence ensued, as the mortician rummaged through the burnt-out remnants of the tavern, searching for a chair to sit in. After a while, Jadeye looked back up at the beggar, now through with his last keg. "Say, you don't happen to know any beasts willing to sail with us, do you?" the mortician asked.

    The drunken ferret laughed. "Do I? Why, in mah youth I was the finest sailor this side o' the globe! Sailed to the northlands, the southlands, the in-between lands, conquered Salamandastron meself you know. I'd be 'happy to join you lads if it means my exit out o' this town. I've been here for twenty-three years you know."

    "Well, I don't think the captain-"

    The drunk rose, and began to walk over while cutting Jadeye off. "I don't a-care about the captain! I just need to get back on a boat one more time in my life. Do you understand me?" The ferret shook Jadeye violently, a crazed look in his eyes.

    "Yes! I understand! Just get your hands off of me!" Jadeye screamed, terrified of the beggar.

    The ferret stopped suddenly, and put the terrified mortician down. "Good, then I'll meet you at the ship tomorrow. Good day." and with a smile, a tip of the hat, and a grab of another keg of rum, the ferret walked out pleasantly, leaving the poor mortician shaking in his boots, with only one crazed crewbeast recruited out of the 50 he needed.


    (OOC: Apologies for only covering half of my characters here, I'll get to Arcturus sometime tonight and add it in. School allows only so much time for the board.)

  • The pine marten swollowed slightly then nodded his head. "Y-yes sir." He left the captain's quarters then, tail dragging behind him. Truth be told Liam has always been content being a slacker with little rank among the crew. It was easier that way…when they had beasts to cover for him.

    Now with their crew horribly decimated things were about to get busy and complicated. In the end he would rather be the one giving orders rather than taking them...

    Ooc ill post a reply for poor jadeye in the tavern eventually. ^^

  • (OOC: OK.)

    _"I my fine fellow foxy friend am Crossclaw the dread pirate, this Pipsqueak. Say hello Pipsqueak."

    "Hello Pipsqueak""_

    Arcturus weakly smiled. "Arcturus Broadleaf. Ranger of the forest. Nice to make your acquaintance."

    "He is just an idiot. We are all prisoners  a pirate ship. Not exactly sure which one. Didn't have a chance to ask as they killed our crew mates."

    Arcturus nodded. "I see. Well, if it's pirates, then I think I know why I was captured. There's a sizable bounty of my head in the kingdoms of the south-I had tracked a slave trader who had massacred my family to a coastal town, Dankmoor, and in the ensuing fight I killed both him and a couple of soldiers before escaping. There was a warrant for my arrest, and after I fled the area, a bounty was put up for my head. I think the crew of this ship's going to turn me in for the money, which is quite a significant sum from what I've heard."

    The fox motioned over at the rocking rat. "What's up with him?"


  • The red fox turned to the rat for a brief moment and shrugged. "I dunno. Didn't bother to ask. Come to think of it, I didn't ask for your life story either but do go on about this bounty on your head." Crossclaw steepled his paws and grinned deviously.

    It was then that Liam appeared. He was prehaps the heaviest pine marten either Cross or Pip's had ever seen. The marten was flanked by two mangy looking pirates. Both stoats.

    "Welcome boys."The pine marten clapped his paws together. "How yall feeling today. Is there anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable?"

    Crossclaw raised a paw, "Actually I could use a pillow. My neck is in a knot from laying on a wooden floor."

    "Oh? So sorry to hear that. Maybe you want us to roll down a bed and a trolly full of gourmet treats for your liking?"

    "Um…actually yes..." Pips said nervously. Then squeaked in fear when the marten yelled, "Well it aint going to happen! You lot are prisoners of the dred captain Zemmerug Zitspike. And he..."

    The marten paused to an interuption of giggling from the redfox. "Does something amuse you about our dear captain?"

    The fox replied, still chuckling uncontrolably. "His name...has Zit in it." There was a long pause as the fox finished giggling like a dibbun. "Sorry, do continue. You were trying to itimidate us?"

    "Be sure to tell him that. I'm sure the captain would love to hear your opinion on his name." Liam said flatly. Turning on his heel he began to lumber away from the cell, back up the stairs and pausing only to give the foreboding warning, "He will be down shortly to evaluate your worth to us...alive or as a fox skin rug." With that he went to report to his captain.

    Ooc lol the more I play Crossclaw the more I actually want him to survive. Feel free to do what you want with any of my alts here though. Each of them are bound to meet a violent and grisly demise eventually :3

    Im not sure about cross or pips, i cant remember the rats name either but I dont think I will have to worry about that for long. ^^ Liam i am fairly certain will be done in by his greed eventually. Speaking of which feel free to just say that Liam already delivered his report.

  • (OOC: Okay. Thanks.Also I can't seem to remember who this rat is? Please enlighten me?)

    Zemmerug got a weasel named Bilgetail, two rats, Liam, and the two stoats that were with Liam to accompany him to the brig. Zemmerug stepped into the brig, the others behind him, and evaluated them. He had been told of a cheeky idiot fox, a fat ferret, a rat, and a fox. He looked at them all. The fox seemed to be the most capable of them all. The ferret seemed rather useless, and the captain had been told that the fox wasn't the brightest.

    "Incase yer wonnerin' ah'm Cap'n Zemmerug Zitspike. Yew kin call me Cappin. Wot's yer names."

    Asked the weasel.

  • Ooc the rat was one of the three deserters the archer fox fought. When zee caught up to them they sold him out claiming they came out here to capture a deserter. I can't remember his name either XD

  • OOC: Ah yes, thanks

  • Back in the tavern…

    A loud ruckous had gone up as beasts were brought their ale and food. Dancing and signing and general merryment were spread all around.

    Except at Jadeyes table.

    It was if there was an invisable bubble surrounding the poor mortician that no sailor would dare cross. Prehaps the joyfull beasts could smell work from afar.

    But there was hope. A large lout of a monitor lizard stumbled down the steps of the in. He was tall and muscular with small fins running down the length of his back. He wore a belted tunic tucked into his pants. The green scales had a black spotted pattern running down his back.

    He staggered where ever he went and his belly was swollen with grog, prehaps the same kind that stained his red shirt.

    The massive lizard stumbled forward before plopping his elbows onto the table infront of Jadeye. The table sank under his weight. "I izz...i izzz (hic) here fore a jobsssSssSs..." his breath was practically rancid.

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