Tale of Travel an' Conquest


    This is just an Rp where I will play my 2 main characters, Zemmerug Zitspike the corsair cap'n and Gnarlspike the evil fox, and they're crews. If anybody wants to play a crew member under them just go ahead. It's in the far off lands, because nowhere else seems to have significant water for Zem to sail in. If anybody wants to Rp with me I'd love it, and I really don't care what u put in this Rp. I don't really want to put in guidelines, such as keep the Rp in the sea, or only use foxes, etc, it seems to limit the fun for me. Please don't use somebody else's character without permission though  😉

    PS: I'm new here so if I make mistakes please tell me. I'm not sure if there are rules or anything or if I am breaking them 😛


    The waves lapped on the sides of the Midnight Fury's hull. The boat silently rocked back and forth on the waves, the boards creaking. Whitepaw, the first mate of the Midnight Fury, paced upon the decks.

    "Cap'n wants us onna lookout fer 'is fox. Yew be'er be doin et, squid-brain." He shouted up to Jaggle, the rat lookout.

    "Ah, 'old yer 'orses yew mutton-brained sea urchin! Ah'm looken out fer 'im, yew slug-tongued rascal" Shouted the rat back down. The weasel captain, Zemmerug Zitspike was sleeping through all that unfolded on the deck, in his cabin.

  • Deekra the vixen sighed and scrubbed the rails of the Midnight  Fury with a small metal brush. She wished she had never joined up as cleaner, but it seemed like the only pay she had available. She watched as the first mate and lookout bickered together, not really paying attention to their roles and looked out over the ocean herself. She dropped her scrubbing brush in astonishment as she saw a ship cutting through the waves towards them.
    Ship ahead she called to the first mate. It is coming towards us

  • The first mate, an albino stoat called White Paw, instead of doing what he should have, which was run to the captain, he began yelling to Jaggle.

    "Yew thick 'eaded idjit! Yer blind an' shoopid if'n da cleaner foxey kin see more dan yew!!!!!"

    He screamed. A bunch of other searats and corsairs began watching as Whitepaw and Jaggle went back and forth, leaving the ship to get very close to the Midnight Fury.

  • ooc: howdy! New Player CoolCoyote here. Is this thread still open to people to join in? If it isn't just let me know and I'll strike my pose fro the record XD Oh and since this is just an npc I am spoofing, feel free to get him killed off at random ^^

    Indeed it was hard not to notice when two officers began to quarrel right on the main deck. One such crew member was Liam.

    The pine marten was brown furred save for the black tips of his ears and tail. A patch of yellow ran down the length of his underbelly. He wore an otter hide vest that was usually left open do to the simple fact that it couldn't button around his well fed pot belly. A series of belts were strapped from across each shoulder, both cutting deep into fur and both carrying several small knives and daggers.

    Liam nervously rubbed the back of his neck as he watched the beasts bicker and fight despite the warning from the vixen. Finally he pipes up in a nervous squeek. "Um, guys…" he says to gain attention and points to the ship rapidly approaching them. "Shouldn't we be doin somethin about that?" 😢

  • Whitepaw turned around and was about to strike this insolent Pine Marten that dared to interupt him when he noticed the ship. He began berrating the crew.

    "Yew fools! Yer standin' aroond meh like idjits, yew should be preparin' fer battle! Yew der! Git da cappin"

    Said the stoat, pointing at Liam.

  • Deekra pulled out a long shaft from her quiver. Shaking her head at the other beasts she notched her bow. She was ready for action, as much as she disliked violence. She watched as Liam scampered off to get the captain. Nobeast could shoot an arrow like her on this ship (Don`t take that as an offence please. Deekra might just have a different style)

  • The pine marten gulped as he scampered off to find the captain. He would most likely be in his quarters this time of day.

    Dashing across teh top of the ship, weaving his way through the beasts who were working here Liam comes to the captains quarters. The portly pine marten knock with his knuckles against the door, "Capt'in! Cap'in! Ship off the Port Bow!" he says, hoping to let the captain know the news through the door so aa not to incure his wrath for barging in un announced.

    Liam had spend most of his young life trying not to get killed. he would hate to break his 23 year record for staying alive on such a wonderful day.

  • Zemmerug woke with a start. Some evil monster was smashing at his door! He jumped up. This beast has no manners. He groggily shook his head, looking for a weapon, when he began to get through his wall of sleepiness. Zemmerug was not a morning perso…. er.... beast. Zitspike grabbed his cutlass, processing what he'd heard. He kicked the door open, and ran out as fast as he could, as beasts began to notice his presence they began to make room for him. Whitepaw came up to him, explained the situation, minus the argument with Jaggle, and asked for orders.

    "Shoot da ship. Ah want lossa projectiles thrown at et. If et gets close nuff, a wanna board."

  • Deekra listened to Captain Zemmerug`s orders, and in the next moment her arrow skimmed the water, hitting the hull of the approaching boat. Every time the boat bobbed down the hull would weaken under the water and soon water would gush in. Swiftly she shot another, which landed touching the first. The wood splintered. If no beast on that ship noticed the hole, it would slowly sink. Just to make sure no beast went below to check it out, Deekra sent a third arrow thudding into the shoulder of the first beast that was racing to go down. The beast fell to his knees, clutching at it.

  • Liam by then was still rolling on the ground after the captian's exodus from the cabin planted the door firmly into his snout, chest and belly. Clutching at his muzzle the marten rolls onto his stomach and finally feet.

    Thankfull his snout was not broken Liam drew the cutlass at his side and then went to take his post. The marten may not look like much of a threat but in reality he was an ecperianced skirmisher. They often took the brunt of the casualties being first to board an enemy ship.

    Faced with the prospects of a shortened life span Liam drank heavily, ate well, and partied like therr was no tomarrow. His life style was starting to show around his waist line as his body gradually grew thicker. But make no mistake. The pine marten would fight tooth and claw if he had to…

    Liam eyed the ship wearily as it approached, closer and coser to either a victorious reward, or an early grave.

  • Zemmerug pointed to a ferret named Waggy.

    "Yer gonna be commandin' some bow beasts da fire flamin' arrows whilst dey approach."

    He said to the ferret. He then pointed to 20 or so beasts, including Liam.

    "Yew beasts is gonna be da bow beasts. Lissen ta Waggy"

    Said the weasel corsair captain.

  • Deekra was one of the beasts pointed to. She shot a glance at one of them, a fat, brown furred pine marten. She did not think he would last too long. Just then, there was a resounding boom, and one of the smaller masts came tumbling into the water, still carrying a screaming rat lookout. Other vermin ran around, panicked, trying to find safety in barrels and crates. Deekra stood her ground, pulling out flint and steel.

  • Liam stood bravely, waiting for his chance at cobat…until their ship came under fire. He wasn't a coward persay, he just prefured taking actions taht kept his hide intact at the expense of his shame.

    Hitting the deck and covering his head against the splinters that wash over his back and tail. "Bleedin heck!" Indeed, the marten would make a fine target for archers if he wasn't smart enough to take cover.

    He scurries on all fours towards the boat's edge. Throwing his back against the cover the marten draws his blade. Another day another ship load of beasts to fight...

  • A flurry of arrows turned the barrel a weasel was hiding behind into a pincushion. Deekras fire arrow hit the opposing ships sails and they went up in flames. She watched as the hole she made earlier widened, bit by bit as the ship started slowly sinking. But then, somebeast below blocked the hole up. Deekra ground her teeth in frustration. Without warning an arrow sailed through the air and hit the shoulder of the crouching fat pine marten. Another followed, nearly hitting Deekra, who was saved by crouching down to check on the pine marten`s breathing. He seemed okay, but Deekra still began to drag him carefully to the infirmary.

  • Liam could only stare in shock at the arrow portruding from his shoulder. It was lodged just above to the ide of his ribs under his arm. A few inches to the right and it would have struck his lunchs. After that no ammount of healing would save him.

    The marten was in pain but he was too shocked to feel it yet. He fell to the floor, clutching at the wound, rapier falling from his paws. The fat bellied marten could only stare at his wound, vaugly aware of the fox dragging him away.

  • Zemmerug grimaced as he noticed a black fox and a fat pine marten both not fighting anymore. He looked at the enemy ship approaching. It's sails were a mess.

    "Prepare ta board!!"

  • Mind if I join in? I'm always a fan of adventure on the high seas.


  • Ooc i dont mind. It looks like i need to create a second npc here though while liam is in the infirm. XD I seem to be partial to lizards here more than most servers so i may make another one of those 😄

  • Alright. What did you have in mind for a character? I was thinking more along the lines of something similar to Mr. Gibbs from Pirates of the Carribean (General character type, older, more directing the boarding than actually taking part in it). I'll write up something tonight or tomorrow morning and join in then.


  • ooc at the moment I am making up npc's on the fly, basing them lightly on other alts I've had in the past. Unless I say otherwise any npc I make up in this story is free game to mess with. You have my permission to interact with my altsto any degree with in pg13 levels. They can be shot, stabbed, sliced open, thrown to the sharks to be eaten, or executed by the captain, hence why Liam was allowed to get shot in the shoulder with an arrow ^^

    ooc for the record I would't allow that on my main alts, but here with npcs I think it makes it more exciting for my actions to have consiquences :D. My next alt is going to be another lowly reptile boarder. I will pose in after deekra poses again.

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