Zemmerug Zitspike

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    Nickname: Zem/Zitty

    Name: Zemmerug Zitspike

    Species: Weasel

    Weapon: Rusty Cutlass (No jewelry)

    (Used to have a trident, was stolen)

    Alignment: Evil, but does have a bit of good

    Job: Corsair Captain

    Age: 35 seasons in redwall years, maybe 5-6 in human years

    Ship: Midnight Fury, 300 beasts

    Strengths: Strong, very brawny, and tall.

    Weaknesses: Terrible with a sword, clumsy, and extremely ugly.

    Appearance: A light brown, tall weasel, with a blue cape, but not with a hood, light blue tunic. He has a red sash with a rusty old cutlass hanging from it. Light blue eyes. He has no scars, and always looks happy, in an evil way.

    Bio: Zemmerug is a drunk, he's stupid, he's jolly, and he is always looking on the bright side. He insults his crew often, but never really threatens them. He is vengefull and cruel to his enemies at time, and he has made some significant ones.  He is partial to grog. He likes to use brute force to his advantage, since he is horrible with a sword.

    History (This would usually be very long so im cutting this part short): He was born on the high seas, and grew up to be the captain of a corsair vessel. He had galley slaves, one was a fox named Ru, but he went insane due to beatings and changed his name to Gnarlspike, to mock Zemmerug. Zemmerug tried to kill him, but Gnarlspike escaped, with Zemmerug's trident. Zemmerug is hunting for Gnarlspike and his gang of vicious foxes ever since.

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