Hi I'm new here, please help

  • I just logged in, i could use some guidance. I honestly have no idea what to do. Please help me!  😉

  • Hello!!!
    Welcome to RL!! I'm TJ, your local admin. Any questions feel free to message me.

    So RL is a rpg site, so best way to get started is making a character profile in the "character profile" section of the forums, then once you have your character then you can hop right in and rpg, either your own or someone others. 🙂

    Don't forget we so have a chat box so you guys can all chat away!!!

    Hope you stay with us for a long time!

  • 😉 Ok thanks! I will get right to it, and I will probably have to ask for help again later  😉 so thanks a lot!

  • and where do i go to roleplay…?

  • The whole forum is Basicly RPG. We have it split up in sections, you can join the current story arc or start up your own in any of the sub boards. Take awhile and look around see what interests you! 🙂

  • Have a look though the RP section. There are different boards (Redwall, Mossflower etc.) to go and explore. If a current RP strikes your fancy all you need to do is ask if you could join (either through PM, or just post an OOC post in the RP thread)

    Or if you have a new idea, just post your new RP thread in the location board that the RP takes place in.

    RP = Role Play
    PM = Private Message
    OOC = Out Of Character
        ex: (OOC - bla bla bla)

  • Ok thanks. Im having trouble finding an active one, the ones ive looked through are from months/years ago.

    Also on a side note, my character is a corsair captain, hard to find a place with large bodies of water that is active. Mossflower and Redwall seem to be the favorites, but there is no room for a ship  😞

  • Hi! I'm going to be doing a RP with my brother, Skor Axehound, and I do believe we can use a corsair captain very nicely.

    I don't know when we'll be getting started though, life is kinda complicated over here right now. I would really like to start soon though. Have you got a character yet?

    EDIT: slaps forehead I just saw your character, just now.

  • Cool! I'd love to join! I just started one of my own, we could do have some fun there too! 😄

    PS: Did I do something wrong on my character profile? I'm not sure if I remembered all the guidelines or not :3

  • Nope, not that I could see! I just didn't see it when I first posted.

    Just saying, all my (unposted) characters have pretty big backgrounds, as do a lot of others here, so don't be too shy…

  • Okay, that's fine. Zemmerug doesn't have a small backround either, and soon I'll be working on my character profile for Gnarlspike, the fox. 😄 I'm glad there isn't anything wrong, I don't want to get into trouble!

  • Oh look Zemmi's a captain now! That is really hard for me to picture. 😛 Guess I'll just have to get used to… oh right sorry, you don't want me to call you Zemmi... Can I call you Zem instated then  ;). So hard to type your whole name out every time. (AKA lazy me ::) )

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