Lask Terralis

  • This is my first character, can he be the monitor general of Sampetra? I cannot seem to find the positions page so I do not know if there  is currently an emperor. If there is he can serve under the emperor, but if there is not one (being the second most powerful on the island) I will take rule of Sampetra! Okay, here he is:

    Full Name:Monitor General Lask Terralis.
    Species:Monitor Lizard.
    Description:A gigantic lizard warrior wearing a wolverine pelt as a cape.Is gray-turquoise in colour with twin green stripes running down his back.Only other clothing is a sharkskin tunic and belt.Wears a massive metal gauntlet on his right hand, studded with bone.
    Possessions:Metal Gauntlet, Wolverine Pelt,Sharkskin Belt, Massive Sabre and possibly Island of Sampetra.
    Strengths:-Immense strength.
                    -Extremely tough scales.
    Weaknesses:-Hates cold.
                        -Cannot and dislikes using any throwing weapons.
    Job:Monitor General of Sampetra.
    Background:Known as the"landlubber scourge of the sea" because of the fact that he hunts down any corsairs that come near the island of Sampetra.His early life is known only to him.

  • You can find the positions page here, however there is no position of Emperor of Sampetra officially.

    Unofficially speaking, my friend Mister Stickabee and I had created characters for the Emperor, the head of the Trident Rats and the head of the monitor lizards of Sampetra, and we had played them briefly in the thread The Jewel of the Sea. I am also working on a profile for the Emperor, whose name is Pantaleon Radzi, or Pan for short. You can find his profile here, it's the last one on the list.

    I intend to use Pan for future horde RPs, since he has an important role to play in the story arc for the rest of my horde characters. I don't know if that makes him 'officially' the Emperor, but he is as far as the horde is concerned. Also I think Mister Stickabee had a character planned for the head of the monitor lizards, so I will see if I can contact him soon and ask if he still intends to play that role. I don't wish to discourage you from having a monitor character however! We have precious few Sampetran characters as it is. 😉

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