House Fennislock

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    **Full Name:** Juno Fennislock
    **Nickname:** June
    **Species:** Wildcat
    **Description:** Tall and fierce, with proud haughty features. He looks as stern and intelligent as his father, Jovis Fennislock. He is athletic and strong. He has brown tabby fur flecked with white patches. His eyes are a light blue colour.
    **Possessions:** Juno has many possessions and can usually live in comfort wherever he travels. He is the head of his house and as such the rightful owner of his family's castle and lands in the Northlands, by wildcat law.
    **Strengths:** Juno is a strong and capable leader. Though many in his army fear his wrathful tendencies, there is respect for him also, since he himself is a warrior. He has the ambition to scale the social ladder, if given the opportunity.
    **Weaknesses:** Juno has always resented the idea that he might be living in his father's shadow. Juno was terrified of the old cat as a lad, and now he is grown and matured, he has an abiding fear that other wildcats including his family do not respect and fear him quite as much. To compensate for this, Juno can be overbearingly strict, controlling and demanding. He makes no attempts to fraternise with anybeast if he thinks his father would have disapproved of them. Juno is also easily convinced that other wildcats are conspiring against him, and has been known to lash out from his paranoia.

    Full Name: Lysa Fennislock


    Species: Wildcat

    Description: A white-furred wildcat with a warrior's build. On a campaign she wears a black leather tunic with a finely crafted breastplate over it, and matching plate armour. Whilst at court or in other formal settings she will settle on clothes of fine materials like silk, however her style can be very austere compared to other courtiers. She favours red and silver colours, and often wears a thick cloak of a dark grey colour when it is cold.






    **Full Name:** Nero Fennislock
    **Nickname:** Cinder
    **Species:** Wildcat
    **Description:** A young wildcat in his teens, Nero is awkwardly tall and slender. He has some strength to wield a short sword and buckler, but not for any heavy lifting. He has vibrant, well brushed fur. He mostly has brown tabby fur like his father, but he has far more white on his paws, chest, neck and chin. He has his father's blue eyes, but the softer looks of his mother.
    **Possessions:** Nero is often doted upon by his parents and as such has many belongings, from jewellery to weapons to fine clothes.
    **Strengths:** Nero has some experience with sword and buckler fencing. He has the eye of an engineer too, mostly in relation to being able to see how a structure is held up, and how best to destroy it. He also has a lot of experience with starting fires, putting them out with his tunic, and then slinking out of trouble.
    **Weaknesses:** He is quite vain and proud of his heritage, which leads him to taking impulsive and reckless decisions if it will further his family's name. He has been raised to be as ambitious as his forebears, and coupled with his youthful impression of being invincible, can make him quite dangerous if given responsibility over any task.

    Full Name: Tyr Halferal

    Nickname: The Half-Feral

    Species: Feral Cat

    Description: Thickset and muscled, there is nearly no part of Tyr's body that isn't scarred in some way, and each scar has a tale to tell. He has vibrantly orange fur and yellow eyes, and his ears are tattered. His right paw's ring finger is missing, and his teeth are chipped.





    Background: Tyr's parentage is the subject of a lot of gossip amongst cats, since it is only known by Tyr exactly who his parents were and how he was conceived. What is known is that his mother was certainly a wildcat of some standing, but his father was rumoured to be a fearsome feral cat. Some say he was an escaped slave, others say he was a rogue from the East that stole the wildcat lady's heart and married her in secret. Whatever the true story is, their relationship was not sanctioned by his mother's family, and as such Tyr was born a bastard. His father had already disappeared by the time he was old enough to speak.

    Tyr was a boisterous child that fought with his playmates and was always the instigator of trouble around the castle. A prankster and an unapologetic thief around the kitchens, Tyr quickly earned reproach as 'that little feral', or 'this half-feral brute!' As Tyr grew older, he adopted 'Halferal' as his new surname, since his mother's last name was disgraced in the eyes of the Fennislocks. He wore the name proudly, and was quickly put into the Fennislock's army was he was old enough, to get him out of the way.

    It was in the Fennislock's horde that Tyr met a young Juno, made a junior officer by his father, in order to show him a thing or two about discipline. At first the two hated each other, Juno disliking Ty'rs rowdy nature and Tyr growing aggravated by the other cat's aloofness. The two would needle at each other, Juno punishing Tyr for the slightest thing, and Tyr playing all sorts of havoc in return.

    Their rivalry was put aside for good during a skirmish against a small party of vermin from the Land of Ice and Snow. The pair managed to get cut off from their troops, and had to spend the night huddled together in the frozen wilderness, waiting for the vermin to pass them by. The two young wildcats out alone in the middle of nowhere found they had the opportunity to be away from all the posturing and expectations of the rest of the army, and just take a moment to speak to each other entirely as themselves. Juno's mask of indifference fell away, and Tyr wasn't the loud boorish creature he usually acted as in public.

    The two became friends from then on, and for life. The two would experience much of battle in the coming days, for the wolverines were on the move on the borders of the Northlands. It was during one of these long, freezing patrols that Tyr was ambushed by wolverines. Tyr's retelling of this tale grows more lurid and fantastic as time goes by, but even without the embellishments, it was truly a remarkable feat for a cat of his tender age and experience to survive. Most cats have at least a decade of experience in war before daring to take on a wolverine, and even then it's a case of either succeeding or dying, with very little middle ground in between.

    Yet Tyr's strength and stubborn thick-headed refusal to just die in the face of wolverines that were literally tearing his comrades apart earned him a kind of aura of invincibility, at least as far as the other soldiers were concerned. For the first tame, his nickname of 'The Half-Feral' was spoken with respect. The vermin soldiers were all eager to serve with him, feeling reassured by the scarred cat's newfound reputation for slaying the giant monsters of the frozen north.

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