• OOC: Blech! I have two names for my main char. and both are already in use by other people, I think…

    Name: Silas M. Hawkeye/Seth(Or Sethar) A. Rheiuven

    Gender/Species: Male Squirrel

    Age: 25 years (*In human comparison)

    Physical description: He is a strong yet thin woodland squirrel, his fur color has a red-orange tinge to it. His eyes are a deep blue in contrast. Icy would be the most likely adjective to describe his gaze, although he can be kinder at times. Wears a simple brown tunic, with a snake-skin belt holding a plain scabbard, in which rests a one-handed double-edged sword. He wears a practical backpack, a tiny bit worn through from use already. He stands taller than most of his own species, which sometimes aids him when something needs to be reached upon the topmost shelf somewhere.

    Example pic:  This is what I think he looks like...

    Art drawn by LeoFlamel.

    History: Silas has a fairly long history, despite his age. He was brought up in a small village near the northeast coast, being trained by his father to become a warrior. At fourteen, on the very day he was celebrating his birthday, he was seperated from his parents in a raid by landward-bound corsairs who completely destroyed the town. After ten years of searching, he found his father by chance in a war, where both were combatants. He found out what became of his mother by speaking to his father after the war ended.  He was also informed of his true name, Seth Rheiuven, and a quest he would have to undertake. This quest was searching for a library, a wealth of knowledge his forefathers had left behind on an island in the western sea when the immigrated to Mossflower. The day after his father had told him this, Silas met a squirrelmaid by the name of Keia, who told him she was to help him complete his quest. When he asked how she knew of his quest, Keia told him she had a dream that told her of it. So in the end, he brought her with him to the isle, along with a score or so of troops that volunteered to help. After a month or so, only Silas, Keia, and three soldiers came back alive from the island. When questioned about what happened at the island, Silas refused to go into detail. But during that time, Silas and Keia became friends, only to be seperated once again while traveling back to Redwall. Silas does not know what happened that day, only that Keia was gone. Now he still travels to Redwall, why he doesn't say.

    Skills/Talents: Is an exceptionally brilliant tactician and warrior, specializing in the use of the bow and arrows. Can also craft basic materials if need be. He's fleet of paw when it comes to travelling, the trees giving him even more speed.

    Personality: Mostly quiet, often dwelling on thoughts. He will speak up at times, when need be. Approaches situations carefully, and calmly looks for a solution. Pretty much a loner, but in battle, he has a few tricks to recommend to the local commander. Of late, he has become anti-social, travelling alone across the lands.

    (*In human comparison simply means that if he was human, he'd look like he's 25 years old.)

  • nice cara profile…very nice

  • Is it just me, or are there so many squirrels, 'round here?

    Anyway, good profile.

  • there aer many squrriels around here

  • Thanks. I worked on revising it from another site for about a half-hour. And yeah, squirrels are popular here, it seems…

  • Is this the same Silas from early on in this site's history? Cause he kinda disappeared.
    Hides face from tomatoes thrown at him because he's a hipocrit
    (I know that's not how you spell it)

  • No, this is a different person.

  • Oi! Is that you Sliteye? It's me! Sethorion!

  • Sorry to get yer hopes up, but I'm just 'Seth' from LORA… the name-conflict guy...

  • Yepeyp, still happy to see you. I saw Hawkeye and Sethar and couldn't be sure which one you were. lol
        Anyway, welcome to the site! It's great to see you here. Shadowflame, Kiara, and Tabasco are here too!

  • I heard Tabasco was here already, but I hardly know any of 'em… Hopefully I'll meet them here. And thanks. 'S good to be here.

  • Just realized I haven't said hi to you yet. So…Hi! Nice t'meecha. I like your picture of Silas muy mucho. ^_^

  • Well, a friend made it for me… I can't draw at all. And you'll probably remember me from ' The World of Mossflower' If you're who I think you are.

  • Well, unless you think I'm Orion Fulcry, then no, I don't think I'm who you think I am. And I don't believe I've ever been a part of "The World of Mossflower". ^_^

  • Oh. My mistake. Ye see, we had a member named Orion that changed his display name to Niron but still used a character named Orion. I dunno what happened to him now, he hasn't come back to the site in months.

  • Anyway, welcome to the site Adonath. BTW: Do you have any kind of a nickname that you could go by so that we don't need to say the whole name? We're lazy like that.

  • Lol! Sure. Just call me 'Ado' if ye like.

  • @Adonath:

    Oh. My mistake. Ye see, we had a member named Orion that changed his display name to Niron but still used a character named Orion. I dunno what happened to him now, he hasn't come back to the site in months.

    Ooooh, I know that guy. Yup, caused a bit of confusion when he joined a different site I'm on. Still, it's a small difficulty to work around. ^_^

  • Gah! Should've posted this earlier… Oh well... So you knew an Niron/Orion?

  • Correction, I know Niron/Orion. 😉

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