Brothers Slainferro [COMPLETE]

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    OCC: A bit of backstory…

    This trio hails from a far off land called " Rikusa " and are currently hiding away from a bit of political intrigue back home.

    As such, they've been commanded by the current Empress, Her Highness Keia (their mother), to lay low until she manages to sort things out and send a fleet to pick them up.

    As such, and RP's they participate are viewed as their 'adventures' while waiting out the troubles back home.
    I will be maintaining some amount of permanence between RP's, to better maintain and facilitate relationships. I'll also be making for 'Rikusa Centric' plots after a fashion.
    Ok, enough of that.


    Shared Traits: Rikusarian foxes strange breed fox nearly indistinguishable from the native species, with exception of coat color and physical size: a very bright, almost chromatic red fur, and they are nearly half as again large as the native fox.
        While this naturally makes them stronger and tougher, they have to deal with…being larger than most. This means being harder to hide, easier to hit, etc. etc...

    They also all have the 'Eyes of Enocian', the defining trait of their royalty - very deep, dark green eyes, with enough color to be easily spotted from a distance. They tend to hide their eyes when they can - either with glasses, blindfolds, and cloaks, etc.

    Lastly, they are all versed in their native tongue, Rikan, a quick language using short clipped syllables to convey large amounts of information with least effort. From this point on, such dialogue will be italicized.
        Incidentally, the 'local' tongue is Rikusa's 'merchant' tongue.


    Full Name: Rior Kyra Slainferro
    Species: Rikusarian Red Fox
    Aged: 26
    Title: Royal Prince Of Rikusa

    Physical Description:

    Has a lithe yet strong build and stands, using a human comparison at 6' 2', just about average height. Favors royal fashion, lots of fluff, frills, and lots colors. Always wears some sort of cape, no matter the situation. Favors the colors green and gold. Tends to wear a pair of small glasses, they dorky sort, although he can manage without them.

    Also wears a single silver band around his wrist with strange symbols etched along the side. Such symbols hold great meaning, but he doesn't talk about it much.


    A royal-in-training. Knows enough of court manners to have a regal air, but is still fairly inexperienced.
    Fairly smart and analytical, quiet and shy. Sometimes gives himself too much credit, and plays up his royalty either by accident or for fun. Likes the simpler things in life.

    Secretly frets over his brothers almost a much as his mother, although he'd never admit it. Also makes his own clothes, although again, he'd never ever, ever admit it.

    Special Possessions: Rior's capes are anything but normal. He uses a home taught technique that makes them especially tough and leather like while staying silky smooth.

    Uses a pair of light rapier-like swords as weapons, and is fairly skilled with it, although his fighting style is a bit stiff and formal. This strange fighting style seems unconventional, but is fairly common back home.

        - Maintains enough of a royal persona to hold his own in any court, and can technically throw his title around too.
        - Pretty good with his paws, with a steady grip and great focus.
        - Fairly talented fighter with a unique fighting style

        - Tends to over/under estimate himself
        - His inexperience tends to show under pressure
        - Tends to keep secrets, even if it's harmful

  • Full Name: Rior Kyra Slainferro
    Species: Rikusarian Red Fox
    Aged: 19

    Physical Description:

    A fox with a powerful build, standing nearly a full head taller than his brother! Almost tall enough to look a badger Lord in the eyes.
    However, his size more on the higher end of normal in comparison to the other Rikusarian foxes. Strong and tough enough to manhandle both his brothers, and swing his oversize halberd, and swim (well, half drown) all at once. (and only once, if he can help it)

    Don't ask him for much else though. Likes to boast, doesn't enjoy exertion.

    He, in contrast with both his brothers, inherited much more from his father than mother. That is- a much, much more fluffy coat, stronger frame, ham-paws, and a mess of permanent unruly hair, with an equally permanent cowlick. (which he plays with when nervous)

    He also has a mess of mean looking scars on his chest from all his fighting which he usually covers up. Doesn't enjoy talking about them, mostly because he either -A: lost -B: did something stupid.  However the ones closer to his throat have a little more meaning.

    Runs around his a V-necked shirt (stopping just shy of those scars) and baggy, well pocketed trousers, in either muted green or brown colors. His one bit of color is from the three bandanas he wears, one yellow around his head, and two green ones around his left arm.

    On insistence from mom, he's had a thin armor plate sewn into his shirt. While it won't stop much, the cold metal serves as a useful reminder of those scars.

    Wields the three traditional weapons of Rikusa:

    • " Kines-Bow " A large hunting bow made of blackened bone. Uses oversized heavy arrows to weight down a target, rather than kill them. This bow is purposely short-ranged and is supposed to teach the hunter stealth. Thain never really got that part.

    • " Hies-Axe " Colloquially known as an Hi-Ax, it is simply a lightened halberd with a longer shaft. The talented usually go for tripping
      foes several times before introducing its head to theirs. And Thain is very talented.

    • " Eies-Blade" A simple heavy broadsword, special only due to the fact it's Rikusarian, but that's a about it.


    A brash and bold character whom acts on his emotions more than his brothers.

    Like his dad, is pretty impulsive and quick to anger. Hates politics and scholarly pursuits - he's much more comfortable in a fight or hunting something.

    Has a secret soft side with his brothers, and does his best to hide it. Extremely protective over his younger brother, and will pick a fight at the smallest of things.

        - Tough enough to survive most fights he lands it
        - Physically powerful
        - Experienced hunter

        - Easily provoked
        - Practically no patience
        - Easy to mislead

  • Full Name: May Oesa Slainferro
    Species: Rikusarian Red Fox
    Aged: 10
    Title: Young Prince of Rikusa [Next in line after Rior]

    Physical Description:

    Although he's just a kid, he's about half as tall as most younger adults. Has a very slender build and he still's growing.

    With his still squeaky voice, awkward name, and constant preening by his older brothers, is usually confused as a girl.

    While constantly embarrassing, this is used to his benefit, as his status as the Young Prince, and has been used before to deflect would be assassins.

    Came from a typographical error by the chief steward when he was born, and his mother found it funny and endearing, especially when paired with his gentle personality.

    Took after his mother, as has very angular features, but soft eyes and small lips.

    Although he looks frail, he's good enough to not be a total liability. Still, shouldn't let alone for too long though.
    Not very much in the physical department.
    Enjoys simple clothes, much to Rior's disappointment and Thain's approval. However, likes color, which elicits the opposite response.

    Settles for colorful shirts with a duller colored coat or over-shirt. He'd honestly enjoys dressing up more, but he realizes how much of a target that make him, so he usually spares his fancier outfits when he's safe or just to annoy Thain.

    Wear a pair of small silver bands around both paws, which he claims to give him luck.

    Pretty poor when it comes to fighting, but he's been drilled by both his brothers, so it's more of a experience problem more than anything.

    Carries only two weapons-

    • " Eies-Blade" A simple heavy broadsword, special only due to the fact it's Rikusarian, but that's a about it. Exactly the same as Thain's, so he has a little bit of trouble lifting it.

    • " Sies-Blade" A much smaller Eies, much more suited for little May, but it's lack of length and weight take away a long of the former's advantage, and can put him as more risk.


    A soft gentle youngest caught in between two extremes.

    Hesitant, careful and shy…unless you get him interested- in which he does a full 180 and becomes an excited character pushing the boundaries of annoying and leaving most folks wondering where the quiet kid went.

    Pretty smart and talented, and can pretty much do whatever his brothers can...passingly.

    Old enough to understand the dangers of adventure, but has been struck with a great inquisitive spirit, and previous adventures usually begin with May getting into trouble, and his brothers bailing him out.

        - More versatile than his brothers
        - Highly driven

        - Very young
        - Inexperienced

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