Eselbrador Re-vamp Ideas and Discussion

  • [ Insert ideas for the re-vamp here ]

    Inactive member/Deleted membership:

    • Vikenti ~ king and king's brother
    • Kariska ~ dark lord of Zaridia

    Active be hasn't logged on in a while:

    • Cheshire Fox ~ Earl, kinght

    Active members:

    • Kiara ~ queen
    • Narvis ~ prince  (would like to remain the 'child out of wed-lock')
    • Pen ~ bard
    • Dusk ~ king of thieves, nobleman
    • Jared ~ royal blacksmith (and his girlfriend)
    • TJ ~ royal advisor


    1. Continue as is, but altered.
    • Need to kill off Vikenti and Kariska's characters somehow.
          ~ would need a new king
          ~ would need a new evil character
    • Need to figure out something with Cheshire's character, that they aren't killed off so if Cheshire does come back. he can continue to be a part of it.
    • Active characters can be altered/changed as needed/desired
    • New characters can be made.
    1. Forget everything and start fresh.
    • Active characters can be altered/changed as needed/desired (histories would have to be re-written) OR deleted all together in favor of something that better suits this fresh start
    • We would need characters for basically everything, except queen (still played by me) and the prince (still played by Narvis)

  • Milady you need Guards that you can trust.

  • I'll be taking dusk and changing him into something way more awesome-better. He's going to no longer be a noble, but instead the head of a carnival. I'll wait until after we have something more complete on Elselrador before I get all of the details set out.

  • Are there, were there, or could there be supernatural/completely new creatures in Eselbrador?

  • There were all human or human-like (such as Kariska), however, everyone had some sort of elemental power. (Kiara had water).
    Other than that, not really. might answer some of this…

  • Global Moderator

    I would like to continue as my namesake Human chara, and Melinda.

    I've had this idea in my head for years since we started Eselbrador that maybe Jared can visit Shae'Elen on some sort of personal quest where he will discover his royal Elvish heritage and maybe even meet the Elvish King himself, from whom the young blacksmith is descended. Melinda obviously will go with him. Occasionally, the spirits of his deceased parents will visit him and offer him advice and insight into Elvish culture/lifestyle/Elves in general, family history, personal choices, etc.

    Just a suggestion, of course. If you'd like Jared to stay in Eselbrador and work the metal as well as hang with Melinda every now and again, I'm totally fine with that. But I'd like to keep his deceased parents in the picture.

    Could we also continue "Magic: Unveiling the Enigma"?

  • Which ever you like Jared.

    And I see no reason why you couldn't. As long as you find a way to keep it going without some of the others.

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