Vermin by the River (Open)

  • Silonna Greenholm, helmsbeast of the Wave Skimmer, was lost.  It had been two days since she was thrown overboard, swimming to this horrible place, and the rest of the crew had run off down the shore to some mountain that could barely be seen in the distance.  Why?  She had no clue!  All she knew was that, even from a distance, that mountain didn't look friendly.

    So there she was, wandering through some forest, following a river.  The wildcat figured that it would have been smarter to stay by the shore, but it was too late now.  Even if she ran day and night, she wouldn't catch up to the others.

    But, she had to admit, following the river had its perks.  After all, there was fresh water, fish, and fruit.  Much better than walking across sand dunes, she imagined.  It was colder than she thought it was going to be, though.  Much colder.

    Ginger looked up at the sky, grimacing as she spotted dark clouds through the branches.  It would rain soon, and she didn't want to be caught out in the open.  But where was there to hide?

    Spinning slowly in a circle, the she-cat searched for shelter.  About halfway through the cycle, she stopped.  There, in the distance, stood a small shack.  Who it might house, she didn't know, but she wasn't going to sit around and try to think it through!  As the first raindrops began to fall, the calico quickly jogged up to the wooden door and knocked.

    (OOC:  Y'all can decide who's inside the shack and how they feel about a wildcat sailor at their doorstep.  ;))

  • Seso was sleeping when he heard the rattle and rapping at the door. He jumped out of his bed. His paw caught on the rag-like bed sheets, causing him to stumble and almost fall. He cussed under his breath, grabbed a stick, and answered the door. " 'Ey whose the muck making a racket at the door? Yous trespassing by the way an' I don't appreciate it!" Seso ranted not opening the door.

  • Silonna cleared her throat, not liking the sound of whoever was behind the door.  They could be plotting her untimely demise, for all she knew!

    Gathering up her courage, the she-cat finally said, "Er, I'm Silonna Greenholm?  I was wondering if I… uh, could... y'know, come inside?  It's pretty wet out here."  As she said that, a fat raindrop hit her forehead, making her shiver.  The rain really was coming down hard.

  • Seso opened the door and looked at the cat. Normally, wildcats look rather fearsome and anybeast would have enough sense to take flight. "Heh." The fox chuckled. Today's deluge had turned a fierce beast into a dilapidated caricature. "Hahaha! Oh that's right funny mate, right funny!" He chortled, motioning her to come in. "Get n'ere before ya wash away sticks!" He joked.

  • The she-cat didn't quite know what to make of the tom's amusement, and she was quite confused until he gestured for her to enter.  She hesitated for a moment, then walked through, her hate for rain overwhelming the distrust for the fox.

    Stepping inside, Ginger shivered, her fur rather damp and cold.  It was warmer inside, but not by much and there were several small patches in the roof where rain could sneak through, one right above the calico's head.  She moved in front of it, her spine tingling as a droplet ran down her back.  Why did rain here have to be this cold?

    Suddenly, Silonna realized she should probably thank her, ah, host.  "Erm, thank you for letting me in.  I'm pretty sure I'd be the last creature anybeast would want in their home."

  • Seso chuckled a few more times before talking to the wildcat. "Look, ANYBEAST is the last thing I want in my shed. You just looked so pitiful that I couldn't turn ya away." The fox sauntered over to an old dusty chair that at one point could've been considered fancy.

    "Ain't much here but you stay till the rain ends." He flopped down in to the chair, sending dust everywhere. "By the way, what's wildcat doing in this neck of the woods? Aren't you ah.. a bit out of place here?"

  • "Er…"  Ginger was hesitant to share anything about her past, as it could prove to be quite a turnoff to those who hated sailors and their kind, so she didn't know what to say.  Also, the emotional wounds - as well as the physical - were still sore and scabbing over, not quite ready to be spoken of.

    "I... uh... got into a bit of trouble.  Decided to follow the river and see if I could find someplace to rest my paws for awhile.  Figure out where to go next."

    It dawned on the she-cat just then that she didn't know what she was going to do.  The past few days she'd just been wandering, not giving any thought to the fact that she was stranded here.  Wherever here was.  What was she going to do now?  She had no ship to return to, and no captain to turn to for leadership.  She was alone in this task of survival.  The thought scared her.

    Hoping to forget about the dreadful facts, Silonna asked the fox, "So, ah, you have a story?  Any reason as to why you decided to settle down here, of all places?"

  • The fox picked at his teeth, half paying attention to the miss. His perked up when she asked about. "I ain't got a story, an' I ain't settling down. I found this place a few months back. Been mappn' the area." Seso finished. He popped his neck with no less than several loud cracks. "Gonna be headn' out on The Morrow in a few days, so I'm skedaddling at first light to get there. Ya can tag-along if you want. It's up stream to the main river." He shifted in the chair, his legs dangled over the right armrest and his head rested on the left one. "Your choice. Don' give a flip what ya choose." Reek stretched and yawned, getting ready to go back to sleep. "Didn't catch your name. What is it?" He asked.

  • Silonna ignored the todd's question, instead holding up a paw to stop him from speaking.  "Wait, wait, The Morrow?  Is that a ship?  Where is it headed?  How long will it be sailing?  Must one pay to board?  Because I don't have any money or things to trade, but I most certainly could work on the ship.  Who's the captain?  Is there a good cook, because if there isn't, I could replace them.  Helmsbeast, too!"

    The calico suddenly realized that she'd been rambling.  "Oh, um, sorry.  My name's Silonna, but most beasts just call me Ginger.  You?"

  • Seso chuckled at the cat's enthusiasm. "Names Seso, and all I know about the morrow is, its a ship with a crew. You'll probably get all of your answers when we get there." Seso gave a long tires sigh. "I think it's some sort of cargo ship, but I'm not entirely sure. I learned about this thing in some seedy pub." He finished.

  • Silonna nodded, eating up every word the fox said.  Her heart leapt at the thought of sailing, much like dolphins, dancing with the waves as they traversed the glittering ocean.  Feeling the shifting of a ship beneath her footpaws as it rocked back and forth on the waves, singing sea shanties with her fellow crewmates, watching the sun set over the vast waters… sailing was the best thing to life.  How could she miss out on a chance to get back on the water?

    Nodding again, the calico said excitedly, "Aye, I'll go with you."

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