A Journey

  • ooc: this is from Back on the wall.
    ic: Jessie whisled a tune as she looked on the ground for foot prints and snifing the air for any tracce of Rolveg or TEssa

  • In the back of the prosetion Trok and Rosen were still talking, but out in front, Jake and Quarrel were watching Jessie search for her sister. Jake was keeping an eye out for anything, being an experienced tracker.
        Quarrel noticed something first though, "What's that?"
        There was a depression in the grass a little ways off. He had only noticed it because he hadn't been paying any attention to the ground in front of him, but discover it he did.

  • Jessie walked over and looked at what Quarrel found tracks!. "JAKE!"  she called out and looked at Quarrel  "Good job for pointing that out. I wouldn't of missed it.  She  waited patiently for Jake to come over. Hope surged threw her, they had found a trail!

  • Jake hurried over and took a breif look at the depression, "Looks like something was getting dragged along in the grass."
        He glanced over at Jessie. "What do you think it was?

  • She went stiff and her eyes were sad "Mabey its Tessa…." stands up and dashes off following the trail.
    Jessie stopped in her tracks and looked at him and collapse crying. She didn't care if she was cought she just wanted her sister..How she missed her sister. Jessie sat there rembring all what happened as she sobbed harder

  • Jake started to ran madly after her, whispering loudly.
        "Jessie! Stop! What if you run into them too soon?"

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    -bic- Jake ran up and stood next to her, putting a paw around her shoulders to comfort her.
        He bent forward and whispered, "If you want to find your sister, just as I know you do, than you need to care about yourself as well as your sister. If you want to find her than you need to be alive to do so." He gave her a small squeeze around her paw. "Wherever she is now, she is likely happy that you are still free, you don't want to disappoint her just ye do you?"

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    ic: Jessie shook her head and tears stopped running down her face. "Your right I shouldn't be sad.."she sat their thinking how she was now her sister wanted her to be free and her sister knew that Jessie was safe and trying to escape. Happy memory's drifted in her mind. and she gave a weak grin. "I will find her..I will" Jessie gave a sigh and opened her eyes. She started to play with the grass and pondered over what she should do now when she noticed a fabric on the ground. she slowly reached for it and picked it up feeling it.
          It the cloth that Tessa had as a tunice . she held it in her hand and smiled broadly putting the cloth on Tessa's stick. She felt happy once more and the world was reborn for her again. She felt oddly light "Its just happiness" she murmured. She stood up and looked Jake in the eye "You really know how to make someone happy..way to go"

  • ((OOC: T/J I dunno if you just type to fast, but maybe you could check your spelling? There were some words that took me almost a minute trying to figure out what they mean. (or maybe I'm just slow.)))

    Jetblade the hungry ole 3rd Musketeer hacked away at some vegetation randomly. That was when he heard somebody sobbing nearby, and a voice was trying to calm whoever was sobbing. Jetblade took a few steps forward and spied. It was a squirrel and a mouse. They seemed friendly enough.

    Then another thought occurred to him, his stomach growling while he was swinging his empty haversack over his shoulder. Maybe they had food to spare. As he walked out of the bushy area to greet them, he tripped over a twig stuck to the ground and fell down flat on his face, throwing up a shower of leaves.

    ((OOC: BTW, Jessie is a squirrel and Jake is a mouse, right?))

  • -ooc- Jake is a tall, strong squirrel with two broadswords strapped to his back…
    2; you've got an awsome avi jet. 😉

    -bic- Jake turned and drew one of his swords in fright as he saw the beast suddenly trip into veiw. He thought at first that it might have been an Entrok, but was suprised at what he saw.
        He gave a sigh of releif and stepped up, sheathing his blade.

  • Jessie spund around and looked down at the creature at the ground in the leaves "next time watch were you are going…." Jessie knelt down next to the creature noticing him and how thin he was "poor you your starving aren't you?" pity filled her heart at the poor creature on the ground. "skinny little thing isn't he?" she asked jake

  • Jetblade leaped up. "Skinny?" he said indignantly. "Well, maybe I am, 'specially 'cause my haversack that I filled up yesterday is in me stomach. I've been going for hours without food, ya'know."

    Jetblade exhaled loudly. "Do you have any food to share?" he asked after a while. "Anyway, where are you going?"

  • Jessie looked at him and started to laugh "You little creature..hehehe….your supposed to store up you food and not have a great feast! it the way of traveling.....hehehehe a-a-a-and you ate it all up!" drops to the ground shaking in laughter.
         After awhile she controlled her laughter and said with at light voice "Right we will give you some food..." she pulled out a bread and gave it to him "what are you and whats your name?"

  • ((OOC: surely you mean: a loaf of bread? And "what are you"?!))

    "I'm a squirrel," Jetblade said. He took the loaf of bread gratefully. "Ah thank you. I can make some vegetable sandwiches with 'ese."

    He sat down and munched on the bread, even without making the so-called vegetable sandwich. He finished it within a few bites. He looked up at Jessie and Jake. "Er, sorry. I find it easier to introduce myself with a full stomach."

    "My name is Jetblade. I've been traveling for a while with two of my other friends when we decided to split up for a while. What, pray tell, are you doing out here? Traveling?"

  • "More than that but if you want ot put it that way…yes" She bowed "Captian Jessie Streamlily, of one of the scouts for Salamadrastron. Pleasure to meet you" she looked at Jake "this is Jake, Trok, Rosen,Quarrel"
        "you eat just like a hare..you do"

  • -ooc- Five squirrels and one pine martin? there appears to be a species outnumbered here somewhere.

    -bic- Jake didn't share the opinion that Jetblade was thin at all. "If he's thin than I'm made of air. He's got a fair amount of muscle packed onto 'im." He stepped up and offered a paw to help up the squirrel that he just sat down to eat his recently devoured loaf of bread.
        "So you're a wandering squirrel, huh? I'm wondering too. I'm wondering what I came on this expedition for." He laughed. "I'm wondering what the five of us were doing out here besides hunting for a maid. If you want than you can help. Jessie paked enough food to (forgive me for sounding cliquéd) feed an army. We need all the help we can get."

  • ooc:Rosen is a mouse right? or no…
    Jessie punched him lightly on the shoulder "You will see we will need the food..." looks at the squirrle on the ground "Im telling ya eats just like a salamadastron hare..they can never get enough.."

  • "Ah Salamandastron," Jetblade said as he shook Jake's paw. "I've been there once. Those hares are gluttonous beasts, so they are. Once, I knew one who ate a whole giant meadowcream trifle by 'imself!" He paused and thought. "Oh, wait, was that me?"

    "Anyway. What's all this about a maid? Huh, was she a squirrel like most of yerselves and me dragged by a hideous beast, gagged and bound somewhere and dragged cruelly through the forest floor, leaving a trail of screams and whimpers from a poor ould maid. More importantly, he left quite a trail."

  • "Ya think?" Jessie said to him. "and yest that was some onther that ate it all up but I forgot.it was long time ago"
          Jessie looked  Jetblade in the eye "Well Rovlog is not exacly a small beast..so what do you expect?"
                        She smiled and said "If I may ask….what brought you far out here?"

  • ((Didn't Jetblade already tell her that? Oh well.))

    "Roving Log? Never 'eard of him, though I might've seen him," Jetblade answered. "Anyway, if you wanted to follow the beast, he left a trail, somewhere near hear. I'll show you the way, if you like."

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