Silonna Greenholm

  • Nickname:  Silonna/Ginger

    Full Name: Silonna Greenholm

    Species:  Wildcat

    Gender:  Female

    Age:  29

    Alignment:  Neutral/good

    Job:  Sailor/cook/helmsbeast

    Description:  Ginger is an unhealthily thin and rather tall she-cat with short fur coloured in a calico pattern and a very long tail.  Her main fur colour is ginger, followed by black, and just a splash of white.  Her eyes are emerald green.
      Clothing-wise, Silonna wears a cream coloured, billowy blouse with open shoulders and elbow-length sleeves.  Over that, a black button-up vest (that's almost never buttoned) is worn, and black trousers cover her legs.  Black boots adorn her feet, and a dark forest green sash is tied around her waist.  A scarf of the same colour is wrapped loosely around her neck.
      And finally, an odd bit of clothing is spun around Ginger's right forearm: around three feet of brown leather.  This serves no purpose, but she claims that it might help in the future.

    Possessions:  The she-cat has brass hoop earrings in her ears, and a homemade lute with intricate carvings is held onto her back by a long strap.  An expensive rapier is thrust carelessly into her sash, and a small knife is hidden in her boot.

      -  Ambidextrous
      -  Intelligent
      -  Can play almost any instrument you give her
      -  Extremely talented with a rapier
      -  Can sail a ship like nobeast's business
      -  Makes a mean skilly 'n' duff

      -  Extremely shy
      -  Useless with any ranged weapon
      -  Can't stand being on land (Literally.  She's so used to being on a boat that she walks around a bit like Captain Jack Sparrow for the first few days of being on shore.)
      -  Can't lead a group to save her life
      -  Indecisive
      -  Physically weak

    Personality:  Silonna is a quiet beast when it comes to most things, and has trouble expressing her emotions.  When she tries to, the beasts she's talking to usually get all her emotions, not just one.  So she hides most of them, timidity being one of the only ones that can break through.
      When you tell her to sail, however, she's transformed into a self-confident, courageous wildcat.  She can steer most any boat with minimal difficulty, but prefers large, powerful ships.

      Ginger is the daughter of a powerful wildcat, Admiral Reginald Greenholm, who commanded a large fleet of corsair ships.  He kept her hidden away from the general public, as he didn't want her to be harmed by his "workers".  So she spent the first eighteen seasons of her life wandering around the grounds of his fort, dreading what things he might have her do when she came of age.

    When her eighteenth season came around, the Admiral put Silonna in charge of a small clipper, telling her to go and make him proud.  This generally included raiding villages, killing helpless creatures, and sailing through storms with nary a scratch on the ship.

    Not pleased with this at all, the calico sailed for the nearest shore and fled, eventually coming to a large seaport.  There she joined the crew of the Pudgy Robin, a trading ship, working under the head cook.  Eventually, after deciding that she wanted to learn to sail a ship of her own, Ginger transferred to a ship on an expedition, the Wave Skimmer, and was taught by the helmsbeast.

    After several seasons, the helmsbeast died, leaving her in his place, but the lower crewbeasts mutinied and threw the higher ranking sailors overboard on an unfamiliar shore.  Silonna was one of the beasts that found herself in a strange place called Mossflower, and is currently trying to find a way to get back on the high seas.

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