Royal Family of Floret

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    Nickname: The All Seer, His Majesty

    Full Name: Sorrel Southguard

    Age: 67

    Species: Squirrel

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Job: King of Southsward

    Description: Sorrel is five [animal] feet tall and weighs 143 [animal] pounds. His fur is dull brown liberally peppered with silver and while he does not have a bent back he frequently experiences back and other joint pains. His left eye is green; a vibrant green very pronounced against his dull, pale fur. His right eye he "lost in a bet" when he was younger and more brash. If ever asked what "lost in a bet" means he becomes evasive and tells a story of knife throwing when he was young and had drunk too much ale. Those who know him well however know he never drank ale when he was young.
    -Sorrel has two outfits he frequently wears. His royal garb consists of a dark green jacket, a deep brown vest, a vibrantly colored green and brown cloak, a pair of brown gloves, a pair of brown boots (All five items with gold trim), an ebony wood and onyx crown, and a black velvet eyepatch. His relaxing wear consists normally of a white tunic under a sea green vest and a thick brown cloak to keep the chill out, as well as his usual eyepatch.
    -Sorrel still has a powerful, carrying voice that can be heard in all corners of the court like a deep resounding drum. He is known across Southsward as the All Seer because of his uncanny ability to predict the outcome of events, large or small. Many believe he possesses the power to see the future but he assures them such power is rare and impossible to control consciously even for those who possess it like Joseph the Bellmaker in ages past, who only saw the future in his dreams. While not the greatest king Floret has ever known Sorrel is by no means a bad king. Just and uncommonly wise he has ruled the land for over forty-five years, ever since his father passed the crown to him on his deathbed. In private he is known to be a constantly brooding beast with a great love for his surviving family and the art of music. He gets tired easily at his age and yet often shows reluctance to sleep, a stubbornness that has plagued him ever since he lost his eye.

    Possessions: Floret castle and its surrounding kingdom, a black crown, an old ruby ring, and a black key.


    • As king he has the power to order almost anything done, so long as those being ordered are law abiding citizens of Floret.
    • The legends surrounding him are not entirely without merit. He has been known to accurately predict things far more often than should be possible.
    • After living for over half a century he has amassed a wealth of wisdom which he uses to help those younger than him find their path.


    • (Paid with his eye) Being a squirrel without depth perception making any sort of jump could be deadly to Sorrel, and so his days of climbing and acrobatics are long done.
    • As old as he is it can only be expected that his physical abilities, even those not affected by his missing eye, are greatly diminished.

    Personality: At court he is forceful and direct, lacking the finesse of a diplomat but rather garnering the respect of a stern father. He treats his subjects as his children and thus many see him as a father figure, or rather, a grandfather figure. In private Sorrel is reserved and quiet much of the time, seeming both pleased and melancholy much of the time when he does get to talking. He loves both his kingdom and his people, but he will not hesitate to order the destruction of those who would threaten either.

    Background: King Sorrel began his life as prince Sorrel, eldest son of King Brandon, the great grandson of Gael the Squirrelking. In his early years before the death of his father, back when he still had both eyes, he was actually quite a brash and boastful squirrel, fond of displaying his various skills for all to see and praise instead of doing his chores and duties. He also had a great love of exploration, nosing around the entire castle and much of the surrounding country with great thoroughness. It was this unquenchable curiosity that eventually led to his discovery of the black key, and later, the black door.

    After the eventual passing of his father Sorrel ascended to the throne and took over as King of Floret. This worried many beasts in the kingdom, seeing as Sorrel was only seventeen years old at the time, and still as arrogant and boastful as he had always been, despite his ways being tempered slightly by the death of his father. The first year of Sorrel's rule was uneasy at best. There were no disasters of truly terrible merit but there was a marked decline in the quality of Floret's leadership and governance. The young king preferred to let his generals and various ranking officials handle much of the kingdom's needs for him. The conflicting views of these officials led to strife inside the court and instability in the kingdom however. Floret castle was starting to slide toward decay at least, and at worst open civil war.

    All the while the young king continued to explore the castle with eager abandon, except now he was permitted to go wherever he pleased. It was in his father's study, behind a false section of stone wall, that he found the black key. Made of pitted black iron and clearly centuries old if not older, the key was heavy, obviously important for it to be hidden so cunningly, and had once borne the shape of a creature on the bow that had since eroded into obscurity. Not knowing to what lock the key fit Sorrel decided to leave the key in its hiding place. A few months later, as the kingdom slipped further and further out of the oblivious king's grasp, Sorrel discovered a door in the dungeons that did not lead to a cell, but rather seemed to lead deeper into the heart of the hill castle Floret was built upon. He was baffled about how to open it until he noticed how familiar the pitted black bands of metal bracing the door looked. He quickly retrieved the black key from its hiding place and returned, trying the ancient key in the ancient lock. He turned the key… and stepped through.

    The next time the King was seen he had lost his eye to the shock of his officials and looked several years older, or perhaps simply more mature. The day after his descent into the heart of the hill Sorrel held court himself for the first time and set about trying to fix the wounds of his negligence. It was not easy, and it was not fast, but slowly, over the course of roughly two years, the kingdom struggled back to peace and prosperity. Under the suddenly watchful eye and firm paw of King Sorrel his officials came to grudgingly bend to his unprecedented foresight and wisdom. They did not set aside their disagreements, but at least accepted the king's verdict in favor of one, the other, or something else entirely.

    After the restabilizing of the kingdom several decades of peace and relative silence followed in the great southern kingdom. Southsward prospered in trade with the other great settlements of the continent, Sorrel met and wed his wife and queen Tianna and together they had three children. The peace was not total however. Tianna died giving life to their youngest daughter, and that same year a band of vermin attacked from the south, leaving hundreds dead before Floret's army could repel them. In the present Floret is in a state of quiet tension as diplomats and citizens from a settlement across the sea have begun creeping into the court and into the city surrounding the castle.

    As for the King's dive into the heart of the hill, no one knows what he found down there, and he only ever told Tianna that there was even a door leading anywhere. With his queen passed on only the King himself remains who knows what is buried in the Earth beneath castle Floret.

  • I've always liked the name Sorrel. His backstory is rather curious, and I'm taking a guess as to what could possibly be under the hill. Possibly a monster of some kind, since there was an eroded shape of a creature on the key. Perhaps we shall find out the full story some time? Anyway, I look forward to seeing him being roleplayed. 🙂

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  • Nickname: The Iron Rose

    Full Name: Rosaline Southguard

    Age: 45

    Species: Squirrel

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Job: General and Commander of the Guard

    Description: Rosaline is six [animal] feet tall and weighs 190 [animal] pounds. Her fur is a deep brown with tufts of maroon at the tips of her ears as well as on her feet and paws. Hey eyes are the same vibrant green as her father's, only she has two of them. She has a quite rigid way of standing that displays the influence of her military training. She is incredibly strong for a squirrel maid. She was born with only one paw, her left one. Her right arm ends in a smooth, furred stump at the wrist.
    -Rosaline is usually only seen in one outfit, her armor. Made with the finest steel available in the south her armor is a full suit of plate mail that covers her neck, arms, torso, and down to her knees. She also wears a pair of thick boots covered in steel plates and a helmet. On her right arm she always wears a harness that straps to her forearm and covers her stump with a metal base, allowing her to lock into place several different prosthetic replacements for her paw, including a hook, a wooden paw, a foot long spearhead, and a shield that locks into place then straps to her arm further to avoid being wrenched off in battle. When at court or otherwise not on the field she tends to leave her helmet in her room and keep her armor well-polished. Once in a great while she may even remove her armor and don a dress for a special occasion.
    -Rosaline has her father's strong, booming voice only in feminine form. This is an invaluable aspect of her seeing as she has to command vast swaths of soldiers on the field with nothing but messengers and her own voice. When not on the field however she is very tight lipped. She is not a fan of small talk and acts harshly towards almost everyone. Only orphans, children, and her family members get her to soften somewhat, but she usually treats even them with a crisp, calculated attitude. She has a deeply set need to control herself that was in her even before she joined the military.

    Possessions: A suit of armor, a polearm as tall as she is with a foot long blade at the end, and a collection of prosthetic paws.


    • Years of training has given her incredible strength almost equivalent to that of a fully grown badger lord.
    • Despite having one paw she has developed techniques allowing her to use most weapons.


    • Having only one paw makes many daily tasks difficult for her.
    • Despite her self-control her temper frequently flares to dangerous heights.
    • She is incapable of having children, much to the disappointment of her former husband.

    Personality: Rosaline has a very militaristic personality. Formal and distant she has very few friends beyond those who knew her well before she got married. She tends to treat everyone like soldiers and holds them to the same standards. Some of her former sweetness still survives though in her love for flowers and sympathy for orphans.

    Background: Rosaline was the first daughter of King Sorrel and Tianna. Strong from birth, she often played with the boys in court, rough-housing and climbing the many towers of the castle. She did enjoy playing with the other girls too though, often taking the roll of the leader among them and leading them strait into trouble. She once led a raid on the kitchens and it took three days of negotiating to get her to release the cooks.

    Her brother Jacob was born when Rosaline was 12. His inability to walk saddened the boy's mother, while Sorrel was more distressed than one would expect, even under the circumstances. Rosaline on the other hand was ecstatic. She loved the idea of having a little brother and took to pretending he was her own little baby. She helped raise him in whatever way she could, despite assurances that that wasn't necessary. His disability continued to depress the boy's mother despite his burgeoning intellect, her sadness growing slowly with time.

    During this time Rosaline was growing up into a healthy young lady, and she began catching the eyes of the boys in court she'd grown up with. Naturally, being of noble birth, the squirrel she eventually married wasn't entirely her choice. Her husband to be was the son of a powerful kingdom far to the south-east, and their marriage would solidify a truce between the two kingdoms. While he wouldn't have been her first choice in a husband she eventually became fond of him and by the time she was old enough to marry him she had fallen in love with him. The two of them were wed and they moved to his home in the south-east, Rosaline eager and full of life.

    A year later, on a drizzly, sad day, a small escort from the kingdom returned to Southsward with Rosaline and bad news in tow. It had taken time to be sure but to the devastating realization of both Rosaline and her new husband the princess was infertile, so no heir would ever be produced from their union. Upon realizing this her husband quickly became cold toward her. Despite her best efforts Rosaline's marriage to the future king collapsed. In time he divorced her and sent her back to Southsward in disgust along with news that because of this "betrayal of his kingdom's trust" the truce was void.

    Her parents tried to comfort Rosaline but the bright, energetic girl was gone. Crushed both by her sterility and being rejected so harshly she lost all lust for life. She spent her time alone, wandering the castle, and just wiling away the days. Some say they even saw her standing atop the battlements on occasion, staring down at the ground hundreds of feet below in a very unnerving way. She stayed that way for almost another full year.

    Time passed and Sorrel managed to renew the truce with the southern kingdom but Rosaline never recovered. She never again played or joked like her younger self. She was listless for a long time, but she did eventually find something to live for. One day, while aimlessly wandering the courtyard, the elderly badger in charge of training recruits for the Southsward army saw her. This wasn't the first time he'd seen her, but something about that day made him crack. He walked over to the despondent princess and wordlessly held out a practice sword, hilt-first. She stared at it, but didn't take it. She didn't take it the next day either, or the next, or the next. The old badger persisted though. Over time Rosaline began to get annoyed at the badger's constant interrupting of her walks until one day she glared at him ferociously as he approached as usual and snatched the sword from his paw.

    It wasn't happiness, but it was something.

    For the next several years of her life Rosaline poured all her frustration and depression into her training. Despite having only one paw the old badger soon found the princess to be unusually proficient with polearms, and her extensive education gave her an aptitude for strategy. Sorrel of course paid close attention to his broken daughter's new passion. While at first being hesitant about the situation he eventually gave his blessing on his daughter's new course in life. Rosaline was indoctrinated into the city guard where she served for several months before being moved up to the royal guard.

    Meanwhile the kingdom to the south, viewing their northern neighbor as weak, took greater and greater advantage of their truce with Southsward. They blocked trade routes, extorted visiting citizens, and even began pushing the border with Southsward north. It was only once the army of the kingdom sacked a small village near the border that Sorrel raised Southsward's own forces in a show of strength to crush their neighbor back in line. Among the forces that marched south was Rosaline, under the protection of the royal guard. Somewhere along the path however the aggressive princess managed to disguise herself as a soldier and when the army arrayed on the field to retake the village, she was on the front lines.

    The war lasted several weeks, longer than anyone expected. In the end the southern army, crippled, was forced back across the border and a portion of the army was left to man the border and make sure they stayed there. Upon returning to castle Floret story's quickly spread of Rosaline's exploits. Her parents were shocked to find their daughter had been the deadliest soldier on the field, as well as the most intuitive, several times leading her chosen squad out of lethal situations with few to no deaths.

    Grudgingly Sorrel admitted her prowess and raised her rank to general, with the added bonus of keeping her off the field and close under his watch again.

  • Nickname: Quill

    Full Name: Jacob Southguard

    Age: 33

    Species: Squirrel

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Job: Prince of Southsward

    Description: Jacob would be five and a half [animal] feet tall if he could stand and weighs 160 [animal] pounds. He has the vibrant red fur of his late mother and a splash of brown at the end of his tail. His eyes are dark blue, also like his mother. He has not been able to stand since he was born, his legs paralyzed from the knees down. He can still work his legs above the knees but has never successfully been able to walk. He is normally carried about in a chair with long poles that can be affixed to the side so he can be carried. The poles can then be detached so he can sit normally without obstruction. His legs, due to inactivity, are thin and frail, and prone to random pains.
    -As the prince of Southsward Jacob frequently wears garments similar to his father?s, consisting of jackets, vests, gloves, and cloaks, as well as a richly embroidered blanket to cover his lower half. He enjoys dressing in different colors every day, mostly bright colors as opposed to the more traditional earthy tones of the Southsward royalty. When not in public Jacob enjoys wearing a simple cloak, ironically colored a dark, earthy green.
    -Jacob is not fond of "caterwauling" as he calls the booming voices of his sister and father. As such he almost never addresses large crowds, and when he does he sounds strained and angry. He much rather prefers to hold meetings with people who need to talk to him in small groups or privately, one-on-one; be they noble or common. He has a young, energetic voice when speaking, only briefly pausing to breathe. It?s been said that the strength from Jacob?s legs doubled back in his lips, and evidence supports the theory if his long, detailed, and almost frantic discussions on every topic are evidence.

    Possessions: His chair, a pet moth, a pipe, and the castle library.


    • Decades of being trapped inside for the most part gave Jacob endless time to spend doing less physical activities, such as reading, thinking, writing, more thinking… did I mention reading? At any rate, he has become fairly intelligent, well read, and clever.


    • Crippled from the knees down.
    • No weapons proficiency.
    • Reclusive.
    • Massively self-conscious.

    Personality: Jacob has always been self-conscious about his legs and has fairly low self-esteem because of it. He doesn't like meeting new people because they inevitably stare and pity him. He prefers to bury himself in his work and as such is the most knowledgeable of the Southguard family, often confusing those he tries to discuss things with.

    Background: Pending…

  • Nickname: Minnow

    Full Name: Tilly Southguard

    Age: 8

    Species: Squirrel

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Job: Princess

    Description: Tilly is three [animal] feet tall and weighs 83 [animal] pounds. Her fur is a pale brown all over her body and her eyes are sea green. She has a tendency to stand in one spot and stare at the ground, like she can hear something down there, though not so often that anyone could mistake her for shy. She loves to run and climb and play with other beasts of her age. Sadly, she was born without the ability to talk.
    -Tilly normally wears a dark green tunic and brown trousers under a loose bright green dress, so that she looks proper and courtly but is ready to play and scamper about at a moment's notice.

    Possessions: A cloth doll in the shape of a badger named "Mrs. Rumbles"


    • Her youth and species make her very nimble and acrobatic.


    • She has no voice.
    • Her age makes her naive and vapid.

    Personality: Tilly enjoys playing with her fellow dibbuns as much as she enjoys playing by herself. She loves to climb around the castle and explore. She has an odd interest in exploring underground as well, like she wants to find a way inside the hill. She is very friendly but her inability to talk makes her seem distant to most.

    Background: Pending…

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