Arya Brushtail.

  • So, I decided to make a nice character that can be used anywhere, not just the Abbey, like Lavender. Whew buddy, this is gonna take a few days!

    Nickname: Arya
    Full Name: Arya Brushtail
    Species: Squirrel

    Description: Arya has nut-brown fur everywhere except for her tummy, which has tan fur. She has deep blue eyes, about this color: And startling pink ears and nose.

    Possessions: Her weapons are a hand and a half sword (With matching scabbard) , a bow and a quiver that's usually chock-full of arrows, and a dagger. Her clothes are a light green tunic, a tough belt made of rope, and a deep blue cloak. She has fawn brown boots that hug her slim legs, and she keeps her dagger in her left boot, being right=pawed. She has a white hat, a gray scarf, and fingerless green gloves, and a necklace with a small Amethyst pendant in the shape of a small heart.



    Age:20 years
    Alignment: Good

    Job: She wanders, but is also a mercenary, to put it that way. In other words, she'll help any goodbeast that needs her, and if that one creature's rich, she'll have a price (But a low one, mind you) and if not, she's free.

  • The link isn't working, I tried to see if I could get it working, but I couldn't.

  • Huh….I'll try again, it wouldn't work for me either.

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