Sister Lavender. (Work in progress please help!)

  • Here's one of my characters:

    Age:44 seasons
    Rank: Infirmary Sister
    Personality:Sweet and kind, Lavender's well-liked.She's rather authoritative, and can be depended on to take charge and organize situations, but will listen to others opinion. She doesn't really like people who think that it's their way or the highway, and so ies to avoid them as much as possible. Lavender's also stubborn, and she'll stick to something she's taken to until it's done. Alone, if needs be. She has a temper that can flare up at any time dealing with those that are cheeky, sassy, or impertinent.
    Weakness's: She's extremely scared of heights and water. She can't swim, or climb. She also is scared of birds. She doesn't knpw why, she just is scared silly by them.
    Strengths: Lavender has an extensive knowledge of herbs, and how to use them. She also is a good cook, and, unlike most beasts, likes washing dishes (Don't know if that counts, but I thought I'd add it on :P)
    Other: Was never married, and never had any young ones of her one, though Lavender wished she did.

    I'll put up others as I go along, joining and creating RPs.

  • Technically you can't be abbot/abbess unless you apply for the position. Whoever has the position is the mod for the RPs done in the Redwall board.
    As of right now, someone already has the position, but in currently inactive. We usually wait a little while before putting their position up for grabs.

    All you would need to do is make the character a sister of the abbey.

    The character could also be developed more to including things such as strengths, weaknesses, and background/history.

  • Okay, thanks! You learn something new everyday, I suppose. I'm not used to the whole If-your-position-is-Abbess/Abbot-then-that's-your-RPing-character thing. This is a good idea, though!

  • Yes, as this site is more RP based than the official site/forum, we could have several characters claiming to be abbot/abbess, which could get confusing when we have RPs going on at the abbey.

    I can help you develop your character more if you want/need help. 🙂

  • That would be great! Oh, and I've tried to change the topic name, but it isn't going! That's one good thing about the other forum…..

  • Well it's changed now. LOL.

    as for helping you, try thinking about these things …

    Strengths - What is she good at?
    You say she's stubborn, does that mean she sticks with something until it's done?
    You say she is authoritative, does that mean she can be counted on as a leader when doing tasks or in an emergency situation?
    You say she is kind and sweet, does that mean she is easy to get along with, or well-liked?

    Weaknesses - What is she bad at? What can't she do?
    You say she has a temper, does that mean she does not do well with dibbuns who require patience?
    You say she is kind and sweet, does that make her naive?
    You say she is authoritative, does that make her bossy and always wants to be right? Her way or the highway?

    Background/History - What has she done in her life up until now? Has she always lived in the abbey? Were her parents from the abbey? If not, where did she/they come from, when did they arrive at the abbey, and why did they go to the abbey?
    44 seasons, did she ever marry or have children of her own?
    Because you haven't specified any background of the character yet, you can take a free position if you wish. I would suggest Infirmary keeper, or Cellar keeper, if so.

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