Shadow Runner

  • Nickname: Shadow
    Full Name: Shadow Runner
    Species: Squirrel

    Then fill in the following Categories:

    Description: Blue eyes, Black fur, And Red dye

    Possessions: Bow and Arrow
    Strengths: The best in Mossflower shooting Arrows

    Weaknesses: Family and Friend would do anything to protect them

        Outgoing, Protective, Strong
      Shadows family lived in Mossflower on a farm til one day Sea Rats showed up at their front door. The Sea Rats needed rest and food demanded that Shadows parents let them in. But Shadows parents weren?t about them enter the farm house. While this was happening Shadow was resting in his upstairs bedroom. While resting Shadow had a dream where he was visited by the spirit of Martin the Warrior. Martin told Shadow to flee because he was in danger. So Shadow packed up and climbed out the bedroom window into the Mossflower woods Shadow ran. The Sea Rats didn?t like the answer that Shadows parents gave them. So the Sea Rats forced Shadows parents inside the farm house. Then the Sea Rats set fire upon the farm house with arrows after this the Sea Rats walked off like nothing happened. Shadow saw the fire and ran towards it fearing the worst. When he got to the farm house the fire was almost out due to the rain that had just started. The last thing Shadow saw were his parents bodies. After a few days Shadow finally made it to Redwall Abbey to start a new life.

  • Nice starting point. Sometimes it takes jumping into a RP to get a character more developed.
    The following questions are just trying to help in that development  🙂

    How and why was his family killed?
    How did he survive? Did the attackers harm him and left him for dead, or did they just ignore him as he was no threat to them, or was he absent when the attack happened, or was he hiding during the attack?

    How did he feel knowing his family was killed? How did he handle it? You state that once he got to Redwall he was outgoing and willing to work the grounds. Did he handle the deaths well, then? Did tending to nature sooth and calm him?

  • Those are great questions I will think them over this weekend and I will post them when I think them out.

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