Swiftblade Windpaw

  • NAME  Lord Swiftblade Windpaw
    AGE  47
    POSSITON  Badger Lord of Salamandastron (ex)
    WEAPON  His sword, The Windpaw
    SPECIES  Badger (Duh)
    ALIGNMENT  Goodbeast

    Apperance: He has a bold Black stripe Down his head. Has white fur everywhere else. He wear's a Blue cloak and a black tunic. Also, he wheres a Black cape. He is missing one ear.

    Strengths: He is the fastest Badger. Even if he is old, he is quick. He is also very strong and wise. Warrior blood flows throw his veins. Also, he gets along with the smaller Hares.
    Weaknesses: If he goes into BloodWrath, it takes him a while to get out of it. Vermin anger him more than anything. Also, he is very nervous when something he cant handle comes up.

    Personality: Has a great since of Humor. Is never strict or mean, but inforces rules. He loves all of the smaller hares and tells them jokes.

    History: He was abonded as a youngster near Redwall. His parents left to hunt down a band of vermin, but never came back. All that was left was his sword,The Windpaw. He lived in a HUGE oak tree that was hollowed out. He ate berries and made different things to keep him alive. When he was old enough, he took his sword, The Windpaw, with him to explore. When he was in was 17, he made it to Redwall. He stayed there for many seasons. He learned many skills of swordsmanship with leasons from the Abbey Warrior. He also found his gift of knowledge and speed there. After learning all of these things, he set off to be the Badger Lord of Salamandastron.

    I hope this was enough for the position! 😄

  • Hi there Gonff! I'm Gerns, newly appointed greeter, though you might see me leading hordes of vermin every now and then too. I see you're taking the responsibility for being the Badger Lord right off the bat, so I wish you luck in getting some fun roleplaying done.  😉

    If you have questions about anything, you can contact me privately or just ask me something here. I like discussing RPs and characters too, so feel free to bounce ideas off me if you want. I can also offer advice if you're interested in changing or improving your writing style. Sometimes it helps to have another pair of eyes looking over your work. 😉

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