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  • This world works in curious ways. One's past often has much to do with one's future, and it isn't difficult to find the past repeat itself. It is also often that one's past mistakes eventually come home to roost. This is never pleasant, but it is something everybeast must deal with, one way or another…

    Reverrek sat next to the campfire he had set up in the ruins of an old wooden structure not far from Mossflower Wood. He had seen the remains of a sign out front, but the words were no longer legible. Probably wouldn't have told him much anyway. He had been back on the road for about a day now, having left Redwall after a short stay. He'd be lying if he said he hadn't thought about settling down there, but his wandering heart won out in the end. He leaned back and stared up at the quickly darkening sky; the stars were beginning to shine. No matter how far he traveled, the stars in the sky had always remained a pleasant constant. He let out a sigh. "Should probably put the fire out before anybeast notices I'm here," he remarked to himself before getting up to do so. That was something he'd learned the hard way a good number of seasons ago…

    He was a teen, and hadn't been traveling for very long. The emotional wounds left by the death of his mother were still raw and deep, which only amplified his then unchecked temper. He refused to take anyone's advice, believing that he could get by on his own merit. One night, he had fallen asleep before putting his fire out, and awoke to find himself bound to a tree and completely helpless to stop a group of bandits from stealing all of his supplies. He shouted and swore at them, but was quickly silenced by a deep slash to the gut. The bandits left him there to bleed to death, and if that mole family hadn't found him, he almost certainly would have…

    As luck would have it, he heard a twig snap behind him. He immediately drew his greatsword and spun around to face whoever had come, not intent on making the same mistake again.

    OOC: Been out of the RP loop for a while, figured I'd try and get back in. 😛

  • A cool, whispering wind swept chillingly across the trees and tall grass, creating a shrill, banshee-like wail. Not a cricket was heard, nor the hoot of an owl. Only the unwanted came out at night. And it was here that a certain individual taking refuge in the old and broken dwelling rested, comforted by the warm glowing embers of a friendly fire. He was being watched. Only the unwanted came at night.

    A small dark figure watched the lone stranger from atop a nearby pine tree, balancing on one of the thin branches. A pair of bright amber eyes gleamed with mischievous curiosity out of the swallowing darkness as the campfire was soon put out. The dark shape became annoyed, momentarily blinded by the temporary blackout. It shifted noisily, causing a large pinecone to break off and hurdle down towards the forest floor. It landed with an dull plop, snapping the backs of a few twigs unfortunate enough to be in the way. Then all was silent.

    The intimidating metallic echo of a large blade unsheathing resonated from the ruins, causing the mysterious figure in the tree to chatter its teeth in excitement. It could just barely make out the shape of a beast wielding a huge sword, standing cautiously within the confines of what was left of the wooden dwelling. Did it know who was in the tree?

  • Absent Spirits, but she was stupid. Walking on the Great Road was safe, certainly, but not at night. Highwaymen and bandits used this road, too, after all. And in her condition, there was very little that she could do to fight back, if it came to that. But the child inside her had been stirring uncomfortably, and the only thing for it these days was to walk. It helped. For now, at least. And she was making good time in the chilly dark, walking with her dagger drawn and her attention on full. And lucky she was for that, too. She heard the noise of soft, harsh laughter and whispered talking before they either saw or heard her. Agnes had ducked into the scrub on the side of the road, and, while waiting for her possible bandits to pass, felt the need to relieve herself. She decided that going only a little ways in to the huge woods wouldn't hurt; she had the moon to guide her out, after all.

    That had been twenty minutes ago, and she was getting incresingly angry at herself for being lost. She had the forethought to stop and trade her crossbow for the little dagger, and walked like her father trained her, finger on the guard, bow towards the ground.

    Aggie rubbed her swollen belly and looked around the woods, thinking hard. There had been talk from other travelers that there was an old ruin on this part of the path. An abandoned church or manor home, something like that. It would be close, she decided, if she could find it at all. With a deep, quiet breath and a small prayer to anyone listening, she kept going forward. The trees might thin out and show her the road soon.

    She only saw the firelight as she was stepping on the dry twig. It echoed in the night, and almost on top of that was the metallic song of a sword being drawn. Aggie didn't even think as she threw the crossbow up and fingered the tiny little safety by the trigger. It wouldn't do to lurk in the shadows, and stepped forward one more pace, into the firelight.

  • Reverrek let his guard back down when the pregnant beast stepped into the light from the fire. He returned his sword to its sheath with a relieved sigh."A beast like you shouldn't be wanderin' around Mossflower this late. Much less wanderin' into the campsites of strange beasts," he said as he returned to tending his fire. Though he still felt uneasy, it was nice to have company now and again.

  • Deekra sat up in a tree, her back supported by the trunk. Her eyelids were half closed, by she still was alert enough to know beasts were below. She had her sling out, and loaded with a smooth stone, but she was otherwise harmless. She looked directly across and the vixen found she was not the only one in the trees. In a pine, about three trees away, another beast, with glowing amber eyes, was watching the beasts below. Deekra`s black fur melted into the shadows as she silently approached.

  • Zemmerug fell with a loud yell down from a taller tree nearby right in front of Deekra. He cursed loudly and began slashing wildly with his cutlass.

    "Giddaway from mah yew…"

    He yelled, cursing words too profane to mention here.

  • It had been a strange and wonderful experience. Her first mountain, Flitz never thought she'd get to see one, nevermind spend the night in one, full of hares even. She'd met hares, but never knew them to be mountain dwelling beasts. It seemed like nothing she knew mattered out here anymore. Everything was strange here since she washed ashore, and despite the great kindness and hospitality shown to her, she couldn't stay. Not while her friend was still out there.

    He very much could be dead by now, but she wouldn't be able to comfortably settle down without getting to say she at least tried. Clean and fed, her new companions set her off with a kind wave goodbye, and an even kinder pack of rations for her trip, maybe she would return after her adventure. For now she set off blindly into the woods. It wasn't a smart plan, but it would have to suffice. The wind blew through her ears as she bounded through the trees. Forest were like obstacle courses, there was always something in the way. She'd never seen so much green growing in one place, and despite all her great skill, was having a hard time steering around it. If she took big jumps, she wouldn't be able to help herself if a tree was blocking her path. She'd have to take smaller, more carefully calculated jumps.

    But the big jumps were so much fun! Besides, you cover more ground with leaps and bounds, and Flitz was anxious to get to wherever she was going in a big hurry. She found her destination with a resounding crash against a tree housing a sneaky vixen (deekra). Pain resonated through her skull, and she curled up clutching her head, spitting curses quietly to herself.


  • Zemmerug soon realized he'd landed on somebeast. He quickly scrambled off him and then stood up. He glanced at the beast. He then kicked him.

    "Watch were yer walkin', shoopid"

    Said the weasel, grabbing at his cutlass.

  • Amused, Deekra watched the commotion below. She made her way towards the tree with the small figure in it, as silent as a shadow. When she was at a nearby tall tree, she climbed as high as she could so, if need be, she could drop from above.

  • Zemmerug was backing away as he grabbed at his cutlass, finally pulling it out of it's scabbard.

  • Deekra expertly flung a pine cone, knocking the cutlass out of Zemmerugs paw. She dropped down, landing on Zemmerugs shoulder, before jumping off. The big weasel was on the floor, gasping for breath and grasping for his cutlass. Deekra melted away again.

  • Zemmerug, realizing he was not holding his cutlass or standing, began gasping for breath. He cursed and looked around, seeing nobeast who looked like they had just attacked him. He began glancing warily around him.

  • Deekra grinned at the weasel`s shock.

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