Whip Creme Fight

  • Jetfang the otter wandered around a patch of Mossflower. He was inside the thick, heavily vegetated forest, until he heard noises. It sounded as if someone was fighting. He hid inside a bush and spied on the source of the noise.

    There were at least a score of the creatures, mostly shrews and hedgehogs. The leaves got in his way, so he could not get a clear look of what was going on. He decided to approach them directly. He hoped they would not notice him when he appeared.

    They were all fighting in a river. As Jetfang stepped into the cool water, his eyes widened. It was a scene of mass chaos.There were five times more of them than the otter had first thought. There were even vermin amongst them, though none carried weapons. Jetfang was confused.

    But he couldn't think much more when an apple pie hit him straight in the face.

    ((OOC: Anyone can join! No blood allowed, even if there is vermin and woodlanders fighting. Just food is allowed.))

  • Gavalin had been walking outside when he came across the fight. His eyes watered with sorrow at the thought of such beautiful food going to waste.
        He stepped forward and joined in (using only food he didn't like) and began to fight to avenge his beloved food.
        The fat creature started laughing when the pie hit Jetfang. It had been an awsome throw. He didn't like apple pies anyway, so it was alright to laugh about.

  • Jetfang was utterly confused. Some were genuinely angered by the food fight, others, especially younger ones, were actually having fun, targeting the vermin the most. Jetfang decided that it was all good fun in the end, and detected the one who thrown the apple pie. It was a fat creature, laughing, his belly wobbling.

    Licking apple pie from his lips, Jetfang grabbed a fallen tray of scones and began throwing them in the direction of the fat creature, hoping that the apple pie around his eyes didn't decrease his accuracy much.

  • "Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!"
        The scones hit him in rapid succesion and so, in return, he threw one back.
        "Darn otter! I'll teach you to throw things at me!"

  • With the apple pie still covering his face, Jetfang didn't see the thrown scone. It hit him in the right upper arm. Wiping the apple pie off his face with his uninjured arm, the otter regained his balance. He grabbed a fallen turnover, apparently half-eaten, and threw it. Jetfang regretted that he had thrown it the wrong direction.

  • -ooc- Had he already thrown something in the wrong direction or is he doing it now? ???

  • ((OOC: He's doing it now.))

  • ((I suppose I'll add in another character.))

    Luna the shrew wondered around a patch of Mossflower woods when she heard arguing and fighting. She saw the whole crowded place, vermin and woodlanders alike fighting each other … with food.

    Clapping with glee, Luna picked up plate full of meadowcream. "How fun!" she exclaimed, and threw the tray at a random direction.

  • Gavalin saw the meadowcream caming at him and opened his mouth. A bunch of it went in, but a large amount of it got on the rest of him.
        Ignoring the mess of cream on his face, Gavalin turned back to the table and continued to stuff hmself wiht anything that he figured was worth saving.

  • Jetfang was bombarded by a group of little ones, woodlander and vermin. They threw spoons at his ankles and chucked scone crumbs at the rest of him. He escaped behind a group of vermin who were eating ravenously.

    Luna threw food everywhere. She swiped off a table full of cream and tarts without plates at all. She used a bow and shot off long thin slices of hard bread at Gavalin. She saw Jetfang and, using a small hollow reed pipe, she blew grape seeds at him.

  • -ooc- How did you do that cool page-break?

    -bic- Gavalin continued to eat with the food flying around him in all directions. As he ate he felt as though he was beginning to bloat and knew that if he wasn't careful he might eat too much and get sick or something.
        He didn't care all that much though. He just loved the food.

  • ((It's a horizontal line –> [ + hr + ] =


    Luna was a madbeast. She every single food or crumb that came to paw. She threw an apple pie at Jetfang, who was washing his face with water.

    Jetfang was glad to have apple pie off from his face. He looked up from the small stream in which he was washing his face in. Another apple pie hit him on the face.

  • ((Okay, I'm going to put all my characters in.))

    Urkurr had been fighting in the food fight for a few hours. Tired, he sat down on the bank of the River Moss, gasping for breath. But rest was not allowed for him. Two onion slices smeared with honey at the bottom hit his face, near his tiny eyes. He looked around, unable to see, with the onions as his eyes.

    Jetblade and Jetwing were traveling one day, when they started the food fight. At first, it was just them two, but then a vermin band came from behind them and tried to kill them. Jetwing dropped a gigantic pie from mid-air and it hit the vermin with a sickening thud.

    Curious woodlanders who had seen the flying pie had came to the spot to witness magic of flying pies. But they were caught in the crossfire, and the food fight grew.

    Covered up to his neck in meadowcream, Jetblade tried to chew himself out of it, while Jetwing soared ahead, dropping stone-hard scones below to anyone unfortunate enough to be under it. Anyone who was hit by the scones were knocked senseless.

  • Snagtooth and Whiptail seemed to come across less food everyday. Berries seemed to never taste as sweet, water seemed dirtier and dirtier, and both beasts were in desperate need of a bath. Little did they realize that soon, they would both be receiving what they did and didn't want most.

    "How much longer do we have to walk like this?" Whined Whiptail tirelessly, "I 'aven't got any food in my stomach and there ain't nothin' to drink either." Whiptail's correct use of the word either astounded Snagtooth, but he shut his companion up quickly. He could here a fight up ahead. With any luck they could jump in and claim their share of the booty. No sooner had Snagtooth stood up to jump into the fray then he was hit square in the face with a stray tart.

  • Gavalin laughed aloud when the tart hit Snagtooth. He hadn't thrown it, but it probobly looked like it.
        He was silenced, however, by one of the falling scones. His eyes rolled back in his head and he fell forward into to a lemon-cream pie.

  • Tart still on face, Snagtooth couldn't believe his luck. No one seemed to care about the vermin here and no one seemed to care if food was stolen. Changing tactics, Snag picked up a bowl of Meadow cream and dumped it on a group of about 12 beasts. "Hey, you great lumps of lard! I'm right here. Come and get me!"
    Back in the bushes, Whiptail listened in amazement at his brother's courage.

  • "Lump of lard yourself!" Jake picked up a cake and hurled it as hard as he could straight at Snagtooth's mouth. He wiped some strwberry juice from his face and licked his paw. He hadn't had this much fun since he started the belly-flop contest from the Redwall bell-tower.

  • As beasts began throwing food on Snagtooth, he simply opened his mouth and let the good times roll.
    Whiptail was stunned by his brother's silence

  • Jetwing soared overhead, diving in the fray to snatch a crumb or two. Jetblade had somehow found his way out of the meadowcream. He looked around, and saw Snagtooth eating food thrown at him. He sniggered quietly. Making his way through the crowd, without not a single hair untouched, he tripped on the lemon-cream pie Gavalin was in and rolled sideways, bumping into a huge, pot-bellied stoat.

    Luna sat down beside Urkurr. "Ah, isn't this fun" she remarked to the mole. Urkurr turned his face full on towards Luna. The shrewmaid laughed out loud at the onions on his eyes. After she had quieted down a bit, she began to sneak up to Snagtooth with a bowl full of assorted foods.

    Luna dumped summer salad, meadowcream, turnip and celery turnover, pear and apple pie, arrowroot dressing, strawberry tart, pear extract and dandelion cordial down on Snagtooth.

  • The sudden assault on Snagtooth was much more than he had expected. Luna's assortment of vittles almost drowned him. Snagtooth came up spluttering from the food. He then turned toward the offender. "I'll get you for that missy." He said gruffly. Then, taking a large wad of Meadowcream, he lobbed it at Luna, but missed, hitting another beast.

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