Fang the Drifter

  • I came on here a long long time ago, and already made a character profile.. but I never finished it. I honestly don't see why I had left this site as I only stumbled upon it again through reading old emails.. Since I can't seem to edit my old character description anymore, I thought I would just create an updated biography, using a bit of what I used in the past. After all.. I'm like five years due!  😮

    Nicknames: Fang, the Drifter, Daydreamer

    Name: Frink Mightyfang

    Age: 24 seasons

    Species: Ferret

    Alignment: Neutral

    Point of Origin: The old remains of Fort Tatterack

    Physical Appearance: _Fang's fur has changed with age and weather, from a youthful creamy cinnamon to a dusty, ashen hue of dull brown. Muscles ripple from underneath his scarred natural shell, proof that the constant adversaries and dangers did not turn him weak. His left paw and eyes are masked in a light brown veil of fur, while Frink's tail resembles the rest of his tired pelt. Although once a young vivid jungle green, the ferret's eyes have dimmed, leaving them a dark and serious olive tone. Interestingly enough, Fang's one defining feature is the prominence of a large fang on the left side of his mouth.

    A faded and torn brownish-gray tunic encompasses the ferret's upper torso; both sleeves missing, instead reused as a sweatband over his head. Hugging not-so-tightly at Frink's hips rests a makeshift leather belt with an assortment of supplies clinging to it; a hollow gourd for water, a small drawstring pouch filled with medicinal herbs,  a larger pack stuffed with rain ponchos and blanket, and two sheaths for the drifter's old weaponry. Fang's legs, a veteran of long and heavy marches up the distant mountains, stand covered in a rather stalwart pair of dull brown leggings. Through his own tampering, the ferret sewed in pads of tree moss and more leather to his pants, helping to protect himself from basic injury through light falls.

    As for armor, the lone ferret carries naught but a large rusted and blackened shoulder pauldron attached to his left side, and an equally worn iron helmet dangling from his belt behind his back. Both pieces of armor display an ancient and dirty engraving of a craggy mountain with a cracked sword above going through a wolf's skull._

    Personality: In the beginning, in his youth, the warrior was naive, trusting in his gut more than his brain. He was, and to an extent still is, a loyal beast. He was one who acted first and spoke later, and with the shield and sword of many a brother behind his back, Frink viewed the world as a treasure chest, full of adventure and ambition and fellowship. But over the course of five years, his demeanor changed. Cut off and lost from those he used to call his kin, the ferret grudgingly learned the way of the real world through trial and error. Each challenge pushed Frink more and more into a harder and more cool nature. The old legionnaire, accustomed to solitude and reflection, has turned to a more existential way of living; that the course of his life is determined by his own actions and choices, and that forms his destiny, rather than a predetermined legend. However, this reflection has also caused Fang to abandon his former bloodthirsty ways. He gives all beasts goodwill, and would not stop to lend a helping paw to those in need.

    Possessions: Frink's only possessions are his means of defense. Worn from constant battle, a chipped silver shortsword rests in its sheath, along with a curved dirk, with the inscription "Darian Tundra Legion" etched into the blade.

    Strengths: The legionnaire's strengths lie in his abilities to apply medicinal practices to a good number of wounds and ailments, his skills in the art of stealth and warfare tactics, and his knowledge of creating war machines such as rams, catapults, and ballista.

    Weaknesses: Frink's biggest weakness lies in his lack of knowledge of the Mossflower forest and surrounding lands. Hailing from far up north, the ferret has had no dealings with the creatures of Redwall. In terms of combat prowess, his inaccuracy with bows has made Fang a close-ranged fighter.

    History: _Frink Mightyfang was born in a cold and wintery land known as Goaneth, in the small village of Shadowsparr. Through his family's custom, he learned to fight and to pursue ambition and glory at a young age. Such was the culture of Shadowsparr, yet all this changed when, returning from a hunting trek, Frink watched his village razed to the ground, his family murdered, victims to a passing horde of raiding vermin such as himself. Vowing to avenge his kin, and accepting certain death, he followed the tracks of the marauders. Time went on, and the tracks became less and less visible, until finally they ceased to be. The ferret trudged on, lost and alone. He never found that band of raiders. Instead, he found himself trapped in a vast, cruel, and cold land. The sea lay to his west, a forest lay to his east, and a looming structure stood to his north. Fang had stumbled upon Fort Tatterack and her lot. Recruited into this place for his tenacity and heart, the ferret became part of the Darian Tundra Legion, one of many ferocious armies under the command of a wolf by the name of Jadak the Fang. Over time, Fang grew accustomed to the blistering cold and stinging saltwaters of the fort he now called home. He encountered many daring adversaries worthy to be considered honorable opponents: vicious snowsquirrel tribes, massive wolverine corsairs, and sprawling armies of vermin large enough to challenge his White Legion. Through patience, tenacity, and the combined efforts of Tatterack's legions, Frink saw victory after victory after victory. Yet, Fang soon took a disliking to the High Command of Tatterack; they had the tendency to leave wounded troopers behind in battle, believing only the strong were fit to survive. He advanced in rates, earning some respect in the ranks.  As an inner rebellion began to crumble Tatterack and her ambitious leaders, Fang and his legion deployed to the tundra to ward off suspected opposition. He became lost during a blizzard-plagued battle, and, losing his sense of direction, wandered blindly in the unsympathetic region. The ferret walked on, keeping a time log in his rucksack and living off the icy shrubs of the Darian Tundra. Without aid, without companion, and without an end to the tundra in sight, the ferret quickly lost hope. His eyes became deep, his mouth turned to a frown, and his once proud strut turned into a cool, silent stride. But still Fang bore on with his journey, no destination in mind. His sole purpose to live was to defy Death. After all, the ferret was only 16 seasons of age. He knew that if he lived, he would've achieved more than he ever thought he would. Climbing over snowy mountains, swimming through deep rivers, jogging into thick grasslands, and hopping past canyons, Fang made his way into an even more mysterious land, where the sun humidly lay in the sky, sending out blazing rays of sunlight down into stuffy, serpent-filled forests. The lone soldier had stumbled upon the surrounding region of another great stronghold. Redwall. _

  • Welcome back to the site, Requiem! I hope you get into RPing soon and have some good times here.  😉

    Your character makes me curious, are any of the events in his history based on things that happened on the Fort Tatterack forums? I never joined them myself, but I know they were one of the RP forums for Redwall settings a while ago.

  • Thanks, Gerns! I almost called you Germs.. hehe.  😶 And actually yes, some of it does pertain to some things I did at Tatterack.. but as for the many victories, I was only there for a few before Frink disappeared. The rest, so to speak, happened before I was a member. I felt like I could use Frink because back then I essentially "killed" him off in the Fort, but now I actually can bring him back and piece together his life from Tatterack to Redwall.

  • I like him.

    I see quite a few young and foolhardy characters, and a few old and surly characters; it'll be interesting to see a relatively young but jaded character. I also enjoy the fact that you're reviving him from his role on another site. That's pretty cool.

    I'm sure you'll fit right in at Redwall's Legacy. Welcome, and I look forward to RPing with you in the future. (I think Jen could have an intriguing dynamic with Fang.)

  • Thanks, Penblade! May I ask who Jen is?

  • Jen's just one of my characters. A self exiled raccoon samurai I created a while back.

  • Oh Wow! Fang's a really wonderful character! Welcome to the Forum, too! It's always good to see a new face.

  • Nice character man! I give kudos, cause I have my own ferret to, also a veteran as well.

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