Hello all you darling, creative people.

  • I have a handful of characters, and I am just itching to trot them out and have adventures of nearly every kind imaginable. They're all in my signature, and I'd be absolutely THRILLED to RP with any of them. Let me know if any one is interested.

  • Well if you stick around, I think by march we will have the second half of the story arc up and we def need more characters!!! 🙂

  • I haven't been on in a LONG while so, what is the story arc you're talking about?

  • Well, March isn't too far off, I suppose. But in the mean time, if there is anything anyone would like to do, y'all are more than welcome to throw ideas at me.

  • Been going on since I think septermber? Go to the main forum page and go to the story arc board. I have posted all what you need to know about the story arc.

    Mucha- I wanted to try out a new character you game?

  • Absolutely I'd be game! Anyone in particular of mine you'd want them thrown at?

  • Possibly Izzy? Ryills needs a partner on crime. (She is a pirate disgused as a man)

  • I'm not sure this is even the right place, but can I ask… why? It's not like the Redwall setting has ever prevented female characters from working at sea. Romsca is probably one of the most well-remembered characters to many people, and she was captain of a ship. I don't recall any of the real-world superstitions about women at sea being used in the books, so I've kind of been wondering this about Ryills ever since you made her.

  • I think that would be so so good. She and Izzy would have such good squabbles and can trade knowledge and pickpocket and start fights together yes.

  • Gerns: Eh is was a former RPG character I dug up from years back and I modifed it and she was a fun character to rpg out I never really finished the redwall series so I dont know about Romsca?

    Mucha- yes I agree! Lets do it. Do you wanna start off?

  • Hmm….Seems interesting! So, how do I join? I warn you: I take RPibng VERY seriously.

  • Awesome Cornflower! Well we have no set form on how to join, if an RPG is in process you can just hop in. But I "the story arc admin" I have to tell you, your character must have a purpose in the RPG (so no joining and then not having a purpose and then leave) this makes it that your character has a role and you must post so you don't leave the RPG hanging. 🙂

  • Got it, thanks!

  • ((BUMPBUMP))

    I have returned, and am looking to play around with my lovely little creations. Anything would do, but specifically I think that Mei needs some companionship, of the romantic or friendly nature.  And the Kelleys need a bit of complication in their life. Izzy has such a rich history of romantic entanglements and criminal activity that it wouldn't be surprising if she ran across one of her old flames or marks (the two are not mutually exclusive). And dear Agnes is ready to pop any second now, and could either use a friendly hand to hold or someone to verbally spar with to help relive the stress.

    And any ideas you have would be awesome, too. Just let me know!

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