Bloodlines (Characters)

  • Name: Stratovere Ashstep

    Title: Stratovere Rah, of the Ashen Plain

    Age: 31

    Gender: male

    Species: Rabbit, Ideal/Integrator mix

    Description: a very tall, very thin, wiry, dark gray buck with unsettling silver eyes. Heavy, black claws.

    Possessions: Outfitted in black and navy blue combat robes and cowl. Wears a bone mask under his hood that is smooth, blank and pale, save for the painted cerulean design for a simple rabbit's face. It is a 3/4 mask that does not cover his mouth or chin.

    Weapons:wields a saber, and possesses wrist-blades in his steel bracers.

    Personality: Stratovere is a quiet, intimidating, no-nonsense-fellow that serves directly under the General as a personal guard and Owslafa over the other Officers. A hundred percent loyal to The General and the Council, Stratovere is a dangerous individual that cannot be bribed nor bargained with. He has little to no sympathy for stragglers nor the down-trod, believing that there is an order to everything that must be kept; therefore, he does not discriminate between rank or caste. To him, a rule-breaker is a rule-breaker, and the final decision rests with the General and Council.

    Has adopted the children of a comrade (a fallen Owsla) out of duty, but doesn't pay much attention to them. Unable to provide emotional support, he drills them like soldiers and distances himself accordingly.

    Biography: Not much is known about Stratovere's origins, other than that his mother was not a native Efrafan (from the Ashen Plain - a warren that was presumably wiped out by plague), and his father an Ideal Owsla. Out of three siblings, Stratovere proved his loyalty and strength by executing them both when they were convicted of treason. The General approved of his lack of hesitation and unquestionable obedience and made him a member of the Council when his predecessor (and mentor) stepped down, due to his great age.

    Stratovere's name causes both fear and pride when spoken aloud. The commonfolk address him as "Owslafa", "Counselor", or "Ashen One". His Officers, and those brave enough, say his name with the -Rah attachment "Stratovere Rah".

    Alignment: Efrafan

    Occupation: Owslafa, Council of Twelve

  • Name: Cloudmine Alagosdir Rothschild III (pronounced, "Cloud-mine", not "Cloud-meen")

    Lapine Name: Canyon-in-the-Clouds

    Title: "Golia-hain" (the female suffix for a Wisdom Fighter. Roughly translated to "Song of Wisdom")

    Age: 23

    Gender: female

    Species: Rabbit, Common/Integrator

    Description: a cream-colored doe with blue-gray eyes. Carries a line of claw marks on her left upper-leg: the 2nd Hindquarter Mark of Captain Gruhain.

    Possessions, weapons, accessories: She wears a sleeveless steel and leather cuirass, specifically tailored to hold a set of ten long knives, five to each side of the torso. She wears the simple wood-and-twine thong of a slave-fighter around her neck, depicting the sigil / totem of Goliad, (of the Kindly Ones)*.

    Strengths: Cloud specializes in dual-wielding short-range weapons and close combat. Following her totem, she utilizes wisdom, patience, and creativity to make up for her disadvantages in the arena. What she lacks in brute strength, she makes up for in flexibility, quick thinking, and spying flaws in the offense. Works best with a partner or in a group.

    Weaknesses: She is a doe, and a Common-breed; this makes her smaller, lighter, and unfortunately, more prone to receiving critical damage if she falls or is hit hard enough. Strong as she is, most opponents are larger, crueler, and, if Ideal-breeds, prone to a sub-form of Bloodwrath; and so often, there is only a few-seconds-long window of time to exploit the opponent before she's struck. Every head-on blow has a chance of not only gravely injuring her, but killing her outright.

    Mid-range and long-range weapons are not her forte, either.

    Personality: She retains a strong resolve to the duties of her totem. She practices and trains hard to forget the memories of her fallen comrades and family, but also to honor them, and to be half the beasts they were. She is ashamed of her fear, and will not admit it, lest she be seen as weak and unworthy to the gods; she worries constantly that she will shame her family and supporters in the ring, too, and so puts in twice the amount of effort to become a better warrior. She is a firm ally and team-supporter.

    However, though she fiercely believes in her cause, she questions her loyalty and her self…and can only just resist questioning the system, too.

    Biography: Her mother was a Common Efrafan doe, and father an Integrator from the Flats. Cloudmine is the eldest daughter of seven. Until she came of age, she and her siblings, parents, and grandparents shared a crowded home in the Lower City, under the 2nd Hindquarter Mark of Captain Gruhain.

    In the Lower City, leverets learn to tussle and scrap, and the worship of the Kindly Ones: Goliad, Ruhliad, Atmos, and the Moon Rabbit. Though worship of Frith has long since been outlawed, folktales and artwork of Him and Elhrairah still circulated in the lower castes (and even some families still did, in secret). Cloudmine received her Lapine name "Canyon-in-the-Clouds" at birth, and then her Efrafan translation: "Cloudmine" at her doe-hood ceremony. When the Officers came to round up new blood for the Arena, she, and any other young buck and doe of age, (including a few of her siblings and cousins), were taken.

    Cloudmine was chosen from among a pawful of others by Goliad, the Kindly Keeper of Wisdom, and "re-birthed" as a warrior of the lowest rank in His temple, and given the traditional name "Alagosdir". Honored and terrified to receive such a spiritual elevation, Cloud vowed to train as hard as she could to keep that honor with her family. The longer and harder she fights, the better she can help her family. She must allow no wealth to pass through her own paws; every gold piece must go to finding them a better place to live, and better food and medicine.

    Once a playful, bright, and happy young doe that dreamed of a peaceful life, love, and family of her own, Cloud has matured into an adult fighter that can never let on her true feelings, nor give in to them. Goliad forbids marriage or childbirth in his does and bucks; and should she ever love or grow too attached to a comrade, things would only be all the worse. Watching them die and laying them to rest for so long has made her facade an unsympathetic one, and she does her best to shut out the others and focus on Goliad's teachings.

    Alignment: Efrafan. Good, neutral.

    Occupation: Gladiator (Goliad)

    *In Efrafan tradition, carrying the mark of this particular God - especially of TKO - permits wisdom and creativity, and access to certain sectors and wealth; but it also forbids marriage or childbirth from the wearer, as long as they remain enslaved to the arena. If a Wisdom-fighter survives for an extended period of time, only an Efrafan Chief or Owslafa may claim him or her, and thus free them from the ring.

    Of the Kindly Ones, Goliad is an Owl.

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