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  • Welcome one an all. I bet you a here to learn about the current story arc that is going on a RL. Well I hope I can answer all your questions.

    I will try to keep this post updated as much as a can so no one will get lost on who is who what is what and whats happening.

    Basically, one of the Juska warlords had the stone in his possession and was using it to cause the smartest vermin to act without question and his weakest vermin to act without fear. Ultimate, unquestioning loyalty. The problem was that it wasn't the warlord that they were following. It was the stone.  A rat called Saula was controled by the stone that the warlord used him over and over again as a thief/spy/assassin. Saula wasn't smart or brave or strong, but the stone never let him forget instructions. He was flawless so long as the warlord was detailed in her instructions.  Eventually, Saula become addicted to the Stone, his master. Over time, after many uses, the line between the soul of the rat and the power of the stone become blurred.   
    Our story starts here: Fabiana stole the Fated Stone of Saula, which in turn Saula stole the stone from the grave of Wildgrass? mate becasue his master died and Saula, as said above, depends on the stone. Saula then sets out to tracks down Fabiana and the stone. He knows that she will kill him if she knows who he is or what he wants. He also doesn't want to reach Redwall, because he is convinced that he will never get the stone. Fabiana ends up catching Saula and demands Saula to lead her to Redwall so she can figure out the stone, Saula agrees, seeing in the future a chance to steal the stone back. Fabiana then runs into KayLee on the path and then into Card in the church and the whole group gets attacked by Juska's clan and they flee to redwall.They all make it to Redwall and Juska's clan is outside the walls and negotiations are made, Juska's clan agrees to four days time. Tessa, Bradley, Oliver and Jessie are limited knowledge about the stone since Fabiana collapsed and didn't give them the full story.Fabiana is then questioned and we learn more about the stone, how it can CONTROL creatures to do the masters bidding and how she came to Redwall to learn how to destroy it or get rid of it, because its far to dangerous to have around, even tho it bridges from the death to the afterlife.The group heads to the library to find out more info about the stone, this is where Saula hatches a plan to steal the stone from Fabiana and the opportunity comes when Juskas clan sneaks into Redwall but it fail miserably and Saula flees with them but doesn't have the stone. He begins to amass an army using the vermin outside Redwall, be builds weapons and war machines, then lays siege to the Abbey four days after the attack and One of the walls collapses and Vermin invade, and all Redwallers flee into the ruins of Kotir that is part of Redwall. (read Mossflower)

    Character so far in the Story Arc:

    Bradley Steelwall-Abby Champion
    Oliver Swiftstream
    Fabiana Arratay- Keeper of the stone
    Tessa Streamlily- Captain of the Guards
    Jessie Streamlily
    Card the Adventerous
    KayLee Saylor
    Saula- Rat who wants the stone
    Chief Wildgrass- Juska's Clan leader
    Fiasco- Feral Cat-adopted son of Wildgrass-Taggerung
    Jirri Korr- juska clan
    "Rheda- Marlfox Vixen-adviser to Wildgrass


    This story Arc is open to everyone who wants to join, all you have to do is shoot me, TJ, a message saying you want to join and I"ll let you know when is a good time to join. (WE don't want a ton of people joining and then not having a part in the story arc)

    I"m open to story arc ideas from everyone here, if you think it should go this way or that way let me know, I am always looking for input on the story arc to make it better so everyone is included.

    Started a seperate RPG and want to merge it in to the main story arc? That is allowed also, all you have to to is send me a summary of the RPG and I can work in where that RPG can fall into place and the characters get included in the story arc.

    Don't hesitate to message each other in the story arc about your characters. IF you are planning the death of your character by another character, talk it out over RPG and then play it in the story arc, or if you a a member are working together then great! Planning on after this story arc is done to put it in the archives/history.

    Sorta running out of things…so in a nutshell, questions, you can post here or message me, 🙂

    Story Arc Administrator

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