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  • Hiyas. Me name's Jetfang, and these are my characters!  🙂

    My characters:
    I shall call Jetfang, Jetblade and Jetwing my Triad.

    Name: Jetfang (male)

    Species: Otter

    Age: 19 in human comparison.

    Appearance: Jetfang is the average height and weight for an otter his age. He has light brown fur, with darker fur on his back. Though no scars show, he has been in many tough situations, fighting against wandering bands of vermin, so he looks like an average otter. He likes to wear a simple light brown tunic and a rope belt, and a necklace; the string is made from the fur of his grandmother (a seer of sorts) and precious stones with holes drilled through them (somehow) hung on it.

    Background: Jetfang lived with his family; a mother, father and a younger sister. Two seasons ago, urged by his young instincts of adventure, he left the small den he lived in and wandered Mossflower every since, helping others here and there fight against other vermin bands. He is the 1st and leader of Triad.

    Preferred Weapons: Jetfang had learned archery well and fast, and now he is a sort of professional at it. He also uses a dirk too. He has trouble with large weapons such as claymores, so he prefers lighter weapons. His longbow is a light weapon, made from a branch of an ancient yew tree*. He calls it "Hy Brasail" which means 'paradise' or something like that.

    Acrobatic abilities: Jetfang can do a single somersault in mid-air, but not continuously. He can perform a variety of maneuvers underwater, as typical of an otter.

    Weaknesses: Aromas of delicious food cooking. Not good at fighting in confined, closed spaces. He deeply cares for his friends so if one of them is hurt or is possibly killed, the emotional scars left will not heal quickly, leaving him in depression.

    Other abilities: Jetfang is starting to develop his skills in blacksmithing. He's not good at cooking, and weaving, and cleaning thoroughly. Wood-making is not a specialty. He has natural sense of duty, though he can be lazy sometimes. His empathic ability that is common of the Triad is the ability to sense a person's mood and the consequences of those actions.

    Personality: Quick and agile. He has a good sense of humor, and tends to mock-joke a lot. Usually light-hearted, though he doesn't show it, but can sometimes be dead serious when everyone else thinks otherwise. He also has a innate sense of command and is usually calm and collected.

    Name: Jetwing (male)

    Species: Sparrow

    Age: Young (sorry, don't know how old sparrows can actually get.)

    Appearance: Dark brown feathers, with a large, reddish-brown tail-feather thing. Has a sharp beak, which he uses as a weapon.

    Background: Jetwing is originally from the Sparra Kingdom. He left when he was young, perhaps only four seasons old. After he left, he wandered Mossflower, gaining wisdom and friends. He is the 2nd member of Triad.

    Preferred Weapons: A strange mechanical device that clamps around Jetwing's wings. These are very light, and are no hindrance to flight. Several throwing knives are equipped under them, which are easily thrown by a powerful flap of the wing (must be very powerful). They can also be used as melee weapons. This makes him look like a living airplane.

    Acrobatic abilities: Not much on land, but in air, can do twirls and dives and others, as typical of a bird of flight.

    Weaknesses: Sometimes, his metallic device on his wings can get in the way. Has a fear of small, dark tunnels, usually mole's.

    Other abilities: He can detect different flora just by looking at them for some time, proving his success in Herblore. He can sometimes read your mind too, somehow. His empathic ability that is common of the Triad is the ability to sense one's thoughts and guess their following actions.

    Personality: The more quieter of Triad. He usually keeps to himself. He's kind and caring, and gentle to those who needs help, unless of course, they don't deserve it. Has a sense of justice.

    Name: Jetblade

    Species: Squirrel

    Age: (in human years:) 28

    Appearance: Orange-brown fur, with a large muscular tail. Well-built and has a strong frame, though slightly slim. Wears a light faded green tunic with a rope belt  and usually a gray brown cloak.

    Background: Jetblade was used to be known as Rakii when he was young. He lived in Redwall Abbey for a couple seasons and left when he was young. Growing up in Mossflower, he met Jetfang and Jetwing. He then became the 3rd and final member of Triad.

    Preferred Weapons: A pair of long, light swords, single bladed. He also has a spare wooden pole behind his back, tied by a rope belt that went over the shoulder.

    Acrobatic abilities: Can perform high jumps. He can is also a great Tree-Whiffler, as typical of squirrels.

    Weaknesses: He loses his temper easily, when he gets mocked, but he knows the difference between a friendly tease to a harsh insult. Hates cleaning, unless he's cleaning himself or his weapons. He also complains a lot too and is picky, especially when it comes to food.

    Other abilities: He knows how to tie a rope, tightening it with such force you could get your hand cut off if he ties a rope 'round your wrist. Also good at fishing. His empathic ability that is common of the Triad is the ability to sense the history of a person by reading the person's actions.

    Personality: A care-free beast. He likes to eat a lot with a healthy appetite, but he doesn't get fat. He has a short-temper, and is usually argumentative. He usually complains a lot and does not like to do everything himself, but is a reliable person.

    Name: Luna

    Species: Shrew

    Age: 16 years old in human comparison

    Appearance: A pretty shrewmaid. She doesn't have spiky fur, like all other shrews, but long fur that's sleek and smooth. White-silver furred. She has blue eyes. Normal height for her age. Thin looking.

    Background: Luna is the daughter of two Guosim shrews. Her mother decided to stay in Redwall Abbey to raise Luna. Her father continued to stay with the Guosim. She grew up in Redwall Abbey since.

    Preferred Weapons: Luna is not a fighting beast. Though if the need arises, she can use Guosim rapiers expertly.

    Acrobatic abilities: She can dance and do certain magic tricks while balancing or sorts.

    Weaknesses: Horrible looking things, foul-smelling objects. Easily trusts vermin who can act very well.

    Other abilities: She's known for her cooking prowess when it comes to something considering bread. Her recipes include a variety of bread, including scones, oat bread, nutbread, ryebread etc. She makes delicious cheese sandwiches.

    Personality: She speaks very softly, so she's not very good at public announcements. She enjoys traveling around Mossflower every few days, but she always returns to Redwall Abbey. She's good-natured and has sensible logic. She is trustworthy, but she thinks others are too, even vermin if they can act enough.

    Name: Urrkurr (Urrk)

    Species: Mole

    Age: 20 years in human comparison.

    Appearance: Dark black velvety fur. Average weight. Slightly taller than other moles. Strong muscled arms and short stubby but powerful legs.

    Background: Urrk was born with two other siblings; triplets. Their parents died when protecting them from vermin raiders. Urrk and his siblings were only 5 seasons old by then. Traveling around Northlands, they were found by an old hedgehog who took them in and cared for them until they were old enough. One of his brothers stayed behind to take care for the old hedgehog. Urrk and his other brother traveled down south in search of excitement and adventure. They were attacked by a band of weasels and ferrets, when they first entered Mossflower. They were captured, but a Long Patrol patrol unit saved them, though their plan went into pieces. Two brave hares died, and Urrk's brother too, but the vermin band was eradicated from existence. Urrk traveled alone after parting with the Long Patrol and found his way to Redwall Abbey, where he stayed there, sometimes wondering around Mossflower.

    Preferred weapons: A quarterstaff which he carries everywhere, a hidden saber he sometimes brings along and a pipe to blow poisoned darts with.

    Weaknesses: Heights and staying on water too long.

    Personality: Urrk only has a faint mole accent, with a mix of Highland accent. He is good-mannered, but gets impatient and angry easily. He loves to read books, especially ones about war and fighting. He loves eating bread or any food with bread. He likes hotroot pepper a lot, and also sweet things.

    The 3 Musketeers are usually together, though they also tend to split and travel around Mossflower by themselves or with others.

    Well that is all, a very long post.

    *The Hy Brasail is made of a branch of an ancient yew tree, planted around the time of Abbot Mordalfus. The tree is only known by a small band of otters and squirrels, where Jetfang was born in. The yew wood is extremely durable and well seasoned. If it has no bowstring, it can be used as a giant boomerang, walking stick or quarterstaff.

  • Hey, looks fine to me. Welcome, matey. ^_^

  • Thank ee's. If I see fit, I might add or update the profile sometimes. 😉

  • Coo'. If you do, be sure to make a post saying you did. I wouldn't want to miss anything. ^_^

  • I changed younger daughter to younger sister because Jetfang doesn't have any kids yet! I was meaning to say it was a sister.

  • Only two real critiques:

    1. A bow made from driftwood would be, in use, horrible.  Even yew found adrift is too brittle after floating on the ocean to be of any good use.  IF you're lucky enough to find wood in a semi-usable state, it will decay too quickly to be of any real use in combat.

    2. While the Musketeers are great heroes of legend, Redwall doesn't have the technology level to even begin to conceive of the term.  Without muskets, it's rather hard to have Musketeers.

  • He is using Musketeer to be used to describe the swordsmen that protected the king of France. The idea of his characters reflects on that idea.

  • Seth, the musketeers ala The Three Musketeers are no where near accurate to what a REAL musketeer did while serving in Mousquetaires de la Garde.  In truth, there is little sallying and swashbuckling in the King's Royal Guards.

    Oh, and yes, I'm a rather large military history buff.  The musketeers were one of the first concepts of mechanized infantry (they fought both on foot and via horseback).

  • I know, but I thought that some of the musketeers were swordsman. (Though I admit that I never did fully understand the whole "Musketeers" thing)

  • shakes head The sword was not the main weapon of the musketeer.  However, muskets of the time were typically an arduous thing to reload, so they would typically either ride in, fire, and ride out, or they would have some swordsmanship to accompany their musket skill for after their first shot.

  • Well, what can I call them, then? The Three People?

    Oh, and the bow was made of a floating stick of seawood. No one knows what kind of wood it is. Maybe 'tis a magical wood imbued by strange materials and stones. I think I've seen something like that somewhere before …

  • Creativity is part of role-play.  I chose that Janissaries as my little 'group' after reading up on them, and there's plenty of other styles of small, elite units.  Insert Name Here Guard, Rangers, Lancers, etc.  If you need some ideas of just fictional usage:

    As to the bow, there's no magic here in Redwall, so that possibility is out.  And, again, without proper preservative treating (which I doubt Redwall has the technology for), the wood would begin to decompose rather quickly.  I'd wager maybe one or two shots before the thing breaks.

  • Ah well, what can you do?

  • I dunno, Cyber. Considering you have a grim reaper wandering around Mossflower, it doesn't exactly seem like you're in a position to criticize his choice of name.  😉 😞 It's just a name, after all. Of course, I do agree on the driftwood bow…

  • Case in point, Orion. Sometimes, I do tend to get a little overzealous… >.>;;; Besides, it's fantasy. chuckles Well, just don't mind me if I call one of them d'Artagnan on accident... :3

  • Okay, maybe I should just change the driftwood into something more interesting then.

  • Ashwood maybe? Obsidian (expensive, stiff and unrealistic so forget that). Ummm…............................... . . . Maybe... um... um...
    ... Seasoned yew?

  • Yup, already done that. sighs

    Wish there were metal bows or something.

  • You could use one made from bone and sinew, that's technologically realistic.  Modern compound and synthetic bows, however, are not.

    Keep in mind that such a bow would likely need some sort of back story as to how it came into your possession.

  • Which bow? The yew one that I have now, or the synthetic bows you were talking 'bout?

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