Character Form:

Nickname: Crimsoncloak

Name: Adwernal Bloodcloak

Species: Mongoose

Gender: Male

Age: 48

Appearance: Blackened Fur, red eyes

Height: Standard.

Description: Member of the former Eradaukh Imperium ranked at the level of Overlord commanding a sizable horde of bloodthirsty Eradaukh Imperium troops. Adwernal Bloodcloak was raised in the under-fortress of Itahkingrad and developed like most of the other mongooses. His eyes are red from the bloodwrath induced by the shamans fortifying his strength and pain tolerance however he is unusual from most in that he still thinks rather well despite his blood lust.

Possessions: Black armor with spiked pauldrons containing glowing crimson colored stones and a horned helmet. A large quad serrated bladed mace that also can act as a spear with the long spike on top of it.


  • Resistant to pain
  • High Strength


  • Lacks ranged weapons
  • Aggressive judgement
  • Blood Wrath can cloud his thoughts at times

Personality: Hateful of anything that isn't a mongoose Adwernal Bloodcloak like all others of the Imperium wants to kill everything that isn't of his kind. Despite this however he will form temporary alliances with light crawlers for one reason and one reasons only, to shed the blood of other light crawlers. Since the Imperium has been forced into the underground killing doesn't happen much so he'll grab every opportunity he gets.

Character Attributes/Personality :Adwernal
Curiosity: High
Imagination: Medium
Ambition: High
Education: Medium
Prejudices: Yup
Alertness: Medium
Ability to Reason: Low
Generosity: Low
Reliability: Medium
Excited: Medium
Content: Low
Lonely: Not
Nervous: Not

Personality scarring event: He's a member of the Eradaukh Imperium do you need moar?

Expend-ability (0-10): 9001 … 10