Trails of Blood story arc

  • -  Goodbeast who finds the note left by Juniper and Kaylee and warns the abbey.

    • Goodbeast(s) who come from the abbey to help
    • Leader of the tribe of rats
    • other tribal member(s)

    I'd say the goodbeasts that warn the abbey and come to help also need a reason for being around, other than to simply stop the rituals. For instance, maybe someone left a research tome on the tribes and finds that what they're doing isn't just for giggles, and from that, maybe come to a solution or alternative; maybe someone else's home and lives are at risk from simply being in the area while all of this goes down. Or maybe the Juska just need to be slain. (Lots of maybes!)

    To keep things simple, I'd use just the Juska tribes exclusively under the Pike banner…they're unspecified, leaving anyone else free to make up the clan, symbols, culture, and hierarchies and all that.

    (Quick J-clan template, for future reference:

    Nation Banner: (Pike, Spider, Adder, Owl)

    Clan name:




    Symbol/Sigil:  )

  • Maybe we don't need anything from the abbey at all.  We could make Kaylee and Juniper come across a village where creatures are worried about the rats and then they help the villagers come together to defend themselves.  A lot of other things could happen in a story like that.

  • So many maybes! So glad we got this ball rolling! (You guys are the best.) Would two goodbeasts, one of them presumably non-violent, take the chance or the risk of having the villagers fight the most powerful Juska group under the Pike banner, instead of evacuating them?

  • Depends on how stupid they are.  :P

  • Well…alrighty then :P

  • This is looking interesting.  I think I'll join with one of my characters.  @Tehrag:

    Depends on how stupid they are.  :P

    Or depends on how defensible the village is.

  • You joining the RP, Skor?  : D

  • Not sure if this is much of a help but knowledge of the Jusk and there position under the pike banner is a bit of information which would have to be available to the villager to be a factor in there strategy. If they simply don't understand who they are dealing with its easy to just think the other village got taken by surprise. Also defenders generally have an advantage, particularly if they circle the wagons so to speak. Vikings weren't really defeated or repelled historically by force of arms but by the sharp increase of fortifications inland from the rivers that negated there preferred tactic of swift raids near rivers. Individual strength of skill doesn't count for a hell of a lot when there's a wall between you and who you want kill is raining down buckets of rocks on your skull.

  • Sure i'll join with my river character.

  • How about you, Riversong? ^.^


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