Briggs-Myers Personality Test

  • While some people on this site are just starting out, others are more experienced and wish for other ways to mix up their characters.

    This is a great tool to use when you brainstorm up a new creature. This test only takes about 15 min. or so and will help you figure out how you want to portray your character in a way that doesn't seem boring. All characters have their own personality and if you step outside of that, it becomes a little confusing.

    Take a few minutes, experiment with this a little bit. You can also find personality bio's all over the internet and some of them are quite interesting.

    As a person, I am an ESFP. I am prone to very rash and spontaneous decisions, but love to entertain. A very strong people person. I have a weakness for being a little bit too free in speech and am quite the procrastinator.

    My claim to fame is that, in theory, Fred and George from the HP series are also ESFP's.  ::)

    (Quick Note: When you take this test, it is important to take it not how you WISH to be, but how you actually are. otherwise the test results won't be quite as accurate.)


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