Juska Nation (The Four Chieftains)

  • **A quick note:**The Juska characters that I play came out of an old fic I wrote (which is why there's such an emphasis of them). The setting was several years after "Taggerung", where it was assumed that the Juska, being huntsbeasts and social, moved to southern Mossflower and Southsward to avoid the abbey and Salamandastron's armies.

    The Juska Nations

    The Juska are comprised of four major groups, supposedly chosen by the Four Deadly Gods:

    Juskasen - the Pike People - all clans and tribes under the Pike banner live near water and monopolize on fishing and trade (and transportation/boat-building).

    Juskamar - the Spider Tribe - the most savage banner, that was once mostly huntsbeasts and warriors; as of late, with growing numbers, they monopolize on the slave trade, harvested crops, and weapons-making. In their lust for power in conquering the other nations, they have caused a grave imbalance.

    Juskamori* - the Adder Folk - a matriarchal society, currently led by the Destroyer**. They made a profit in farming until the Juskamar incorporated slaves, so instead they are traders of medicinal herbs and methods, poisons, jewelry, and spiritual artifacts.

    Juskashae - The Owl Clan - the most spiritually-aware, made up of mainly of assassins, thieves, and dream-walkers. The Juskashae have no true allegiance to any one clan, claiming that they receive their orders to kill, breed, and speak directly from their gods.

  • Nickname: The Rat King

    Full Name: Ilsen Seghesen Juskasen

    Species: rat

    Description: a fearsome-looking rat of impressive stature, and bright green eyes. Wears a ceremonial headdress made of an enemy's pelt, feathers, and shaped pike bones. Bears the black markings of the Pike Clan on his face, and, since he is the Leader, four blue bands of paint all over the body.

    Blind in one eye.

    Possessions: The Leader's headdress and tattoos, bone-sword, pipe-bone breastplate. Twelve wives, assorted wealth.

    Strengths: Ilsen is renowned for his bravery in battle and hard, but fair rule. Likewise, he is a cunning rat, that utilizes planning and patience in his strategy. A close-follower of Juska Law.

    Weaknesses: leans too heavily on tradition; stubborn, egotistical, and doesn't like to admit when he's wrong. Also, plays favorites with his children, which eventually lead to disastrous consequences in the case of Altan and Furan.

    Personality: a traditionalist; hard, strict, and no-nonsense.

    Background: Ilsen earned the title of "Rat King" after the defeat of a non-Juska horde-leader. The submitting army integrated into the Juskasen ranks, and many, seeing the way he handled the extra numbers, supplies, and territory, compared his leadership to that of a king, instead of just another Juska Boss.

    Ilsen's group was the first to successfully obtain "the Crow".

    Ilsen fathered a Taggerung, Altan, that was unexpectedly slain in combat by the Destroyer*. It was presumably the last Taggerung, too, and the future leader of the Pike People; Hazel has since become the next in line. Ilsen mourned the loss of his first-born so deeply that it caused him to often neglect his other children (Cloud especially), and obsess over Hazel's training and Crow's retrieval and upbringing.

    Ilsen has a total of 23 legitimate children to the clan.

    Age: middle-aged

    Alignment: bad, neutral

    Job: The Leader of the Juskasen

  • Nickname: Fire-Boar Endmar

    Full Name: Ranganu Endmar Juskamar

    Species: pine marten

    Description: A solid, intimidating chieftain marked with the tribal tattoos of Mar-mar (the Boar, a war spirit) and the Spider. Wears the ceremonial leader's headdress of an enemy's pelt, attached to a decorated skull, painted red.

    Is notably the youngest-looking of the Four Leaders, and the least-featured. Underneath the paint and tattoos, Endmar would probably be the least conspicuous, average-joe-of-a-weasel you could find.

    Possessions: a burnt broadsword, the mark of his leadership; seven wives, assorted finery and wealth; a necklace of enemy incisors. The slave trade.

    Strengths: When it comes to brute force and tendency to berserk, Endmar is unmatched. He is a savage warrior and fearsome leader, that commands both fear and respect from his people. Presumably the youngest of the Four. A smooth talker and charismatic persona.

    Weaknesses: His arrogance and lust for power blinds him from the Juska Law, and the needs of his people. Many have remarked that he's become more of a horde-leader than a clan-leader, in the way he punishes his followers and deserters.

    Was born with a crippled left leg, that he hides, for fear of this weakness being exploited.

    Personality: Arrogant, power-hungry, and the most-likely to go mad. Likes to incorporate new techniques and deviate from tradition, something that not many of the veterans agree with, despite the advances in technology and warfare, but the newer generation truly adores.

    Background: [pending] Wants to collapse the four nations and unite them under the Spider Banner. He argues that the new world is dawning, and the old gods are laying down to die; and through his speeches and charisma, has managed to turn many Juska to his side.

    Age: about middle-aged

    Alignment: bad, neutral

    Job: Leader of the Juskamar

  • Nickname: Destroyer-Queen Ulamori / Mother Mori

    Full Name: Ulamori Itahn'i Juskatahn'i

    Species: fox

    Description: The tallest, and oldest, Juska leader. An elderly, silver-furred vixen bearing the markings of the Juskatahn'i chieftain. Serving under the Adder, she wears their more traditional color of attire: bare above the waist, long kilt and forest-green sashes pinned by a mole's skull. Wears a ceremonial cloak of woven grass. Flax bracelets of small shells.

    Upper arms and upper thighs bear parallel horizontal stripes, like the Juskasen clan, and, in similar fashion, her status as chieftain allows her four per limb.

    Opts out of wearing the headdress.

    Possessions: hatchet, small round shield. Later, wields a raided saber.

    Strengths: the "Otma", or "Destroyer". Was once a leader of frightening strength and cunning. Allegedly born the Taggerung of the era, she possessed great skill and wisdom. Her position as leader to this day is unchallenged and unquestioned; her connection to nature and the spirits allow her to, like Crow, "see" in another Way, on another plane of thought and physicality. Her loyalty to her clan is unshakable.

    Weaknesses: No one is certain exactly how old the Queen is. Queen Mori, though she ages well, has seen more seasons than it seems - and its catching up to her. She's become less inclined to battle than in her younger, savage days, and prefers now to avoid it if she can.

    Other Clans, who have not always agreed with the ways of the Adder Laws, plot amongst themselves, and rare for an attack - so that they too might have a chance at becoming the next Otma.

    Personality: Mori is strong, cunning, skilful, and wise. She is also very old: she has seen much battle and pain and suffering over her many years as Otma and Taggerung, as a Chieftain. Once a fearsome, awesome warrior of frightening savagery, she is now more relaxed, and prefers to avoid bloodshed, under the belief that there is a heavy responsibility to her powers and station, one that not just anyone can manage. When she kills in a fight, she does so now only as a last resort.

    Quiet and composed, unwavering loyalty to her people. She is much like a mother or grandmother figure to her clan.

    Background: Ulamori Itahn'i was born a Taggerung to the Juskakann, and named after both the Moon Goddess, Itahn'a, and the White Oak Spirit, Morikem.

    Mori was a special case among the Juska, something of an anomaly amongst Taggerungs before being named "the Destroyer", or "Otmarrung", at birth by every Clan Seer on the night of the new moon. Mori has lived up to an unusual occurrence: of other Taggerungs appearing in her lifetime, she has slain them all. She is the first (and presumably the last) to ever succeed at this task, since only one Taggerung can exist at a time. This ability has been deemed to be a spiritual one, therefore, beasts speculate that it's the reason she keeps her questionable age and experience: she could be 'something else' entirely. Mori refuses to name her clan "Juskazann", because in her eyes, it is misleading and unfair.

    In her younger, brutal days, the Adder Faction attempted to bring down the other Nations, much the same as the Spider banner would under Endmar, many years later. Born and bred to conquer, Ulamori very-nearly succeeded in her conquest of the Nations AND Mossflower. She is directly responsible for the lack of other Taggerung, the annihilation of many clans and villages of both woodlander and vermin alike, and the genocide of the clans under the Owl banner. Harboring a deep distaste for malebeasts, and a bare tolerance for anything other than fellow foxes, she would free and adopt Juska and non-Juska vixens and kits that had lost their mates and families, and force them under her rule - thereby creating the only true matriarchal nation of all four, 95% populated by females.

    Mori is the reluctant slayer of Ilsen's first son, Zann Altan Juskasen, her final Taggerung.

    As of late, Destroyer-Queen Ulamori has become the peace-seeker instead of the slayer. In time, she adopted "Mother Mori", for being known for her unusual mercy and loyalty to the enemy and prey.

    Her daughters are about middle-aged, and they and her granddaughters serve as a special rank of warrior-class amongst the tribe. (Her youngest granddaughter, Tiima (Ash Thorn), befriends Crow and Hazel.)

    Curiously enough, none of her children or grandchildren are Taggerung or Taggering*. They are certainly skilled warriors…but not one yet has been born Taggerung or Otma. Ulamori believes that the title, like always, will eventually occur in a different beast, depending on when he or she is needed.

    Her followers have affectionately given her the title "Queen Mori" or "Mother Mori".

    Age: ?? Elderly ??

    Alignment: neutral

    Job: The undisputed leader of the Juskatahn'i, and former Destroyer of Nations

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    I appreciate how your profiles are so in depth and they aren't the same old, same old. You change them up.

  • reviews profiles Huh, it DOES sound really similar. O_o (I wonder if the makers of the series read my fic before they made the show - written in 2002 xD) The idea of the Juska Nations was actually based on this mashup between the ancient Mayans, the Celts, and the Reachmen from Skyrim o_O What a weird coincidence!

    Four elemental nations with Fire trying to take over the others by way of advanced war-tech and Naziesque regime, and one guy to bring balance between them all GODDANGITWHATHENUTS. DX

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