Braelyan Swiftstream

  • Nickname: Brae
    Full Name: Braelyan Swiftstream
    Species: River Otter
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Goodbeast
    Job: Fisher

    Description: Brae is a lean, sturdy otter of average height. Like most other river otters, his fur is on the darker side of brown but for his chin, chest, neck, and around his eyes, where it is very light brown, almost cream-colored. His eyes far surpass his fur in darkness, such a dark brown that they often appear black, which can make him quite intimidating at times. He wears only a red tunic, held up at his trim waist thanks to a woven rope belt left to him by his father, and prefers going bare chested.

    Possessions: Brae wears a necklace, one that his mother made for him long ago. Like his belt, it's made of woven rope, though thinner, and samples three teeth from a pike, each tooth an inch from the one beside it. Brae has never taken this off, nor does he plan to.
    He also carries around two curved daggers, one tucked into each side of his belt.

        Strong Swimmer - The simple fact of the matter is, Brae is an otter, practically born and raised in the water. He's quick, he's graceful, and he can kick your tail.

    Strong and Quick - Being the sturdy beast he is, Brae also has enough muscle to hold his own in a fight if he can't get to his daggers. Being lean, he doesn't have too much weight to throw around, so bigger beasts would best him in a fight if he stayed still. While he probably wouldn't win a race, he wouldn't come in last place, either.

    Patient - If there's one thing a fisher must be, it's patient. Brae has spent hours on the riverside watching for fish, barely moving a muscle, eyes on the prize. This also helps him when dealing with unruly or argumentative types.

        Poor Cook - Though Brae knows more than a few recipes and knows what tastes good with what, he has never successfully cooked anything in his life. Things are either underdone or nearly burnt. This doesn't stop him from trying.

    Makes Promises He Can't Keep - Braelyan will promise someone just about anything to make them feel better, even if he knows he has no chance of making it possible. He will, of course, try his best anyway, but there are just some things one should not promise.

    Zones Out - When Brae gets lost in thought, it takes him a moment to come out of it. So, short of yelling in his ear (which is a bad idea, don't do that) or wacking him on the head (also a bad idea), the only way to get his attention is to sit down, shut up, and be patient. Or keep poking at him until he gets tired of it.

      Like all otters from his neck of Mossflower, Braelyan is friendly and cheerful. He puts his all into everything he does, from fighting to cooking, and does his best to raise others' spirits.

    However, Brae is also fiercely protective. He knows what loss feels like, how it can make somebeast feel hollowed out and empty, and has no desire to see it inflicted upon anyone else. He would have once offered up his life to save another's, but now he would rather fight to protect both himself and everyone else, so no one ever has to lose anyone again.

    Though determined and generally sunny, Brae often gets lost in thought if left to his own devices. It isn't so much that he's absent-minded or easily distracted as it is a way for him to quietly reflect upon his life, both past and present days, when he's not doing anything else.

      Braelyan is the eldest son of Toggo and Elarena Swiftstream, both of Mossflower. Toggo was a fisher by trade, and Brae followed dutifully in his father's footsteps. However, when Brae was still just a babe, he was left home with his mother. Elarena liked singing to her little otterbabe as she cooked and cleaned their small home, delighting in his rough squeak as he tried to sing along.

    Once he was old enough, Brae loved followed his father to the river, and took to fishing instantly. He was a proficient swimmer almost immediately, and Toggo began taking trips down to the riverside just so the young otter could play in the water.

    He was 10 when life changed drastically for young Braelyan. There was a new otterbabe in the house, Keetoo, and Elarena doted on her new son. Like when Brae was a babe, Toggo left Elarena and the new babe at home and went to fish, though this time Brae went with him. They still took time to swim together, challenging each other to races until sunset, and only then would the soaked otters head back home.

    It wasn't to say that Brae didn't adore his little brother as much as his parents did. As soon as Keetoo could join him and their father on his fishing trips, Brae began teaching his brother how to fish, how to glide easily through the water, and even how to hide from Toggo when it was time to head home. The brothers were nearly inseparable… though it became clear that Keetoo lacked Toggo and Braelyan's patience when it came to fishing. So they began leaving him at home with Elarena again, and she taught him to cook, an ability that they had learned long ago that Brae himself didn't possess. Not for lack of trying, of course.

    One day, Toggo and Brae decided to go out further, to see if they could find a better fishing spot. Keetoo, of course, voted to remain behind with his mother, so Toggo and Brae packed up enough vittles to last them a few days and set out. Elarena crafted them both necklaces for luck, winding three pike teeth into each one.

    The duo were indeed lucky, finding a far better spot about a day's walk from home, but for some reason, none of the fish were biting. Toggo abandoned his fishing rod, choosing instead to use his body to his advantage, and dove into the little lake.

    He never resurfaced.

    Brae dove in once he realized that his father wasn't returning, but hours of searching gave him no clue what had happened. The only thing he found was his father's necklace, at the very bottom. So Brae climbed from the lake and gathered their things, beginning the journey home.

    The remainder of the Swiftstream family never found out what had taken Toggo from them, but it wasn't long before Brae felt an urge to get out of their small home, to get away from the brokenhearted expressions on his mother and brother's faces, the sight of Toggo's necklace hanging loosely around Keetoo's neck. Before he left, Elarena gave Brae his father's worn woven belt, explaining that Toggo had long since grown out of it and wanted Brae to have it.

    Braelyan was 15 when he last saw his family's faces, last felt his little brother's paws wrap tightly around his neck in a desperate hug, last heard his mother's quiet sobs. He didn't know why he had to go, but he knew he did. So Brae pulled away from Keetoo, kissed Elarena on the cheek, and headed south, to Redwall.

    It's been 8 years now that Brae has been a resident at Redwall Abbey, living a simple, peaceful life. He still fishes from time to time, and visits the kitchens to share his mother's recipes, but the cooks learned early on that Brae should under no circumstances be allowed to cook a meal himself. He's immersed himself in the life of an Abbeybeast, and isn't looking to leave any time soon.

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