Halkash, Son of Joro

  • Full Name: Halkash, Son of Joro
    Species: Wolverine
    Age: 36
    Job: Berserker
    Alignment: The Wolverine Khans

    Description: Halkash is huge, even compared to his wolverine brethren. He is a massive, bulky beast, a giant with limbs like trees. His constant devouring of flesh probably has contributed to his huge size, along with genetic mutations. He eats well, particularly protein, and so is covered in muscle. His fur is long, and a simple brown in color. His eyes are golden hazel in color, and have the crazy look in them that madbeasts have. His mouth is huge, and filled with large, sharp teeth, like the tips of many spears. They are capable of crushing metal and bone. He is covered in the furs of other beasts, of all different species. He also wears large bits of lamellar armor, and some solid pieces such as shoulder plates. Most of it is different pieces, as it is hard to make anything to fit of a beast Halkash?s size. But, along with the many layers of furs and skins, it provides excellent protection. His muzzle-fur is styled in the long mustache of the Khan?s.

    Possessions: Halkash doesn?t really need a weapon, his claws and teeth are enough for him. However, he does possess an enormous saber-shotel he wears on his back. If he ever decides he needs it, he can easily wield the enormous weapon in one paw.

    Strengths: Halkash is enormously large, strong, and powerful. He is terrifying to face in battle. He possesses a lust for blood and flesh, going into a near bloodwrath rage in combat. He will sometimes stop in the midst of battle to devourer the slain. With his layers of fur, armor, flesh, fat, and muscle he is quite hard to hurt. He can easily tear and crush foes with his teeth and claws, and is capable of eating pretty much any body parts, regurgitating those bits which he cannot digest. Halkash is rather cunning, despite his brutal nature. He has a good combat intelligence and can tell when something is up.

    Weakness: Aside from good instincts, Halkash is rather stupid. He has next to no book smarts, and only a basic grasp of reading. He has mostly gotten his own language down, but has great difficulty learning Mossflower speak. Also, his large size proves a problem in a variety of situations. Many rooms and doorways are too small for him to fit through. When on ships, he must sleep often on the deck. He has little skills outside those of battle, and is poor at diplomacy (aside from threats).

    Personality: Halkash is the strongest beast he has met, and he knows it too. He fears nobeast. He takes what he wants, when he wants it. His desires are more basic than a lot of Khanate wolverines. He has no desire for power or leadership, he is content with his father?s rule. He just wants to eat, fight, and enjoy the females. He isn?t good at maintaining conversation, as he has no interest in difficult matters or issues of ethics. Halkash enjoys the fear of others, and is always seeking out more beasts to crush and eat. During the wars against the wildcats in the North, he developed a taste for the flesh of cats. There is nothing he desires to eat more. He is frustrated that the wars have stopped, and wants more.

    Halkash was born the sixth son to Joro, Khan of the Crags. It was apparent something was wrong with Halkash, soon after he began to mature. He was large, quite large for a child, and he wanted flesh. He was never sated by vegetables. Stupid and violent, they had a hard time teaching how to talk or write. But he easily fell into the traditional ways of killing and hunting. He was alright with the weapons they gave him, but he often tossed them aside and leaped on his prey, tooth and claw. His first kill was a young boar. It was already weakened, but still an impressive feat. This illuminated Halkash?s path. A berserker, the one at the head of the charge, a destroyer. 
    Halkash never took to higher court training. All he desired was destruction and blood. He participated in battles and raids against wildcats, where he realized that cats were delicious. He could be satiated with other meat, but there was none he desired so strongly. When at home in court, Halkash proved a nuisance. Slaves and servants would disappear constantly, Halkash having eaten them in random bouts of hunger. He would constantly be messing around with his father?s concubines and mistresses, and other women of the court. It was hard to refuse a monster like Halkash, and most of the court lived in fear of him.   
    Halkash was quite oblivious of Gulfang?s plot against their father, but he knew something was up when his brother headed off to Mossflower. He had heard what Gulfang said about cats. Cats in Mossflower. Wonderful, tasty cats. Halkash asked his father?s permission to follow his brother, partially out of boredom, and because he greatly desired to taste his favorite dish again.  The Kahn agreed happily, as nobeast really wanted Halkash around the court. Plus, he could keep an eye on Gulfang if he had any ideas of betrayal. However, Joro gave him one order. Do NOT eat Hellebore.
    Halkash was a little miffed by that, but it was no matter. There were sure to be some lower ranking cats around that nobeast would miss. He set off after his brother, only a few brave (IE stupid or suicidal) beasts in tow.

    Father: Joro, Khan of the Crag
    Brother: Gulfang, Son of Joro

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