Rheda (Work In Progress = History Not Finished)

  • Full Name
    Rheda Nightlord



    Neutral though not in a good way, she has a few good morals due to being born in an arguably more "civilized" world than Mossflower, but many times they are clouded by her "just business" thought process or anger and anxiety issues.

    _Was a 'Boss' of a small private army of mercenaries and brigands that was supplied to her by her father and uncle with the keen interest of sending off to Mossflower to set up a base of operations revolving around enslavement and mining. In Jandour, slavery is illegal and private mining can only be achieved by special circumstances. The only way to mine is to be willing to pay most of what you dig up as taxes to your lords or royal family. The Nightlord family, though high in the political pecking order, did not carry such titles of weight and if they set up such operations, would have to pay taxes. Needless to say, the Nightlords simply used their criminal connections and secrecy to set up mining outside Jandour's borders. Between Jandour, The Cold Lands, The Great South Coast and Zandor, there is huge unclaimed mountainous and forested territory that used to serve as a huge battlefield in a great war. However, it has long since been left unoccupied thanks to a treaty. The war left many relics, including complete or easily repairable fortresses and castles. In the public image, the Nightlord family owned a fort typical of most rich families in Jandour, however in secret, they also owned a mountainside cave castle that housed a immense slaving and mining operation within its walls. It also housed and was guarded by a small army of AWOL soldiers, bandits who had been bribed into service and violent mercenaries who are on their payroll. They were not the only wealthy family to do this.

    Mossflower was a ripe opportunity for the Nightlord family, fresh resources to dig up and many 'savages' to enslave and best of all. Almost no type of authority to stop them from doing so at their pleasure._

    _Rheda has the typical trademarks that makes a Marlfox stand out from all other foxes. She has the pale, glimmering eyes and the silver-white coat that is heavily mottled with black and dark blue-grey. However, her physique is a rather interesting one. She has the slender and well exercised athletic look blended in with a feminine hourglass shape, this came from a lifetime of her rougeish lifestyle and being forced to constantly make use of a fashion accessory popular in some far away and foreign places by those of the same gender to fit in with the locals of such places, the corset. A garment she had disliked wearing because although she never wore it too tight and therefore never suffered effects such as the small, presistant cough often associated from wearing a corset too tightly and eventually causing the lower part of the lungs to fill with mucus, it still forced her to walk like she was suffering from rigor mortis in the back and she did not always appreciate the attention it brought to herself. Making her feel objectified and not taken seriously. On a more interesting note, Rheda is a beast with a rather uncommon trait amongst other beasts, a head full of black hair that she has styled into a neck base ponytail with only the back gathered up that reaches slightly past the shoulder blades. It is held with a simple black silk cloth.

    She also has multiple tattoos on her body and body piercings in the form of several silver stud muzzle piercings and opal earrings and also has multiple pawrings._

    _Rheda doesn't like wearing dresses and corsets, mainly because they are uncomfortable to wear and objectifying, she only ever wore such when she was younger and her father took her to family meetings and political gatherings. She most commonly wears clothing that match up more with vicious nobles and duelists. Swordsbeasts. She typically wears renaissance-style breeches and long sleeved shirts that are either dull/drab green and brown, dark green, mint green, silver or white in colour. She also wears a pair of black sealskin leather boots, a black leather fencing glove on her right hand and a black leather thigh-length, short-sleeved, (just behind the elbow) with a pretty short stand-up collar jerkin that is special made to hide small steel plates between the leather and inside canvas that is held shut with silver buckles and also wears the hooded long cloak of dull/drab green and brown weave many Marlfoxes traditionally wear no matter their place of birth, though she is known to alternate between wearing the hood, a black cavalier hat with a multicoloured plumage stuck in it and with the brims down or a heavily engraved zischagge helmet complete with a spade shaped muzzle guard that is curved in a U-shape and hinges up when she puts it on and metal fin-like crests for added cosmetic appeal. When in a fight, she also wears a hybrid between a leather gauntlet with steel plating and an all steel vambrace with spikes sticking out of it, which allows her to 'catch' bladed weapons and push them aside for an opening for a counter attack or deliver a vicious left hook or sucker punch.

    She has multiple weapons hanging from her elaborate belt, frog and baldric. These come in the form of a unremarkable side-sword thats only unique feature was the serrated blade that is commonly used by Cold Land beasts, and a sterling silver swept hilt rapier with a polished steel flamberge blade. She also keeps a short-guard stiletto dagger hidden on her person should she ever find dire need of it. A prized possession beside her cloak is her last weapon, a fearsome example of an ax made out of polished engraved steel and fitted with a handle made out of red ironwood from the South Desert Peninsula. It had a broad, bearded single blade and a armor piercing backspike with a head that had langets and a belt hook._

    _Rheda's experience with the dirty dealings of both the criminal underworld and high class political society make her a thinker, an intelligent strategist who takes the time to think up and choose the most profitable and efficient plan to guarantee things will go her way. This also makes her a very manipulative, diplomatic and charismatic creature. Capable of convincing beasts to see and take her side of an argument or suggestion and let things go they way she wants it to go.

    She is also a master with the weapons she carries around and can quickly draw any of them when the situation calls for any of them to be used. She knows the strengths and limitations to all of them and knows which weapon is best suited for which opponent. The proof of this comes from the lack of scars she has and the lack of any severe trauma that a defeat and near death experience would have most certainly brung about if it had happened before.

    Like all members of the Marlfox race, Rheda can be naturally very stealthy and can easily hide herself with that large hooded cloak. All marlfoxes are also known to have magical stealth capabilities and are horribly feared by many beasts because of this. Marlfoxes are magical creatures capable of vanishing without a trace and Rheda is no exception to this rule._

    _Can suffer anxiety issues if things somehow don't go her way on a subject that can mean the difference between life and death. Causing her to get excited and freak out, her frantic and slightly high pitched screams and yelling also have the downside of basically informing her allies that things are going arse up and causing morale to immediately hit rock bottom harder than a baby bird falling out of a nest and smacking a stone head first and also informing her enemies that they have the upper paw. She also does this when berating other beasts when they fail to do their part or otherwise screw up badly. Though there can also be the chance that anger along with anxiety sets in and her voice becoming a low pitched and through gritted teeth stream of venomous words and insults at the competence of said failure.

    She also tends to underestimate the natives of Mossflower, seeing them as either idiot savages or easily manipulated civilized wannabes. Rheda finds herself easily frustrated by the lack of any immense civilization in Mossflower and often has her patience tested by the natives that make up much of this existence, especially their accents such as vermin and mole speak, which she has difficulty understanding.

    Despite this being pretty much a assassin or rouge stereotype, Rheda is actually a rather poor shot with most ranged weaponry including bows and arrows, she never found much need to ever use them considering her kind being so naturally and magically stealthy. The only ranged weapon she is a decent shot at is with a crossbow and lets face it, you'd have to be the most pathetic creature in the world to fail at hitting anything with a crossbow. She was also an ok throw with axes, but she was never as good as her brothers were at throwing axes, she was terrible at throwing almost anything else such as javelins though._

    _Rheda has the personality of a sophisticated assassin who has spent a good portion of her life neck deep in politics thanks to her father, studying war strategy under a mercenary leader uncle and being raised as a typical marlfox by them and the rest of her family. When in a foul or sarcastic mood, she is a hard nosed and venomous debater who doesn't hesitate to aim below the belt to win arguments and get her way. When in a good mood, she is manipulative and charismatic, often using logic and reassuring methods such as having better ideas to cause beasts to see things her way and take her side. This also makes her a magnificent liar with a near flawless poker face when required.

    Being a marlfox means she has both learned and instinctive knowledge on stealth, tracking and stalking. She is also capable of quickly noticing the daily habits and routines of most beasts should she have to stay with them for extended periods of time and when she needs to find them, she usually can fairly quickly. Sometimes her inherited mastery of said subjects cause her to surprise other beasts or scare them because she rarely makes any noise when she approaches them and is not even trying to sneak up on them.

    Although she is hardly a general, she is well knowledged in war, thanks to her uncle who had a long and successful career of being a mercenary leader fighting border skirmishes between the natives of his home Jandour and the foebeasts who live in the Cold Lands.

    Despite all of this, she can have severe anxiety issues when things don't go her way or when other beasts screw up and typically makes this known with frantic yelling/screaming and frustrated growling, she also may nervously pace and pull on her own ears. (She's actually kinda based on me playing Halo 4 or Blacklight: Retribution and being stuck with a HORRIBLY stupid and incompetent team. xD )_

    _Rheda was born in a wealthy and powerful, but also secretive family. Jandour is the birthplace of the Marlfox race and is also the birthplace of Genet kind. Both races have a shaky, but cooperative relationship all in all, willing to aid each other whenever grave danger comes to them in the form of invading Coldlanders. However, Genets never took kindly to the secretive nature of Marlfoxes and the Marlfoxes never took kindly to Genets trying to stick their muzzles into their business. Marlfoxes and Genets have fought long and hard in a political war to be the apex natives of Jandour. Often in the form of debating, spreading out their family numbers as much as they can get away with and through duels where they bring their champions to settle scores for them. Some families even sending one of their own family members as the champion. Rheda's father sometimes played the part as a rarely beaten duelist with a ax and/or a rapier. Her uncle sometimes dueled too with both ax and shield or a side-sword, her uncle was not a big fan of fancy blades and preferred war swords and also had a reputation of being a butcher that only took duels to the death. Sometimes when he felt particularly bloodthirsty, he dueled with both his his ax and his side-sword as his left paw struck as hard as his right one did.

    Rheda was one of a set of two sets of twins. Rheda along with a sister where the first pair, but her father also wanted a son and as soon as they were both weaned. Her father and mother tried again, this time spawning two sons. Because of this, the births of both sets of twins are only close to two years apart from each other. Despite this, Rheda was not excluded from anything her father taught his sons when they were old enough for fencing lessons, however. It was her uncle that first taught her combat and because of this, became somewhat of a special student to him and when it came time for him to teach all he knew to her brothers, he had on purposely "forgot" to teach them some of his ax fighting techniques and due to this, Rheda had always been better at melee fighting with her ax than any of her siblings. Despite this, they were better at throwing theirs. All of them knew how to fence well, but all of them also took up fighting with a weapon of their choice. Rheda went with the side-sword to keep company with her uncle and_

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