Story Arc 2013: After First Battle

  • Fabiana sqeaked in shock and drew her saxe knife, her intention was to parriy away the sword that was hanging at her throat, but before that could happen, Bradley withdrew it. Fabiana narrowed her eyes, holding the saxe knife, "I told you everything that I know!" she snapped, "Now, to get this moving, show me where the library is. The faster I'm rid of this thing the better!" she glowered at Bradly and then at Tessa.

    She waited as they discussed, but she couldn't hear what they were saying. Her heart pounded fast, but she attempted to keep her breathing regular, calm and focused Fabiana. She told herself. She adjusted her grip on her saxe knife, who knows, maybe crazy mouse would attack her with that sword again.

    Tessa nodded, "Sounds good." she said and looked back at Fabiana, "Alright, we agree to help you do some research and we will let you use the library. Soon this stone is figured out the sooner the vermin leave and you to." she said staring coldly at Fabiana.

    Fabiana sighed, "Thank you." she said and put away her saxe knife. She pulled herself up farther and swung her feet over the side of the bed, her body screamed in protest but she gritted her teeth and pulled on her boots, slinging her arrows on her back and donning on the stachel, she stood up and swayed slightly, using the side table for support picked up her bow and cloak, "So where is it at?" she said looking at them.

    "No far, very close. Just have to climb a few steps." Tessa chucked to her self, a few steps in her mind is 2 flights of stairs.


    Jessie gave a sigh of relief at least he wasn't mad, she sqeaked when Oliver pulled her in a hug, but she didn't complain, until she heard, _'I would of done the same' "_WHAT? you would hit me over the head?" she wriggled out of his embrace and looked at him, "At least you can just hold me down, no head hitting required.." she grinned, "Only I'm allowed to do that, i'm the 'Official Head-Hitter',"
    She got up, "Good to walk?" she said as she saw everyone else leave to go to the library. "Sooner we find info the better."

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  • Bradley gave Fabiana the same bold and unnerving stare he gave to Chief Wildgrass earlier. "Good."

    He turned back to Tessa and smiled. "Yes, lets get a move on.. We need to figure this out fast. I don't want bloodshed in this Abbey." He stated before following next to Tessa towards the stairs of the library. They climbed up the long flight of stairs, hoping to attain the knowledge they needed in the old Library.


    Oliver smiled as he felt her squirm away from him. "Ya do what you gotta do right?" He said quietly with a slight smirk. "Yes you are the official 'ead 'itter, I won't steal that job from you." He slowly stood up, feeling wobbly and kind of weak. "That whole episode I 'ad took a lot out of me, but I'll manage fore now." He said before plopping himself next to Jessie. "Well, lets get goin'."

  • Fabiana looked away, not wanting to cross these two warriors, and she thought she was fierce. Fabiana sorta felt bad for bring this on all of them, but she was at her last resort, all over this stupid stone. But she knew it was for the better. Slowly she followed the others, her body screeching in protest. Gritting her teeth she kept going following them up the stairs.
    "Bast it.." she muttered, as they climbed the flight of stairs, "Short walk.." she muttered and snorted to herself, "I hate them.."

    Tessa smiled at Bradly as she heard Fabiana cursing behind them. Serves her right, she thought, thinking back to everything, yes Tessa was treating her harshly, but she lied and that was her punishment.

    They finally made it up to the library, as Tessa pushed open the door, Fabiana couldn't help but stare, it was huge! the tall windows filtered in light, showing the rows and stacks of books, scattered around were little pillow cushions  and a few desksand a huge desk tucked away in front of a fire place. In the windows, little nooks that you could sit on and look down over the grounds while reading a book. She took a deep breath, IT EVEN SMELLED LIKE BOOKS!

    She walked in, "I"m sure the answer is in here" she said quietly and then went off to look at the shelves.

    Tessa frowned, "Alright Fabiana, we are looking for a history about this blue stone..what other shall we look for." Fabiana looked at her, "We need to find out if there is history of the stone in past and what happened, and if past generations figured out how to get rid of it, there has to be a way!" she said, as she reached a few books and grunted slightly as she sat down on the ground with a few books and flipped threw, "Anything to give us headway." Tessa looked at Bardley, "Lets get started," she said.

    Jessie slung her arm through Oliver, "That makes me happy." she said smiling as they followed the others up the stairs. Once reaching the library, and hearing what Fabiana has to say, Jessie mind went in over drive. "Right, we know that this stone is used by the Juska clan to bridge the life and afterlife for the dead. Also that it has the power to control beats and armies, almost like hyptomisim, and that the more its used the more powerful its holds gets on you." Jessie said as she scribbled this all down on a paper,
    "So lets start out finding about the Juska Clan, since they use it the most often, and work from there." Jessie concluded.

  • Bradley stifled a chuckle, noticing the cursing from Fabiana, and the smile from his Captain, Tessa. It made him feel a moment of joy after the giant mess that was laid out on Redwall. He knew the feeling would be short lived, though.

    Brad looked around the library after Tessa has pushed open the doors. He never really had a chance to visit the vast space full of parchments, books, scrolls, and various shelves of writings. It hit him and made him feel some sort of awe. The mouse warrior went off on his own as Tessa spoke to Fabiana, which gave him a bit of time to think for himself as he wandered down each isle.

    ["Lets get started."]

    Bradley shouted from down the hall with some excitement. "Already on it, Captain!" He heard enough from Fabiana that he went right for the older sections of the library. Bradley could surely find what they were looking for, or so he thought.

    Oliver smiled and put an arm around Jessie when she lent herself as support to hold him up a bit. "I'm glad t' 'ear it.." He said quietly as they went up the stairs and into the library.
    He found the closest chair and sat down promptly, getting comfortable through his muscular exhaustion. "Hmm, that sounds good t' me. I've ready many stories up here as a dibbun. I think there's a story of the clan written many seasons ago. It was 'bout a young Otter who was stolen then raised as a Juska warrior. It should be 'round 'ere somewheres.." He stood up slowly and walked towards an old section filled with scrolls and parchment. Most of it was worn, but he knew that it was around there somewhere.

    "It was written by the Assistant Recorder, the late Sister Rosabel. Remember that when lookin' fore it, everyone!" He called out to the group.

  • KayLee took a step back, letting the abbey dwellers hash it out with Fabiana. At that point, she knew just a little as they did so she was eager to learn what was really going on.
    And there is was. It seemed she was caught in the middle of some sort of fight over a blue stone that could bridge life and death as well as control others. At least she was on the right side of thing. The right side of things meaning more protective side. An abbey and it's inhabitants versus an angry tribe of Juska. Any sane beast would choose to rather be on the inside of the abbey walls rather than outside, especially if said beast was seen by the Juska with the one that has their stone. She was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when all this had happened.
    She said very little as the interrogation progressed, just taking in the information that was said. She seemed to fade into the background as all others paid no mind to her, though regardless, she stood from her leaning position against the wall and followed them to the library.

    The squirrel-maid listened to what needed to be found and although she was interested in finding out the answers, like everyone else, she leisurely roamed the rows of books, scrolls, and records. "Sister Rosabel" She repeated in a hushed whisper to herself. She picked up a random book that was laying atop the others in the row. Obviously with no room left to squeeze the book in with the rest of the books, it was just placed onto of them. Flipping through this age-old pages, kicked up the years worth of dust, causing a sneeze or two. Rubbing her nose clear of the dust she put the book back down where it had been laying.

  • Fiasco was getting into the rhythm of swinging the axe. The feral cat grunted as he buried it another few inches into the treetrunk, in plain view of the abbey gates. The steady knocking noise had driven off a robin that had been roosted high above him. Fiasco didn't know what kind of tree this was, nor did he care that he'd selected probably one of the more difficult trees to fell. It was a challenge, and it was typical of the feral cat to go after the tree with the thickest trunk, just to prove his strength. Fiasco's labours were not just for the cat's entertainment though. Rheda had sent along the biggest axe in the camp and a message, explaining that the tribe needed a stout treetrunk as a battering ram. The muscly Taggerung needed no further hints to pick up the axe and start hacking away at the local flora.

    Unfortunately for the feral cat, he had little experience in felling trees, and whilst he had managed to savage the side of the tree, work was proving difficult. Fiasco was sweating, his nostrils flaring as he caught some of his breath back. The other vermin in his patrol were keeping watch on the road and the gates, just in case any of the enemy tried to make a run for it. Fiasco idly wondered what damage he could do if he had to fight using an axe. He swung the heavy tool, putting his shoulders and torso into the effort, his green eyes narrowing as he watched the sharp head dig into the tree's wound. He could see it going straight through flesh and bone, slicing a squirrel or maiming a mouse. That'd shut their mouths, for talking down to his Dad and Rheda. The thought of it made Fiasco mess up his next swing, and pain shot through his elbow. The ferat cat howled in pain and dropped the axe, clutching at his elbow with his other paw. Tiho scuttled forward to see if his young charge was injured, but Fiasco just hissed and snarled at him.

    "'s fine. Jus' bring me water," Fiasco commanded, pacing angrily. The pain was already receding into a dull ache, but the cat took it as a good time to have a break. He sat down in the grass, nursing his brawny arm and pouting. The most damage had been done to his ego really, Fiasco hated being embarrassed far more than just being in pain. When Tiho brought him a skein of water, he grabbed it and gulped down the water loudly, letting droplets spill down his chin and onto his fluffy chest. When he was done, he pushed it back into Tiho's paws, and eyed the tree. "It's gotta fall down soon, right Tiho?"

    "Nothing can stand long before you, Fiasco," Tiho replied tactfully. "You are our mighty Taggerung."

    Fiasco's tail swished; that was what the cat wanted to hear. He lay back and grinned, stretching his arms. His elbow twinged a little, which kept the feral cat from leaping up again to hack away at the treetrunk. Still, Fiasco would never object to a break from work, his lazy side tempering his aggression for now. He turned his attention to the ferret warrior beside him. Despite the various scars the veteran bore, the young Taggerung had never been repulsed by Tiho's appearance. The ferret had been devoted to his care for many seasons, and despite all Fiasco's rough behaviour and frequent tantrums, Tiho was one of the few beasts he could never imagine actually harming. Wrestle him, snarl at him, pin him down maybe, but Fiasco's claws were always sheathed around his friend.

    "Go on, Tiho. What else am I?" Fiasco said silkily, knowing that the ferret would heal his bruised ego.

    Tiho obliged, and sat beside Fiasco, eyeing the young cat with a mixture of apprehension and admiration. His sycophantic words came easily, eager to make his temperamental master pleased. "You are our future Chief, Fiasco. The tribe will bow to you, and your enemies will flee before you, not daring to speak your very name. You're our protector and champion, the sword and shield of the tribe-…"

    "I don't have a sword," Fiasco interrupted.

    Tiho gulped, realising he'd gotten a bit carried away. "Ah, well, not in a literal sense Fiasco."

    "I can get you one though, if you want, Tiho," Fiasco mused. "That mouse had a sword. I'll bring you that, my friend. I already have my own weapons."

    Tiho fell silent, not daring to question Fiasco's sudden mood swing into generosity. The ferret's flattery had been nothing the feral cat hadn't heard before, but it still pleased the feline to hear it, and be reminded of how special he was to the tribe. Fiasco rubbed his arm and extended it, testing his elbow. The pain had all but disappeared, and Fiasco judged that as good enough to start chopping again. He got to his footpaws and grabbed the axe where it lay. Its blade was slick with sap, so the feral cat wiped it on the grass, and brought it to bear on the treetrunk once more. Tiho watched the brawny feline work up a sweat again, and listened as the tree creaked and shook under the feral cat's fearsome blows. The sun was already headed to the western hills, and by nightfall they would be ready.

  • Tessa called after Bradly, "Make sure you don't kn-" she heard a thud of books falling over, "knock over the books.." she simple said giving a small smile. Picking herself up from the floor from a little stack of books, She went off to the otherside of the library,  lifting a book up she opened up the pages and smiled to herself, "here it was written by Librarian Sparkhawk, and the summer when two little trouble makers Tessa and Jessie arrived at Redwall…" she muttered and scanned a few pages, Sparkhawk didn't miss a thing, "Poor cook is having a hard time, Tessa and Jessie are at it again, this time the cook was targeted, the two misfits hid in the crates next to the door and when poor Friar Tuck comes in had quite a scare, Abbot says he would recover soon…"
    She kept on reading, grinning now, dang Tessa and Jessie were the worst of the worst growing up in Redwall. She put the book back on the shelf, noting where it is, she must show this to Jessie when she gets chance. She kept looking, a lot of these books she never even knew existed! Looking along the shelf and blowing off dust as she went, making her sneeze quite a few times. "Whoa!" she yelped as she tripped over the corner of a rug and crashed into a stack of books and they all came tumbling down on her, "owie…" she muttered as she blinked rapidly in the dust. The now fire colored squirrle was a dull orange color.

    THUNK! Jessie heard the books tumble over and went over to Tessa, halting and then collapsed to the floor laughing. "Its Not..ACHOOO! Funny!" Tessa snapped between sneezes seeing her sister laughing," Ge- ACHOO!! Over here..noACHOO!" Jessie gasped catching her breath, "Alright..alright..hehehe Im coming." She made her way over to Tessa and pulled her out of the pile of books, "Tha-tha Thanks." Tessa managed, holding in a sneeze. "Help me put these away." she said, bending down and picking up the books.

    Jessie crouched down and picked up a book when one caught her eye picking it up she looked at it, "Recorder Rosabel.." she said outloud, "Aha! Found one!" she said triumphantly. "Maybe there could be more." Tessa said excitedly and started shifting through the books, "Here is one before Rosabel, that could help also." she muttered, but besides the two, they couldn't find any others, no history, no bios, no nothing. Bringing back the two books they found, they put it on the huge oak desk near the fire place.

    Fabiana looked at the shelves, "History…records..Rosabel.." she muttered to herself, "Whats this one?" she said opening a book, "The Tales of Martin the Warrior." Fabiana opened her eyes, "This the the Martin they talk about." she said as she read a few pages, "Martin the Warrior was the co-founder of Redwall with Abbess Germaine, after escaping Marshank and the death of his beloved Laterose.." she scanned the pages, _"Escaping with Gnoff the mousetheif…giving up the sword for a life of peace..."_near the end she read, "his spirit often guides Redwalls questors, warriors and madiens." "So thats martin!" she exclaimed, maybe Martin would help them more on the quest on this stone, she thought looking at it around her neck. Sadly the book didn't say anything about a blue stone of power. Fabiana kept looking, tho her hopes slowly diminished on finding anything. "Maybe their was nothing on the stone.." Fabiana eyes scanned, "Tyranny of Clans" she read, picking it up she look through it, "Juska Clan…" "YES!" she said triumphantly, "Capitan I  found something on the clan." she said bringing the book over to Jessie and Tessa, halting she looked at Tessa, "What happened to you?" she said, Dusty Tessa looked at her, "Nothing." she snapped. "Oh well I found a book that might help." she said placing it next to the other two.
    "Tyranny of Clans Chapter III: Of the Juska and the Moon-Under-Horn, by Isabella Leapscut Thistlefurrow, Abbey Recorder

    The twenty-eighth day of the Season of Broad Snowflakes

    A weasel has come to our Abbey this wintery day, seeking sanctuary from the cold wilderness. Whilst most of her bruises will heal soon, Sister Merriam has expressed her deep concerns regarding the lacerations on the weasel's back. We suspect she is an escaped slave, though from what cruel master we do not know. She answers to the name 'Shiraya', though Kinsey tells us it sounds like a Juska corruption of the title 'Soothsayer', from her time living in northern Mossflower. Shiraya, or the Soothsayer has tried hiding her Juska tattoos under rags, and even gnawing at her skin.The old weasel's a tough one, especially around the more boisterous otters. She waves her walking stick and bellows in some incomprehensible vermin chatter if anybeast she doesn't trust comes close. She gets on better with Sister Merriam, and we've noticed she has a soft spot for the dibbuns. Merriam and I have tried talking to her about where she comes from, but we get little out of her. I can see she understands our words, but rarely adds her own voice to the conversation.

    The forty-second day of the Season of Broad Snowflakes

    Shiraya has agreed to tell us a story of her home, and many of us are gathered in Cavern Hole to listen. Brother Fortnum has expressed his doubts as to whether the dibbuns should be allowed to listen, but it has proven impossible to keep them out of this. I shall be dutifully taking down the weasel's words to commit the story to paper and ink. I should think this is one of the very few records in Redwall's library that will be transcribed from the story of a vermin visitor.It began in the deep mine under the Horn, the great mountain in the East. Weasels don't like the Horn, it is not a good place for us. There is always an eagle that makes himself lord of the Horn, and hunts our kind. We lived in the shadow of the mountain, hunted and fished under the green canopies of the forests. Shiraya was very young when outsiders came. They were like us, but they grew tall, and wore clothes of iron. Weasels had to work in the mines, they said. We had to go into the Horn and bring out the rocks, and they would let us eat. We already had food, but the outsiders slew those that refused. So passed Shiraya's father into the afterlife.
    _Weasels feel safe in tunnels and holes, but hated coming out amongst the piles of rocks and earth, where the eagle lord could swoop in and kill outsider or weasel alike. Shiraya slept in the deep mines, where it was quiet and still. The spirits of the Horn grew angry sometimes, when the outsiders stole away their precious stones. Tunnels collapsed here and there, and there were noises in the dark places like thunder. Some beasts went missing for days, and those that eventually emerged were not the same as before. The Horn was speaking to the weasels, warning us to stay away, but our masters would not listen. They had cruel stinging rope that cut our backs, and sharp blades to stop us fleeing.

    Shiraya was there the day they picked and dug their way to the mountain's heart. Nirpi's pick struck a stone, but it was the pick that was scratched. The stone had smooth, flat edges that flickered with the torches like the river flickers under the light of the moon. As Nirpi bore it to the surface, Shiraya followed and saw it by daylight. It was a deeper blue than she had ever seen, and no part of it was roundly hewn like a river pebble. Some thought it was a fallen star, others thought it looked like a piece of the moon. Weasels began to call it the Moon-Under-Horn. The outsiders took the piece of the moon and attacked it with their tools, which broke easily against it. They polished it even brighter and fashioned it into a pendant on a silver chain. They rejected the weasel name for it, and called it the Luck-Eye, though no good luck it ever brought them.

    When Nirpi was killed in a tunnel collapse the very next day, us weasels were convinced it was a curse brought on by stealing the blue stone from the mountain. The outsiders grew more restless, and squabbled over the precious stones being brought out of the mine, for we could not bring them anything so beautiful or precious as the Moon-Under-Horn. Their leader wore it proudly around his neck, but one night Shiraya heard the arguing between them growing worse and worse, until they were fighting each other. The one who had worn the beautiful blue stone was killed, and the beasts who had tried to take it slew each other, every last one. With their numbers so depleted, the remaining outsiders fled the mountain without a single precious stone to their names. We thought we were free.

    Our tribe took the Moon-Under-Horn and Chief Torka Dur proclaimed it had saved us from tyranny. At first the chief kept it hidden away, and Shiraya saw it not for many seasons. She became a fisherbeast for the tribe, and the memories of the Horn faded for a while. Yet she could not escape the curse of the Moon-Under-Horn, which the tribe had wrongly stolen from the depths of the mountain. War came upon us weasels, other tribes sought our lands. When we gained the upper paw, our chief wore the stone as he accepted the other tribe's surrender. Our tribe grew bigger, and more powerful. The chief began to wear the stone every day. Shiraya had been been a miner, and then a fisherbeast. Now she was a warrior, in the chief's never-ending conquest of the little river tribes of weasels, ferrets, rats and others. As Torka was master over all of us, the Moon-Under-Horn was the master of him. He said sometimes it spoke to him, whispered secrets in his mind and filled his dreams with the mountain, and the dark passages we dug under it.

    We were a big tribe now, the Juskadur. Too big for the woodlander tribes, who feared us, much to Chief Torka's delight. They made a blood-pact between otters and squirrels and shrews, and waged a terrible war upon us. There was a great battle, the last battle of my tribe. We were driven back up into the mountains, amidst the narrow rocky passes of the Horn once more. No woodlander slew our Chief though. Shiraya did that herself, spearing him through his wicked heart. The stone's curse punished them all, and the Jusakadur were scattered to the wind. Shiraya fled her tribe and the woodland army, hiding in the abandoned mine where nobeast had the wits to find her. She never saw the Moon-Under-Horn again.Shiraya has fallen asleep, and the fire has burned low to mere embers. I have omitted the weasel's long pauses and occasional ramblings in her own speech, which defy translation. Some beasts here became decidedly uncomfortable when the weasel explained, at some length, how she came to slay the mad chief of her tribe. However, reading over the story, one cannot help but understand why such a thing had to be done. I still have questions for the weasel if I can get her to speak of this tale again. The unknown fate of the Moon-Under-Horn is perhaps the most intriguing mystery of the story.The way Shiraya related this tale, it seems all this happened long ago, beyond the living memory of most beasts. Of precious stones I know nothing, being more at home with gardening myself. I hope we shall see some mole visitors to the Abbey in the coming days. Being creatures of the earth themselves, perhaps word of such a thing as the 'Moon-Under-Horn' has reached their ears before. Most beasts here in the Abbey shall dwell little upon such a fanciful tale. After all, it happened long ago and far away, if it ever happened at all._
    - Isabella Leapscut Thistlefurrow, Abbey Recorder"

  • Bradley chuckled from his position, "Sorry, Tessa." He said as he kept prying through the volumes of books that fell upon him.

    Oliver went about it in a more delicate manner. He used to spend many days as a dibbun reading hero adventures of past Redwall and Mossflower warriors. He had a better idea of what to look for than the rest of the group, because of this.

    Bradley popped up behind Jessie and his Captain, covered in dust, from head to paw. "Whats this..?" He said quietly to himself, as he looked onto the book, Tyranny of Clans. He let his eyes wander on the stories, as the other two had the books opened. He wanted to know everything he needed for this. As a champion of Redwall, he had to, so her could make the right decisions when confronting their dangerous foes.

    Oliver stayed on his side, scanning over a few more books before finding the Juska tale that Sister Rosabel had written so long ago. He shuffled over to the group, set the book down gently, and walked back over to the big arm chair, so he could regain some of his energy to rest up his aching body.

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    The whole group was reading different books and inputing the information, now that all of them had some basic idea. Jessie was sitting near Oliver and yawned, she put down the book, her head spinning with all then new information, "Boy, thats a lot of wonder we need to destory that thing and fast." she said yawning again, she curled up the pile of musty pillows and watched the other threw half closed eyes, sorta paying attention to the talk between Tessa, Fabiana, Bradley, Card and Saula.. Saula.. Jessie muttered, "Where did he go off too?" she looked around and spotted him in the corner, "Good he is still here." she settled back down, maybe tonight she will sleep in here, something comforting about the library and the books.

    Tessa closed her book and sighed, "That is at least something. The history was helpful," she looked at Bradley "What do you think?" she paused,  as Fabiana interupted, "Maybe Saula can help us out? He should know of something to add on to this all and help us destroy it. I mean we got the history and then with Jezbel's Rosabel version, we can assume that itcame from the deep mountain, moon-stone? right? fitting name for it, pact, war, controlling, that stone falls into juska's clan again, it says that she killed the leader, maybe we should kill him and the Juska tribe.." Tessa stared at her, "Uh just saying, could work." Tessa shook her head, "Its an option but then the curse, the whole juska tribe was cursed, I don't wanna be cursed." She looked at Bradley and Oliver, "Input guys?"

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