Story Arc 2013: After First Battle

  • So this is from the thread: SIMW and this one:

    YEs I want to get this going. So in SIMW we ended with a battle, well I"m jsut gonna do a quick run through of it, Vermin attack Redwall after Fabians group makes it in with the Stone. The vermin give up attacking a retreat to cope with losses, find new leaders, etc. Meanwhile inside, everyone is gathered in the great hall and fabians group discuses what happened so far with the Redwallers asking for help. This is where we start. Sound good?

    We are at the bolded part.. this part will be in the thread.

    The all make it to Redwall asap (largely so that we can move on with the story) and Saula is given a room. Saula is fed and clothed and taught to be a proper Redwaller. His intelligence grows quickly (the stone doesn't allow him to forget instructions) and he begins to learn at a very rapid pace.    In a well-designed attempt to steal the stone, he makes a mistake. He flees Redwall without the Fated Stone._    He begins to amass an army using the vermin outside Redwall, be builds weapons and war machines, then lays siege to the Abbey. One of the walls collapses and Vermin invade, and all Redwallers flee into the ruins of Kotir that part of Redwall. (read Mossflower)__._

    Those who have posted in SIMW and TC get to be in this post.

    REMINDER: Your character needs to have a purpose in the plot, it can't be lounging around waiting. 🙂

  • Tessa: Captian Tessa sat next to Bradly, Oliver  and Jessie in the Great Hall. She studied the ragged group in front of her. So much for a quite morning. She thought to herself. Upon here the cries and yells for help at the door, Tessa sprinted out followed behind by the others. What she saw shocked her, Brother Grey Laying motionless on ground and a group at the front doors. Things happened in a blur after then, to many details for Tessa to remember at the moment.

    She focused on the group in front of her. The group didn't look to good and it was an unusual group in front of her, what does a bunch a woodland creatures have with them a rat? There was a mousemaid who didn't look to friendly, two squirrel maids, and a smelling rat.

    Tessa took a deep breath and addressed the group. "I am Tessanilian Streamlily, Captian of the Guards and Second in command to Redwall Champion Bradley Steelwald," she looked towards Brad and back to the group. "I welcome you to the humble Abby of Redwall," she looked at each in turn, "I ask what brings you here in the early morning and why." she narrowed her eyes, "I expect the truth from all of you,"

    Fabiana: She was safe…for now.  Quickly checking her stachel to make sure the stone was safe and sound, she focused her attention on the squirrel in front of her. She was a strange looking one clad in a dark tunic it contrasted against her firecolored fur and braided hair. Looking closer she saw different trinkets braided in. She didn't want to cross this one.

    Fabiana stood up, exhaustion racked her body in waves, her limbs ached and she coughed a bit, she felt more qualified to explain to the Captain why they came, even tho she hated to be center of attention or talk in front of a few beasts. Taking a deep breath she spoke, "Thank you Captain for your humble hospitality. My name is Fabiana Arratay, I hail from the south. I need your help." she looked at the group, she still didn't tell anyone about the stone yet. "We were attacked by the band of vermin in Mossflower, Saula" she said in distaste, "helped me, Card and KayLee escape and led us to Redwall Abby." She bent her head, "I'm sorry about your gatekeeper." she said respectfully then went back to pleading. "Please help, they need rest and food." a few more coughs came out of her and she regained her breath, "We have been traveling all night in the rain til morning when we-we-we were ambused." swaying a bit, she fought back from passing out, she sat down quickly, "KayLee can tell you the rest." she muttered, looking at Card. "Or the rat." she managed and glanced at Saula.

    Jessie: Jessie looked at the mouse called fabiana, and she did not look good. Her fur was matted and dull, her eyes were feverish looking, when was the last time she ate or slept? Jessie frowned a bit at the story once Fabiana sat down, "If she was on the run since yesterday, she shouldnt look like this." she muttered, "Looks like she has been on the run for weeks.."

  • Saula's paw hurt, but he was used to pain. A body lay nearby, but he hardly glanced at it. He was used to bodies.
        What he couldn't quite handle was the concept of being inside Redwall. His eyes were as big as saucers and his breathing was rapid.
        A rat. Inside Redwall. He knew he was going to die.
        When Tessa's eyes found him, he quailed. He saw her mouth moving as she questioned the group, but Saula's tiny terrified brain didn't catch the words. Like a squirrel in the path of a tumbling boulder, he was frozen between two thoughts; Should I run left? Or should I run right? Should I run left? Or should I-
        Wrapped up in his terror, he almost didn't notice Fabiana swaying. He skittered out of the way quickly as she sat down.

  • KayLee sat back, allowing Fabiana to explain, or at least explain part of it. The squirrel-maid looked from Card then to Saula, then decided to speak up. "My name is KeyLee. I am a performer and was traveling through Mossflower. At the time I met Fabiana and Saula, it was starting to rain. They were headed here to begin with so I went with them hoping to get outta the rain. Seems simple enough, then things started to get…odd." She said in a theatrical way being the performer she was (though storytelling wasn't what she did), pausing for a moment in reflection of the events that lead up to here. It was truly strange. "We were getting followed and attacked. We stopped at Saint Ninians where we met Card. Something happened there which made us leave, and here we are now, getting attacked before entering your gates." She said in the same theatrical way.

  • Bradley hopped up from his spot and inspected everything, listening closely to everything being said. He didn't like the sound of vermin being so close to his beloved Abbey, but he knew something must be done. "Captain Tessa, I think we need to get these creatures cleaned, bandaged and fed. They can explain more to us after."

    The large squirrel warrior, Oliver, went over to Brother Grey and picked him up over his shoulder. He had a grim look on his face, and even a little bit of supressed rage at the thought of creatures killing their Gate keeper. The fact that vermin were outside of the walls made him feel uneasy. He turned to the group, his eyes had a very light tint of pink to them. "We'll make 'em pay eventually… You 'ave my word on that."

    Brad was a bit worried at what he was seeing; Oliver's bloodwrath looked like it was beginning to creep up again. "Oliver, take it easy friend, we'll do what we can for now. Lets just focus on what we have now and get more information from these poor beasts."

    Oliver shook his head out a bit, getting rid of that angry feeling that had his bloodwrath starting. "Sorry, I couldn't 'elp myself Brad. Oliver gave a friendly smile to the beasts. "I'm Oliver Swiftstream, combat trainer an' kitchen 'elp of the Abbey." He said kindly as the pink in his eyes started to fade away. "And I am Bradley Steelwall, Champion of this great Abbey. I have sworn to protect this place and all beasts in here."

    Oliver cradled Brother Grey and felt a deep sadness. Blood seeped into his paw wraps from holding onto the lifeless figure. "'E needs to be buried properly.. 'E didnt deserve this. I'll make the creature responsible fore this pay dearly.." Oliver said quietly to himself.

  • Tessa: She frowned at the stories told from Fabiana and KayLee, something quite didn't add up with those two. "And Saula?" she said to the rat next to Fabiana, "You lead them to Redwall? Even though you were..captured?" she waited for a reply but Saula didn't say anything. Tessa gave an inward sigh, what did she expect. "Saula, I give you my word that you will not be harmed at Redwall, but if you step out of line, attempt to run away or any harm come to anyone by your paw, I pray that Martin gives you mercy." and Tessa ment every word of it.

    Bradley interrupted before she could ask more questions. Captain Tessa, I think we need to get these creatures cleaned, bandaged and fed. They can explain more to us after. She sighed and glanced at Bradley and back at the group, "Forgive me," she muttered looking at the ragged group. "Jess." she said looking at her sister, "can you take them to the infirmary, see that they are looked at and have sister Mary bring them food.  Oliver.." she said uncertain what to say, "um.." she trailed off looking at Brother Grey, pushing back tears, "See that he is laid to rest and we can give him a Redwall goodbye at noon." she said taking a deep breath. Stay strong. she told herself.

    Fabiana: Sighed in relief, thank goodness for Bradley to interrupt that questions from the Tessa? was that her name? or Tess? Fabiana coughed violently, stupid cold she thought. She stood up, "Thank  you." she muttered, "Nice to meet ya, Oilver and Bradley and Jess," her ears buzzed, blackness entered her vision, she tried vainly to walk to the door and swayed. This isn't good..

    Jessie: Jessie nodded, "Yes Captain." she said getting up and heading over to the group, "Come on guys, the quicker we get you guys patched up, the quicker you will get some warm food and soft beds." Unlike her sister, Jessie had a really soft side, she couldn't quite be as demanding and mean as her sister. she wiped tears away from her eyes.  She looked at Fabiana, "Can you walk?" the words were barely out of her mouth when she saw Fabiana about to faint, quickly she put the mouse-maids arm over her shoulder, "Easy does it girl." she said, "You'll be right as rain in a few days." She lead the group slowly up to the infirmary with KayLee's help supporting Fabiana's other side.

    Finally the group made it up to the infirmary, Jessie and KayLee put Fabiana on a cot and let the healers tend to her and the others.
    "I'll go bring up some food for you guys." Jessie said, "this place has the best scones ever!" she scampered off down the hallway.

  • Saula wasn't sure why, to be honest, but he found himself limping along behind the others, following them indoors. It wasn't the safety of the walls, the smell of good food or even the allure of the strange stone that drew him in. As frightened as he was, he somehow felt a need to stay with the group. Not because they were kind (which they weren't) or because they fed him (which they hadn't really). It was simply because some part of his tiny brain told him that he must obey. Always and without question.

  • KayLee was fine. Sure she was wet, and perhaps a little hungry, but nothing like Fabiana or Saula. Helping Jessie bring Fabiana to the infirmary.

    Once Fabiana was placed in a cot, and the healers started to tend to her, KayLee sat down. It was a busy day, meeting up with Fabiana and Saula and then getting chased through Mossflower. Things didn't seem to have changed much since the last time she was around Mossflower. Always something going on and never a dull moment.
    She answered some questions that the healers had, pertaining to both herself and to Fabiana then happily waited quietly for the food Jessie said she would bring back.

  • Bradley smiled at his Captain and put a paw to her shoulder. "Thank you. Now, don't worry, me and Oliver will be sure he is properly laid to rest. It's normal to feel the way you feel, you can't be stone faced and emotionless all the time you know. We are Redwallers now, we can express our feelings." He said kindly to her before dismissing himself to accompany Oliver in the burial of Brother Grey.

    Oliver's expression didn't change. He walked with the cold lifeless body cradled in his tightly wrapped paws to the burial spot where most of the Redwallers that passed went. Brad caught up with the warrior squirrel and noticed the pink tint in his eyes again. He knew everything would be fine this time as there was an absence of rage. The small amount of Bloodwrath showing was induced by complete sadness. "Why did they 'ave to do it mate?.." Oliver said with a stutter in his voice. "'E was just a kind gate keeper. In a way, 'e saved those travelers, but it was too unexpected fore 'im. 'E didn't 'ave a chance to see it comin'." Oliver then set Brother Grey gently on the ground before he started to dig. Bradley unbuckled the Sword of Martin then grabbed a shovel to help.

    It took a bit of time, but they finished the job. Brad unsheathed Martin's sword and held it outwards with eyes closed. He recited an old funeral poem he remembered in the story of Mattimeo, after they were captured by Slagar.

    (From the book, Mattimeo)

    "Suns that set as seasons turn,
    Flowers grow and wither yet.
    Who can say what flame may burn,
    Friends that we have known and met.
    Look into the young one's eyes,
    See the winter turn to spring,
    Across the quiet eternal lake,
    Ripples spreading in a ring."

    Brad finished speaking the poem, and looked over to Oliver, who was sobbing quietly. The warrior mouse did not see his squirrel friend like this since their first arrival at Redwall when they lost their friends and family in battle. Oliver found some soft cloth and wrapped up the lifeless body with it before setting it into the deep hole. Oliver sniffled before covering it completely. Both the creatures padded the earth so it was a soft mound.

    Bradley sheathed his sword and buckled it onto his back again. He put an arm around his larger friend's shoulder. "C'mon now, we will mourn later, we have work to do, plus it's almost lunch time. Brother Grey wouldn't want to see us sad during lunch time." Oliver managed to smile and walked side by side with his friend to catch up with the others.

  • Tessa nodded, but didn't say anything, she didn't trust herself to speak. She just stood there and looked up at the tapestry of Martin the Warrior, she closed her eyes and a tear fell down her face. Thinking all what had happened in less then 24 hours, the planning, the vermin at the gate, Brother Grey..dead. He shouldn't of died, she thought, if only she had done a patrol in the early morning, then Brother Grey wouldn't be dead and it could be a whole different type of story! "So stupid." she muttered to herself. She ruffly wiped away her tear and opened her eyes. "I won't let it happen again." she promised herself looking back at Martin. "I promise." she turned away making her way slowly to the kitchen. Running into Sister Mary and Jessie, who were coming out.

    "Hey sis!" Jessie said, balancing a tray full of food, "Group is up and being watched over, thinking they can say in there for the time being you know, keep an eye on them." she leaned in closer to Tessa, "By the way, I would ask them what they were doing before Redwall, some parts of the story don't add up." She followed Sister Mary up the stairs, leaving Tessa behind. Jessie did have a good point, the stories didn't add up quite, Saula leading Fabiana, Card and KayLee to Redwall, then KayLee saying ran into Fabiana and being attacked at the gates, or such.

    The kitchen as usual was busy, but this time the air had changed, no whistling or singing or laughing, everyone was silent. Oh course, the death of a fellow Redwaller was always hard. Walking over she went and picked up a tray of hot scones, "Does this go outside on the table?" She asked the cook, "Yes Captian, but we can do it." Tessa shook her head, "No, I can do it." she gave a small smile and walked off.

    Jessie walked in and looked at the group, "Food. " she said brightly, and set the tray down, "and.." she pulled out of the sack few bottles of strawberry cordial. "Homemade strawberry cordial!" She sat back as the group wolfed down the food, "Glad that we brought up extra." she said to Sister Mary, the hedgehog nodded , "Yes, the lot are like dubbins." Jessie brought over some food for the mouse-maid laying on the cot, "Here you go." she said "eat up, you'll get your strength back much sooner."

    Fabiana looked at the food and without a second though dove into the pudding and scones and downed the cordial. Food.. she thought, "its so good.." she muttered. She finished quickly, and feverishly looked around, "Is there more?" she muttered, then layed down her head on the pillow, "Its ok..I can wait." she said then drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

    Jessie looked at the mouse-maid sleeping, "Sweet dreams." she said and turned around and face the others, "Guess I didn't introduce myself, I"m Jezabel Streamlily. Welcome to Redwall. if you guys want more I suggest we go down to the kitchens," she added quietly, "also pay our respect to Brother Grey." She turned and started to walk to the kitchens.

  • Saula was already downstairs, sitting in miserably tight smock. His skin ached from the brutal scrubbing he'd suffered. The water in the tub had to be changed twice and Saula saw most of his fur get dumped out the window.
        Now he closely resembled a threadbare smock. He was frightfully bald and skinny, and his stomach growled piteously. Breakfast was supposed to be soon (thought Saula was uncertain what this 'breakfast' was, he was certain the Redwallers intended to make him suffer). A elderly sister was attempting to prepare him by training him in the use of utensils. Saula supposed they might be used to defend himself once this… this 'breakfast' began. Kind of like that time when Dingeye tossed him a knife and told him to defend himself, then proceeded to beat him up.
        Saula flinched visibly at the memory. He could still remember it clear as day. When he thought about his various beatings, he would actually feel the kicks, the broken bones and the bruises. When called on -and sometimes when not called on- his memories were a startling, lucid experience. As a result, he tended to shut out most of his memories. He knew very, very little about his own life before he was recruited...
        No one could agree on Saula's age, and he certainly wasn't very helpful in determining what it was.
        "Hey, there!"
        Saula jumped slightly as a somebeast sat down beside him.

  • KayLee, (along with Card) was probably the one that required the least amount of care between herself, Card, Fabiana, and Saula. Still she did bathe and got cleaned up from all the mud they trekked through in the rain. And needed some much needed nourishment. She was thankful that the Redwallers were so kind and generous.

    Who ever was chasing them in the first place wouldn't be able to track them with all the rain that came down. Grant it, they probably already knew where they were headed, it wouldn't take long for them to catch up. Then again, they probably wouldn't be granted access into the abbey if they did catch up. She, much like Brad and Tessa, didn't know all the details of what was going on. She was pretty much just thrown into the circumstances that lead her here.  She doubted she'd get much information from Saula. And Card joined them after KayLee, so she would know even less of what was happening. She would have to ask Fabiana when she was feeling better.

    ( ooc - what are we going to do about Card? )

  • ooc- Not sure yet. If she does come back, it would be awesome, but I don't think we have to worry about it yet.

  • The big squirrel and the Abbey's champion walked down the Great Hall towards the kitchen, passing by the tapestry. For a moment, they stared at it, feeling as if the figure of Martin was staring right back at them. Both fighters felt a warmth of satisfaction over them, they also could have sworn Martin was smiling.

    They turned away and continued down to the kitchens.

    Oliver and Brad entered the kitchens with a calm look on their faces. Oliver regained most of his cheery nature and waved kindly to everyone they were with previously. "The scoff smells wonderful. Yore all in fore a treat!" He said as he sat down with the group. Bradley walked over to his Captain and patted her on the shoulder. "Feeling better now? We will have a funeral ceremony this afternoon. I'll have the bellringer be ready to have the twin bells going to let every beast know." He said reassuringly to her.

    "Oh and come and take a seat with us. We would love to have your good company!" Bradley said before walking to a table with everyone else.

  • Jessie bounced in, "Hey there!" she said as she sat down next to Saula, "You look and smell way better." And it was the truth, even tho to Jessie he looked really sorry. Looking at him she smiled, "So..I"m curious, how did you end up with these guys, I mean, I know how you lead them here and what not, but why did they pick you up in the first place?" JEssie was used to hunting down vermin, but today she was sitting next to one! She grabbed a glass and a plate, and started to grab the food that just came in.

    Tessa had walked into where everyone else was, deep in thought, she didn't notice much around her. She played around with her hair as she just looked over the tables, at the group and other redwallers, taking in the activity but not really comprehending it.

    Bradley walked up to her and TEssa looked up at him, "Yes, I'm better than before." she said giving a smile and followed him to the table and sitting down with everyone. She can think later when she is alone, Gotta stay strong she told herself, and engaged in coservation, "Oh yes, wait til you get the strawberry scones, they are the best."

  • KayLee looked around as the Redwallers slowly came in, one by one for breakfast. She sat close to Saula, though not next to him. Fabiana was still resting in the infirmary so it was only herself and Saula from their little group (if one would call them a group) that were up and around. She was dressed in her acrobatic performing clothing, so that her normal ones could get washed and cleaned up.

    "If they taste half as good as they sound, I'm sure those strawberry scones will be very delicious." The squirrel-maid said with a big smile as the dining hall gave off a small hum with everyone coming in, sitting down, and conversing with each other.

  • The beasts that gathered before the Abbey gates were silent, and solemn. No words had passed their lips since coming into sight of the red stone walls, the sight of the structure before them had stolen away their spirits. It was an aberration of nature that frightened them; the walls were tall as the trees yet they could not be scaled. The smooth red surfaces were stones of this world sure enough, but the scale and complexity of the structure was beyond the most magnificent yurt these beasts could make for themselves. Only two among them were unafraid; their chief, and a marlfox far more used to civilisation.

    Chief Wildgrass had been assured by his seer, Rheda, that the occupants of the fortress were docile. They would accept his demands, and return the blue gem that had been stolen. Yet seeing the fortress up close, there was doubt in the weasel's mind. The beasts that lived here thought and acted so different to his fellow Juska. He understood the ways of his beasts, not the traditions of this tribe. There could be any number of pitfalls ahead of him in trying to communicate, and he would blunder into them if he did not tread carefully.

    To assist him in making contact with the fortress, Wildgrass had brought his advisor. Rheda was an intelligent marlfox, though on occasion he doubted she saw eye-to-eye with him. This morning he had disregarded her advice to assemble the tribe's full force of warriors before the gates in a show of intimidation. For one, intimidation was not the way of the Juskaverde, who preferred the arts of subtlety and guile. For another, Wildgrass doubted the creatures who had built this place would be very intimidated by his relatively small tribe. Rheda had gracefully accepted his decision, but Wildgrass had a feeling she felt slighted.

    Most notably absent from the small group of warriors was the Chief's adopted son, Fiasco. He had been named Taggerung by Rheda only recently, and there was no doubt in Wildgrass' mind that Fiasco was the most fearsome warrior in the land. Yet Wildgrass had chosen to keep Fiasco hidden from view, keeping the existence of their Taggerung and his whereabouts a secret. Fiasco had been unhappy about this arrangement at first, but Wildgrass had given him command of his own band of warriors, which would placate the moody cat for a while.

    "Signal them, and keep your tongues still," Wildgrass ordered. The tattooed weasel stood ahead of the band of warriors, along with Rheda. He was no bigger than his fellow beasts, and shorter than the marlfox. In all, Chief Wildgrass Verde did not cut a very imposing figure, in fact Rheda looked more like the leader than he. Yet this did not concern him; he was more interested in what he would say to the beasts of the fortress, and how he would say it. The facts were simple; They had thieves in their midst whom had stolen a precious blue gem. It had in turn been stolen from a Juska grave by a gang of vermin. The Juska grave belonged to Wildgrass' deceased mate, whose spirit would not be able to make the journey to the afterlife until the desecration of the grave had been repaired. To do that, Wildgrass needed the blue gem.

    One of the warriors blew a horn of bone; it made a high-pitched call that resonated off the stone walls. Wildgrass drew a deep breath, and watched the walltops. Would they come? He waited, patient yet determined. His mate was depending on the return of the gem. In Juska tradition, she would be held in a nebulous state between the realm of life and death, trapped forever if they did not right the wrongs done to her final resting place. Wildgrass himself would never see her in the afterlife if he failed.

  • Fabiana jerked awake at the faint sound of the horn, her eyes were wide and fearful as she looked around, where was she?!  She attempted to sit up but that wasn't the greatest idea, her head pounded and she shut her eyes tightly, waiting for it to die down. It reduced down to a dull throb, she opened on eye then the other. THE STONE!

    She thumbled for the stone around her neck and it was gone! She looked around desperatly and saw her stuff on the ground next to her bed, she reached down and groaned slightly as her aching head protested, snatching up the bag she looked inside. The head throbbed from the movment but she gritted her teeth and look in the bag, the stone was still here.  Taking it out she stuffed it in the inner pocket of her hooded tunic, not going to the give up the stone now, over my dead body she thought, then laughed quitely to herself, of the irony.

    She also picked up her saxe knife, the blue tinted blade held in her hand, she attempted to get up, dang it she muttered as her body protested as she 'attempted' to get out of bed, apparently her body had other plans and soon Fabiana gave up the attempt and instead proped herself up on her pillows, holding the knife still she closed her eyes, "They can't get me.." she muttered.

    Tessa's head snapped around out of the conversation as the horn blew, "What the.." she muttered and nudged Bradly, "Did you hear that?" the sound of the horn came again. "Someones at the gate!" she said urgently, "Come on." she said jumping up. Jessie sighed, as she saw Tessa get up, "But..but..the food." she said in protest but followed her sister out, not before grabbing a few scones for the trip. "They better have a good reason to interupt." she muttered darkly to herself. Tessa walked outside and up the ramparts to the battle top, looking down below she hissed, "What do they want." she muttered.

  • Saula might have been glad for the interruption (for it kept him from having to reply to Jessie's questions) except that he recognized the horn. It was a Juska clan.
        He blanched. He suddenly felt grateful for the Abbey walls that held him prisoner. This 'breakfast' ritual seemed fearsome, but at least it was unlikely to involve torture.
        He turned to Jessie, expression haunted. "Saula's a poor starvationed criture. Donnae let the nasty wildcats hurts him."

    ooc- Remember that -as far as Fabiana and Kylee are aware- Saula was just a starved creature who attacked Fabiana for food. She promised him "cakes" if he took her to Redwall. Saula won't be good at keeping his story straight.

  • OOC: I think this would be a good time for the Abbot to join in.

    Bradley immediately dropped the food he was eating, a head of Tessa in their fast walk to the gate. "Heard it loud and clear, Captain! Lets hope they aren't looking for trouble. They picked a wrong time.." He said before reaching the ramparts with his Captain. Oliver on the other hand, had an even worse feeling than his good friend Bradley. He had a feeling he'd find Brother Grey's murderer.

    The giant squirrel warrior followed the group outside and stared down from the ramparts at the Juska clan warriors. The fur on his neck stood straight. He hadn't seen a vermin group so organized since his last major battle on his travels outside of the Abbey. Bradley signalled for Oliver to stand back and keep low. He knew the squirrel's Bloodwrath would trigger if he looked towards the group for too long. It was best to be dealt by himself and Tessa.

    The large squirrel obliged, facing away from the clan and sitting against the wall, waiting for anything that could happen. He was quite prepared to fight if it led to it. It bothered him that this clan of vermin were out there, knowing that one of them could have been the murderer to their gate keeper. It enraged him and made him feel uneasy. His eyes flashed pink again as he sat there, waiting. He couldn't stop shaking his footpaw as the bloodwrath that cursed him kept creeping up slowly on him. If the clan would happen to say the wrong things, it would push him into a blind fit of rage. His fuse was falling very short.

    Bradley looked towards Tessa and smiled, he would have the first words with the clan.

    "What brings you all to our beloved home of Redwall Abbey?" He loudly spoke out to the members. "May we speak with your leader?"

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