Nighttime fun in the Courtyard [open]

  • Before the weather had gotten too cold, the Redwallers decided to do something fun for the dibbuns. They would allow the dibbuns to go camping in the courtyard of the abbey, with supervision of course.

    For the whole day, the dibbuns were outside. They had breakfast, lunch, and supper picnics. They played relay games and hunted for buried treasure and set up their own tents. And before bedtime they had a big campfire where stories were told and songs were sung and a snack was eaten.

    It took a little while for everyone to fall asleep, but when they did (or when they all pretended to) the adults who were watching them also turned in to sleep in their own tent.

    Nothing could be heard but the wind in the trees, the snoring of the adults, and rustling in the bushes.

    ( ooc  - this is meant to be a fun RP for everyone. I had envisioned the dibbuns playing around in the courtyard and surrounding area, unsupervised in the night, maybe fight off against a pretend (or maybe even real) bad guy (or girl) or monster and save the abbey while everyone else sleeps. Anyone interested? Though in saying that, if the threat was real, it would have to be some petty thief or some such, that would arouse the sleeping adults.)

    ( ooc 2 - no character profiles needed. Meant to be a one-off for some dibbun fun. )

  • With a sniff and a snicker, Jerem Swiddle his in the bushes, his mouse ears moving around to detect any movement in the courtyard. The mischievous mouseling was holed up, waiting to ambush an unsuspecting Redwallers with his cobbled-together slingshot.

    With a bag full of table scraps he had collected over the day, the mouse was prepared for a long night of waiting. He wasn't even tired!

  • Abigail woke up during the night. She looked around, someone was missing in the tent they were in. The young mouse-maid made her way over the other sleeping youths of the abbey, trying to be careful not to wake anyone else up. Once out of the tent, she looked up at the star filled sky. It was like a billion little sparkles over her. She walked, looking around. Things sure did look different in the dark and it was harder to see, with the only light coming from the moon. "Hello?" She whispered as she walked around.

  • Jerem peeked from the bushes, his ears swiveling. Somebeast was coming near his hiding place, and Jerem strung his slingshot. Whoever the unlucky Redwaller was, they were about to get a sore bottom.

    Closing an eye, Jerem took aim… only to halt when he saw who was coming. "Abby?" His plan forgotten, Jerem gave a small giggle and unstrung his slingshot. Rolling out of the bushes, Jerem waved to get the mousemaid's attention. "Abby, whatcha doin' out here?"

  • "Jerem!" Abigail squealed happily, though not loud enough to wake anybeast. She hobbled over to where he rolled out of the bushes. "I don't know. I just woke up an' wanted to go for a walk." She said as she approached him. "What you doing?" She asked him, looking around. "Is anyone else here?" She asked with a yawn.

    It was so quiet, all that could be heard was the crickets and the light wind, and of course Jerem and Abigail's small voices as they conversed with one another.

  • Jerem shrugged. "I haven't seen any'un in a while. Think it's just been us up an' about." The young mouse yawned and twitched an ear. "I ain't hearin' any o' the bruvs either." Jerem talked in a distinct accent; his father was from a tribe far to the south.

    His brow furrowed. "Abby, wait… is that... A MOUSEGOBBLER!" Jerem dramatically pointed behind Abigail and gave a silent shriek of terror.

  • Abby rubbed the bit of sleep from her slightly heavy eyes. How long had he been hiding in the bush? Did he go to bed in the tent? She wasn't sure, and she couldn't be bothered about it. The young mouse-maid tilted her head, watching Jerem's ear twitch.

    She screamed, perhaps a little louder than she would have if they were actually trying to stay quiet. She ran, hiding behind Jerem. "Where!?"

  • Jerem quietly laughed, his entire body quivering with his giggles. "I, I'm sorry Abby, I jus' couldn't resist!" Smiling, he gave he pointed in front of him and gave a small gesture. "See, no mousegobblers be roamin' this Abbey, eh? I was jus' pulling your tail!"

  • "That was one scary trick, Jerem!" Abigail said with a slight push from him. It was hard to stay mad at him, it was a good prank, even she could see the funny side of it once her heart went back to normal. "So what you doing out here by yourself?" She ask him as she looked around. It seemed it was just the two of them that were out and about.

  • Jerem have a brief shrug. "Not much. Thunkered that I coulda pulled a little prank or somefink on one'a them Bruvs in the Abbey, but ends up they're all asleep!" Giving a quiet giggle, the mouse sat himself down.

    "So now I'm just waitin' till I'm sleepy, then I'll jus' sleep in that tree over yondah." He pointed out said tree with his slingshot. Old and gnarled, it was a sturdy oak tree covered in leaves.

  • Abigail looked over at said oak tree and nodded. "Why the tree? You should come in the tent and sleep. Lots more fun and comfy." She said, nodding again.

    She also sat down on the dampening grass. "It's kinda cold, ain't it…the ground?" She said looking up at the clear sky, and the glistening stars. "Look! Look! Look! I just saw one move!" She said, pointing up at the sky.

  • The mouse gave a shrug. "Dunno, I suppose. Never got used to sleepin' in a bed, with me pa and I always moving about." Sighing, the mouseling looked up at the sky with Abigail. He too, saw the star move.

    "Abby! Make a wish on one'o'der shooting stars, and it'll come true, so I've heard."

  • Abigail looked over at her friend with a tilted head, then back up at the sky. She closed her eyes tight, wrinkling up her nose as she made her wish on the shooting star. It was really a quiet peaceful night. The crickets chirping in a constant low melody.

    After a moment she opened her eyes again. "Jerem, did you made a wish too?" She asked, turning her head down toward him.

  • Jerem nodded at his friend's question. "Aye, I did. Though it's a bit silly." Giving a giggle, he sat up and yawned. "Wonder why none of our friends joined us? You'd think they'd be lovin' stayin' up!"

    (OoC: Jerem looked up and stared at the sky. "JOIN USSSSSSSS")

  • "Guess they were all sleepy.." Abigail answered Jerem. "And all the sisters and brothers too!" She said with a laugh, watching her friend as he yawned. "Getting tired?" She asked, sitting up next to him.

    ( ooc - anyone!? )

  • ((occ: one "monster" reporting for duty, short to give you guys some room to do something))

    A shadow detached itself from its brethren near the gate, only a snuffing noise seeming to come from the misshapen form as it moved through the court yard. Its gliding steps seeming to absorb sound right up until it found a toy drum left out and a dull thud echoed followed by the sharp clicks of the toy rolling away. Muttering and snuffing the shadow paused before moving forward once more. A low growl following as it found yet another discarded toy in its path while a third brought a hiss of pain, its sharp edges finding yielding flesh within the darkness.

    "Lashes!" The curse was the only distinct word to find purchase among the low mutterings that were growing increasingly ominous with each obstacle found underfoot in the dark.

  • Abigail tilted her head. "Jerem? Did you here that? Sounded like our drums…Maybe someone is awake after all. Do you remember where we put them?" She had figured it was one of their friends, doubting that one of the brothers or sisters would be playing with their small toy drums.

  • Jerem looked up, slightly dozing off, if only for a second. "Wazzat, I'm still awake- drums?" Tilting his head and furrowing his brow, the little mouseling pondered. "I dunno, in the 'yard maybe? I was too busy finding a hiding place to remember where I stuck th' drums, t'be honest, heh heh…."

    Rubbing the back of his neck, Jerem gave an embarrassed smile and shrugged. "Wanna take a looksie?"

  • ((sorry for lateness, holidays have a way of eating up my time))

    Shuffling forward rather slowly to avoid kicking anything and nearly breaking toes again the shadowy figure continued a muttered string of curses punctuated by snuffling. Caution paid off as a jacks set was harmlessly pushed away rather than stepped on, an experience which was sure to have been painful to say the least.

  • Abigail giggled at her friend. "Do you think it's safe? Are you sure the monster ain't going to get us?" She asked, looking around them. Although she was a little frightened about what could have been playing with their drums, she, like any dibbun, was curious.

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