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  • The story arc, as you guys noticed is in halt right now because we all have been busy and we are trying to combine posts and figure out the plot. Plot is figured out, the plot should be up shortly for you guys. 🙂

    So I'm gonna get it started up again. I'll be having 2 main post up currently. One for the "vermin" and one with the "redwallers". For the battle posts, we will have a separate post for the battle where vermin and good beasts members are in one RPGs.

    As offical story arc administrator, and in the absent of Seth and Kiara, I will be in charge of the new post an set up everything. To stop confusing and get this story arc going.

    Keep your eye out this weekend for the posts. I'll try to keep you guys updated.


  • Sounds good!  😉

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    Ah, now we're talkin! I'm really excited for this, I never had a major role in a forum wide plot before. Now that I can use Bradley to the fullest extent, I intend to have a lot of fun with this.

  • After much deliberation, I have decided I really can't post until I get some questions answered. Either I have not understood some important points, or this simply has not been made clear.

    1. Who are the vermin?

    This is my first and possibly most important question. I do not understand what faction is being represented by the 'Vermin Planning Siege' segment of the plot. I was under the impression the first gang was just that; a gang of vermin after the precious stone. Quoting from the previous thread:

    "Of course she heard the story behind the stone, it was use to hyptomnize helpless victims to do unthinkable things. Fabiana has seen the effect of the stone and it wasn't pretty. That is why she had 'borrowed' it from the gang of vermin and now running from them, seeking a place to hid the stone or maybe even destroy it."

    So at first it was a gang that had the stone. Then people started bringing Juska tribes into the story. Then there was some talk of a horde being led by a mole, and now in the current plot paragraph it says that Saula is amassing an army somehow. So which version is correct? The vermin characters in Shadow in Mossflower Woods were played by Creigon and myself, but neither of us were playing Juska. Also, the Juska were introduced shooting arrows at Redwall, because they knew the stone would soon be out of reach. So how did they know about it, and that Fabiana had it?

    2. What is the stone?

    There's been some mention of this stone having certain powers, it's supposed to be able to hypnotise characters to do 'unthinkable' things. The opening plot paragraph implies that Saula is somehow under its power. Does this thing actually have power, or is it just an object that was used by a hypnotist? Where did it come from, and who used to own it? This is a pretty important point that I don't think has been addressed. I can't really proceed with the stone as our objective if I don't understand what it is or why it's important.

    3. What is the story with Saula?

    I don't understand the importance assigned to Saula by the plot paragraph. It says the stone doesn't let him forget instructions. Why? Its original power was hypnotising people. Is it hypnotising him? If so, does that imply it has some kind of intelligence itself? Saula wasn't part of the gang of vermin that originally had it, so I don't understand the connection between him and the stone. Why does he want to steal it? I'm sorry if this was explained in the thread, but I don't recall it at all.

    The paragraph also says he starts amassing an army. What? The character is a very basic sort of creature that doesn't strike me as leader material. I don't understand why the paragraph says Saula is going to be amassing an army if there are already vermin forces trying to attack the abbey. In the Shadow in Mossflower Woods story, the gatekeeper is killed by Juska arrows, and Saula even gets shot in the paw. When he escapes, why would any vermin gravitate toward him? Can he hypnotise people too now? Even if he was able to convince some vermin that there was a treasure worth stealing in the abbey, it doesn't follow that they would make him their leader. And the Juska already have leaders and they already know about the stone, so he can't be leading them.

  • Sorry about my absence. Just started on ADD meds that sucked all the life and willpower of of me. Also started a new job and stuffs.
        I can participate in the story arc, but with my two news jobs, I need to spend the rest of my time elsewhere. I can send a message with what I had on Saula (super proud of him as a Top Ten villain in a lifetime of writing) and give him to someone else if you want (I shouldn't have a major role, because I'm not sure what all my plans are).

  • Sorry for the double-post, but there is something I should mention:
    I CAN still role-play Saula if you need and would still enjoy doing so. Just be aware that at some point in a few months I might have to pull out. Whether I rp with Saula, and what part he plays in the arc, is up to TJ.

  • I'm with Gerns on this one. Reading through, I was under the assumption that the Juska were the antagonists in this case; however, that seems to be in question. If you guys could answer Gerns' questions, I'll be able to make a character to the best of my ability! 😄

  • I will defiantly join this thread with one or both of my characters,  I'm just not sure how to put them in.

  • Traditionally, the Redwall stories had two sets of antagonists; one smaller group of vermin to harrass in minor ways and shift the story bit by bit, and provide comic relief; one larger group that acts as a legitimate threat to Redwall.

  • So in this case, I'm guessing the Juska are the bigger threat, and Saula is the minor one.

  • Ah, I was thinking in terms of bands of vermin, rather than the villains. Saula will start out as a good or neutral guy, and then become corrupt. At that point, I would suggest that members of the smaller band could be absorbed by the Juska. Gives the reader a sort of "inside the Juska clan" view of what's really happening. Also, characters who change (and characters who experience multiple climes of life) and more interesting. I would be fascinated to see Gerns' charas get sucked into different factions of the Juska.

  • I'm pretty sure Gern's Hellebore isn't getting sucked into anything any time soon, lol. In any case, Jygg and Gulfang are staying outta this fight, but I'm probably gonna make a one-shot Juska for this plot.

  • Oh! lol. I didn't realize that Gerns had started a new horde. Yeah, that's looks a bit larger than before.
    I was reffering to the small band of vermin that was introduced earlier in the story.

  • I have no clue what this story arc even is. When did this start?

  • simple answer … while you were away. lol

  • I kind of want to participate.

  • you might want to read this then.

    and you'll be participating anyway, Abbot. 😛

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