Flourwing Sparrow Scout and Baker

  • Name: Flourwing
        Gender: Female
        Age: Young adult, early twenties
        Species: Sparrow
        Occupation: Baker at Redwall abbey, in training but learning fast, will also act as scout for the abbey if needed.

    Physical Appearance:
        Lightly built, the young sparrow always has a slightly windswept look about her, as if she had only just landed from a bracing flight against the wind, she has noticeably white tips at the ends of her wing feathers. Her bright eyes always have a gleam of curiosity in them, her eager manner for both flying and seeing new places, and learning to make new baked goods. She can often be seen sporting a rather treasured orange scarf.

        She's never seen without her scarf, she also has a wooden spoon whenever she's either heading to or just finishing up in the kitchens, as well as a specially made apron and hat to act as a form of uniform.

        She's a happy sort, whistling and hopping along with good humor more often then not. She can be a veritable whirlwind in the kitchens moving with such vim and vigor you'd almost think she actually was flying. She loves flying almost as much as baking, and can often be seen performing loops and rolls to show off to her flightless friends.

        Skilled at aerial acrobatics and flight in general
        accomplished baker.
        Rather good eyes, hard to sneak past her.

        She has a rather strong fear of small enclosed spaces, highly claustrophobic.
        Has an unfortunate habit of not knowing when to mind her own business.

        Flourwing's mother had insisted on nesting in the warm kitchens of Redwall, on the hatchday of all her eggs one of the chicks pecked at the inside of the egg with such force as to make it roll from the nest and right onto an open bag of flour! That was how the chick with snow white wingtips got her name.

    Showing a remarkable interest in the abbey's many older sections she became a remarkable little explorer on the ground and in the air. It was on one of these expeditions gone awry that she developed her fear of tightly closed spaces.

    She had been hopping along in one of less used halls, stopped to check the inside of a side room. Disappointed to find herself in a musty old broom closet, she was startled to hear the door slam behind her, some beast had shut her in without checking to see if anyone was in the room first. She couldn't see the handle to open it, panicking she started to cry. After a while the Badgermum, who swore she just knew she had to pass through that hall to help someone, passed the door and heard the young sparrow's crying. Pulling Flourwing from the closet and holding her close, she got the frightened little sparrow to calm down.

    Since then Flourwing maintained a curiosity for the old abbey's many corridors, but with a healthy respect for them. She also took to seeing about dabbling in the kitchens many arts after hearing the story of her hatching one time, finding a preference for baking she soon found she had a bit of a gift for it, much as she did for flying.

    Her scarf is a rather treasured possession, she won it in a small festival competition, rope climbing of all things. For the past while in Redwall, there has been a squirrel who would train others in various forms of self defense, along with a few athletic pursuits which included rope climbing. One festival he decided to have a friendly rope climbing contest, in doing so he simply stated
        "Now, the fastest times to the last knot, and the best techniques, will earn a little prize" As the last to enter the competition Flourwing hopped over, and looked up at him,
        "allee have to um do, be to reachee um last knot?" After the squirrel nodded she smiled impishly, and took off, flying to top in record time, once at the top she clung on right at the knot.
        "You um never saidee contestant, had to um climb." After landing she was given the scarf for "Creative thinking, a little cheek, and giving us all a good laugh." She's taken very good care of it ever since.

    Now, having learned in both areas of expertise, she can never decide which she prefers and so will often practice both during a day. She is also no longer forgetting to brush the flour from her wings before flying nearly as often as she once would.

        Gets along with many in redwall abbey, has 3 siblings [2 sisters and 1 brother] her father and mother are also still living.
        She's rather good friends with Oliver

    I did indeed ask permission from Ollie's player about his character having hosted the contest, and other information with regards to if Ollie [the squirrel] would react and act in such a way.

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