A Secret Meeting

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    -bic- Rolvog Carried the gagged and bound squirrel maid to the woods and tied her to a tree. blah, blah, blah. He set up the stakes. blah, blah, blah. He set up camp. blah, blah, blah.
        He slpet quietly with one eye open.

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    ic: Tessa qurimed and arched her back as she loked angrly at Rolvog. Speaking insultes at him but he could not hear them. She tried to get the gag out of her mouth becacsue it tasted foul and gave upafter awile.

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    Mort paused as he strode through the woods of Mossflower, his nose twitching in the air.  The pungent scent of blood stained the air and attracted the notice of this rat.  Curiously, he stood in thought, pondering the meaning of the scent accosting his nostrils.  Deciding to investigate, Mort set off after his nose, pressing onwards to the scent of blood.

    After a few moments of travel, Mort stopped.  The scent of blood was most strong.  He opened his eyes and found himself standing amidst a small campsite.  The rat blinked; he had not expected to be lead to such a sight.  Rubbing his chin, the rodent thought quietly about what course of action to take.  It was then that the rat noticed the metal creature.  Quietly, Mort stepped over to it.  He frowned at noticing the open eye, but let relief come at the lack of responsiveness and the slowed breath.  Even with eyes open, the creature was still obviously asleep.  Content that he would work in relative peace, though still needing an amount of haste, the rodent stepped quietly away from the metal beast and towards the squirrelmaid.

  • was closing her eyes when she heard somthing..opening them her eyes went wide at the sight of the rat. Terror griped her as she struggled against the bonds that bound her.

  • Rolvog continued to sleep in peace as Mort passed by him, being to tired to really notice and react in his sleep.

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  • Quickly Mort put a finger to his muzzle, suggesting to the squirrel-maid that it would be best she remain quiet.  He motioned towards her sleeping captor, hoping that she would catch on quickly enough.  Still, he was unsure of what to do with her.

    Mort's personal code of 'ethics' would have prevented him from interfering, but he could easily tell that the girl's life force was ebbing in her present state.  However, he did not have the feeling that her time was right; there seemed to be something else instead.  The rat could not put his finger on it, though.  Hesitant to take any course of action that could be wrong, the rodent figured he would fall back onto his alternative method: bones.

    With a soft inhale, Mort drew into the dirt a circle by the haft-end of his scythe.  Leaning the fearsome weapon against himself, the rat then reaching into his robe and produced, after a few moments of rummaging, a set of various bones.  Taking the small mound into both of his paws, he started to shake them.  Not caring which ones fell out of his paws just yet, Mort would spend about a minute merely shaking the bones between his paws, before he finally cast them down into the circle.

  • She squirmed with her wrists, she was not going to die today, she will escape. She looked up and saw a rat coming toward her and all thoughts of escaping vanished. She looked wide eye at him thinking 'what is he doing..' terror filled her as she watched but as she watched, he put a finger to his lips. He was trying to help her? She saw him draw a cycle and pull out bones.
    She watched him, until he cast them. Fear has been replaced with curiosity.

  • Rolvog heard the bones rattling and woke up, slightly startled. He saw Mort shaking the objects between his paws and grew curious. He relaxed and stayed laying where he was, with his one eye open and quietly watched as the rat worked, wondering what he was there for.

  • Mort rubbed his chin for a moment as he looked at the pattern the bones lie in on the ground.  The rat carefully studied them, changing the angle he looked at the bones and even his posture.  After a short while of quiet study, he smiled wide and looked up at the terrified maiden.  Mort judged that it would be safe to release her binds, estimating that her wounds which he could discern were too grievous for her to go anywhere of great distance.  Righting himself, the rat motioned once more for quiet and raised his scythe high…

  • Tessa froze at the sight of the blade, her fate was decided by bones in a circle? He saw the rat smile and Tessa squirmed again, No, this can't be happening, she can't die over bones in a circle…. But her struggle was pointless, the bonds were too tight and the wounds she had suffered were starting to take toll. She stopped struggling and closed her eyes, I'm sorry.."I'm sorry.. she muttered tears coming to her eyes.

  • Rolvog leapt up and rushed to stop Mort, not caring how much noise he was making. He raised his claymore and lunged to block the blade that threatened Tessa.
        He was trying, but knew he wouldn't get there in time.

    -ooc- I know that he's just cutting the bonds, but he doesn't

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