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    Feral Cat (Apperance like a German Rex)

    Originally was a corsair, but is now one of Hellebore's feline knights.

    _Ryker has a body stature that reflects a well exercised childhood and corsair's existence, a lean body with a little bit of muscle from constantly climbing on top of buildings and jungle trees as a adolescent and raiding coasts and climbing the ropes to the crow's nest as a older corsair. This figure and lifestyle as allowed him the agility of a master parkourist and is capable of climbing many obstacles very quickly or running pretty fast.

    His kind stick out from the other feral cats due to having naturally very short silky fur that curls slightly and fairly large almost bat-like ears. Ryker's fur is an orange color with a white chin and underbelly with fearsome yellow eyes. Making him more suited to much warmer jungle or coastal environments than the much colder climates he is dealing with in the Northlands. He also has several typical corsair tattoos on his arms, shoulders and back.

    Ryker does not have many visible scars due to his agility and his past position in the Bloody Barracuda's crow's nest, however. He does carry two notable ones, one running down from his right brow, going down between his right eye and his whiskers and coming to a stop at his upper muzzle lip and another cutting horizontally cross his left cheek and ending half way across his lower jaw. Due to his new career in the Hellebore horde, he does not doubt those will be his only war injuries._

    _Originally when he was still a corsair he wore the typical attire that made up what you expect a corsair would look like, however. That has changed since his initiation into Claudia's horde, though in a unexpected manner. Cat knights in wildcat armies in the Northland typically wear plate armor with simple wear, Ryker however simply opted for a simple chainmail shirt, scalemail armor that is usually given to fox warriors and a long navy coloured cloth with the Hellebore symbol that is either worn around his head or as a small scarf. He had kept most of his old corsair wear however and still has his silk frog button shirt of black with blue borders, a pair of baggy black breeches, black leather boots, a brass buckled belt and several articles of jewelry such as several gold earrings and a couple of bracelets.

    He has only two weapons on his person, a family heirloom and a war trophy. The family heirloom in question is a curved broadsword, it features a slightly short, but wide blade that has several brass rings attached to the back that is on a two handed handle. A rather exotic looking weapon to Mossflower standards that is excellent for close combat like on the deck of a ship. The war trophy is a standard shrew rapier that is more long a abnormally long stiletto or very skinny dirk in the cat's paw. Ryker sees it was a effective backup weapons should he ever be disarmed of his broadsword. Both weapons are held at the belt in different manners, the broadsword has a specially made sharkskin scabbard and the rapier has a baldric._

    _A well experienced duelist and swordfighter, he has lots some playful bouts with his crew mates or has had some serious life-or-death fights and has had a few times where he has lost and almost died in the process, but his agility and the speed of his swinging arm allowed him to more often than not, gain the upper paw in a fight and helps him win over the foe.

    Was both a native of the Great South Coast and a Corsair and because of this, knows a great deal about the ocean, plenty of the creatures that live in it, the types of ships there are, how to maintain and use several of those ships, what islands are safe and which ones have the best taverns for a drink and a lay, Ship-to-ship boarding and fighting, Corsair lingo, what parts of the coast are safe for a raiding and which ones are dangerous and full of toads, pretty much everything you would ever need to know if you were going to live the seafaring life.

    Can be a beast others can easily hang around with, his personality, his sharp wit and his habit of thinking situations through before opening his mouth make him easy for others to get along with and feel comfortable with.

    Is very good at climbing up trees and structures and also running long distances because of his childhood and his corsair profession. He can be useful for getting things out of your reach, putting stuff out of other beasts' reaches, catching other beasts who are good at running for their lives and sending back and forth messages._

    _Though very agile, Ryker isn't the strongest shield on the wall, many of his defeats and near deaths revolved around his opponent managing to grab him or disarm him of his sword, if he is caught in the grip of a stronger beast or is forced into a corner where his agility can't aid him, the tables tend to turn against him.

    Ryker suffers bouts of survivor's guilt and has a 'conscience' that typically acts sarcastic towards him and punishes him for making minor mistakes. (He will sooner or later realize even more things to feel guilty about.)

    Like many corsairs, he tends to be a alcoholic, sometimes he even drinks too much and passes out and than suffers hangovers when he finally wakes up. Making him nearly useless for a while._

    _Ryker is an interesting beast. He isn't nearly as nasty as most seascum are, but he still has rather lose morals. He is a clever and charismatic creature, due to treating any beast who respects them as if they were his own crew mates. He also tends to think things through before he does what he thinks is best accordingly. It is not uncommon for beasts who know him even somewhat to come to him for advice or for his input on a situation of some sort.

    Ryker likes to have fun and entertainment, he has little issues with drinking and more often than not, drinking has lead to many funny and fun moments in his life, though there are some he doesn't even remember. This sometimes causes authority figures to become angry or annoyed at him though. Ryker doesn't see what the big deal is more often than not however as he finds drinking to be a enjoyable hobby for him. However, it has also now became a way to suppress bad memories and his bouts of guilt._

    _Ryker's parents brought him into the world a decade and a half after moving when they along with many other cats like them and the more notable White Cats liberated themselves from the control of their slave masters where the Wildcat Crusades failed to do so, eventually however. They (along with a adolescent Ryker) would become bored with the lifestyle the White Cats made and go back into they're old family tradition of being pirates, just as they're parents did before they were enslaved and taken from the jungles neighboring the Desert Peninsula many of the slave masters inhabit. In that culture, piracy wasn't just a hobby or something you had to do to make a living, it was something you did from generation to generation.

    Before that decision was made though, Ryker spent the first fourteen years of his life climbing trees and other beast's houses and looking out into the sea, enjoying and imagining the stories his parents told him about whats it's like to be a pirate, when he wasn't doing that, he was boredly causing trouble in the form of running and jumping from roof top to roof top and picking fights with other children who didn't like him much due to his rather annoying habits sometimes taking place in the middle of the night when they are trying to sleep, which was many child beasts. Though he wasn't as strong as the other kids, he was very quick and could throw sucker punches that most beasts didn't see even if he just walked up in front of them and threw the punch. His behavior and constant menace constantly put him at odds with authority figures that surprisingly didn't come in the form of his parents and instead some in the form of white cat enforces trying to keep the peace, more often than not causing him to lead them into a big chase through the local market and residential areas, sometimes they catch him, sometimes they don't.

    Ryker would leave on-board a ship along with his parents and several like-minded beasts and make their journey into the (to them) foreign seas off the Coast of Southsward and eventually Mossflower, After a few years however, they would make one last stop at Southsward, it was time for his parents and a few of the crew members to "retire" and they chose to live in Southsward for the rest of their lives. You can only do a very dangerous job for so long before it finally catches up to you and they believed if they kept up past their prime, they would eventually die without enjoying the rewards of their plundering and raiding.

    Unfortunately fate would not be kind to Ryker, the ship would eventually hit a storm and end up shipped wreaked off one of the Western islands and kill all of the crew besides about a dozen beasts and himself, they would eventually be picked off the island by a ship ran by a ferret captain, but not before all but Ryker and two other beasts are killed by the savages that inhabit the island.

    He would serve on the ferret's ship as it's look out until the faithful few weeks when they dock on the coast of the Land of Ice and Snow and pick up a vixen baserker, within a couple of weeks on the ship, the ferret captain and the snow fox have verbal altercations, the vixen wanted to be eventually dropped off next to the mountain fortress of Salamandastron, the captain was deathly afraid of the place for good reason and kept refusing, especially since she came on as a "recruited" corsair, not a passenger. (he wouldn't transport anybeast even if they were willing to pay him, he specifically wanted new crew members at the time)

    Eventually however as the arguments get more and more heated and the constant harassment about the subject continues, the captain eventually has enough of her and tries to make her "walk the plank," unfortunately when he is most of the crew attempt to force this fate upon her, she goes into bloodwrath and kills almost everybeast onboard with a fearsome battleaxe she brought along with her, what wasn't killed had abandoned ship to test their luck floating in the ocean or ran and hid themselves in various parts of the ship, all except one beast, Ryker.

    The night before the slaughter went down, Ryker had been drunk and had also been goofing off with fellow corsairs when they betted him that he couldn't make it to the crow's nest without falling off in the process, the cat drunkenly took the bet and almost fell overboard, but did indeed make it to the top. Though he passed out there cursing that he spilled most of his drink trying to get up there. This and the fact he was look out, would save his life. The fox rarely noticed his existence in the past due to his position on the ship and when she finally claimed down and looked around for wounded, dying or hiding survivors to finish off, she never thought to climb up to the crow's nest and check if anybeast was hiding there.

    However, due to Ryker waking up half dazed and seeing the carnage below, the cat smartly realized that it likely wasn't a wise idea to try to strike down a creature that wiped out all his shipmates by herself and instead kept hidden, it would be several days before the ship would finally hit land, beaching itself on the coast of the Northlands, far off from the vixen's intended target. By the time this finally came to and she left, Ryker was emaciated and only avoided dying of dehydration because he kept filling and drinking down his own urine from the near empty tankard he had brought up with him. He would also almost fall overboard again when he started to climb down back on the deck, eventually though. He would save himself by consuming some of the food supplies and drinks still there after the voyage.

    He would live there for a few days (after cleaning up as much of the bloody mess as he could) before lack of supplies would finally force him to leave the ship and make a cold, unpleasant journey into Northland territory to seek out beasts who may wish to take on the living of a corsair and help get the ship out to sea again. He was successful, but not in the manner he could have ever expected. He did indeed find two beasts when he found their campfire site, however when he struck a conversation with the rat and weasel. His combination of bitter emotions involving the previous incident, the fact he was coming out of the later stages of a hang over and the overall unpleasantness the company of two were being towards him lead to him throwing a few sarcastic comments and insults which would lead to a violent altercation that ended with him killing the two beasts._

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