Gulfang, Son of Joro

  • Full Name: Gulfang

    Species: Wolverine

    Age: 33

    Job: Diplomat

    Alignment: The Wolverine Khans

    Description: Brown-furred, with long muzzle-fur shaped to create a long, moustache-like effect popular with the Northern Khanate wolverines. Thin for a wolverine, but wiry. Wears a unique combination of leather, plate, and lamellar armour.

    Possessions: His unique armour and a ceremonial Khanate shotel. The shotel has gold trim on the hilt, and is stored on a decorative wooden belt with a forest scene engraved on it.


    Wolverine Brutality: Gulfang is a mighty warrior, characteristic of his people. While thinner than most of his kin, he is still far and away stronger than most beasts.


    Ophidiophobia: Gulfang is deathly afraid of snakes, and refuses to fight one head on.

    Personality: Strong and savage, Gulfang knows he is a member of one of the most successful vermin species in the land, and acts like it. However, he is cunning to a degree generally unfound in his species. This is why he is a diplomat, and not a warrior.

    Background: Eighth son to the mighty Joro, Khan of the Crags, Gulfang was brought up in the traditional ways of his people. Taught hunting with bow and spear as soon as he could walk, his first kill was that of a raven. In Khanate society, the kit's first kill signifies their destiny and their class in their clan. The raven, the most cunning and duplicitous of birds, illuminated Gulfang's path; the path of the diplomat and sycophant.

    Given to the Khan's Court for his education, he learned how to move a situation to his advantage, the art of the negotiation, and the methods in which to pry secrets willingly from unknowing beasts. After ten years, he had become a skilled diplomat in his father's court.

    Joro, Khan of the Crag, sent his eighth born son to negotiate several alliances to other Wolverine Khans, forming the Union of the Crag. With many of the old Wildcat lands in his possession, Joro was for once pleased with his domain.

    After hearing word from spies in Mossflower of a certain wildcat of the family Hellebore, Gulfang thought carefully. His father was weak; perhaps it was time that Gulfang himself became Khan of the Crag in his stead. But Gulfang was no warrior, unlike his seven brothers and father. Plotting secretly, he insured that when he rose against his father, he would have friends to help press his claim.

    The next day, Gulfang approached his father with a proposition. He cajoled and flattered his father, convincing him that a wildcat of the Hellebore family wished to join as a servant and concubine to the Khan's Court. After insuring his father was pliable, Gulfang laid his buttered words on the Khan.

    "Allow me to convince her of your noble and wise Union, O Khan. I will insure that when she arrives, she will bring slaves a plenty to bolster our food and wealth." The Khan, greedy as ever, agreed to Gulfang's proposal. Sending his youngest son out to the south, Joro felt like the most powerful ruler the world had ever seen.

    Gulfang, chuckling as he left, allowed the dark machinations of his mind to come to fruit. Traveling alone, he began to track down the wildcat for purposes other than "Glory for the Khan". An excellent ally she would make, it was certain.


    Father: Joro, Khan of the Crag


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