Niloticus Legavaan (WIP)

  • Full Name: Niloticus Legavaan
    Nickname(s): Nilo, Patches,
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Species: Monitor Lizard
    Job: Mercenary/________
    Alignment: Neutral

    Description: Nilo stands at around the height of the average otter, and his scales are a mottled gray-brown with yellowish markings. A few patches of molted skin stick to random parts of his body due to an odd skin condition. His eyes are a murky amber color with a spherical pupil in the center.

    He wears a beige desert scarf over a leather and iron laminar curiass with arm and leg guards, and has a hip quiver on his right leg to hold 20-30 bolts for his crossbow.  Attached to the quiver is drawstring pouch of river stones for his slingshot-crossbow.

    Possessions: Khopesh, packsack with bedroll,  collapsible crossbow (ash and iron), and a slingshot-crossbow (ash, iron and sinew) pouch of ?salted jerky? , wool cap (for cold weather), black wool cloak (for cold weather and impromptu blanket) fishing nets, two canteens  and a tinderbox.

        -Swimming: Nilo is a strong swimmer, but is only inclined to do so if it is for a job or if his life depends on it. However, he dislikes cold water, and will move much slower in it than he normally would.
        -Natural Camouflage: The stripe patterns on Nilo?s body allow him to blend in with certain environments, and can use objects from the environment, (moss, mud, leaves, etc) to help conceal himself when his body?s markings don?t suffice.
        - Veteran:

        - Cold: Due to his (literal) cold-bloodedness, Nilo does not enjoy being subjected to cold weather, and will opt to do work that involves staying indoors, if he opts to do anything at all. During the winter months, Nilo is much slower than he normally is, and is largely fixated with staying warm instead of doing work. Because he keeps himself from hibernating, he also has a grouchier demeanor due to lack of sleep.
        - Nilo has an odd skin issue that causes him to be in a near-constant state of molting. As a result, patches of shed skin can be seen stuck to random parts of his body, which will flake off from actions that could range from things such as being hit, to even just coughing or sneezing. Though he?s personally gotten used to it, he gets a bit defensive if anyone brings it up and will hastily assure them it?s in no way contagious.

    Nilo maintains a relatively placid demeanor outside of his work, preferring to redirect any frustrations he harbors into fuel to keep him focused when working. He has a slightly warped sense of humor, and has a habit of collecting ?trophies? from fallen victims, be it weapons, skulls, or even teeth.

    Though he usually has a laid back demeanor, when it comes to work, Nilo does his best to be professional, and tries to put the customer first in business interactions and make them feel like he has no intentions to kill or eat them at any point in the immediate future.

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