• Nickname: Katie
    Full Name: Kaitlynn
    Species: Weasel
    Age: 19
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Job: Rogue, Thief, Runner

          Kaitlynn is a rather small and slender weaselmaid. She isn't deathly thin, but it is clear she does not eat well. She is quite pretty, though it is subdued by her poverty. If dressed up a little, she could really be beautiful. She tries to keep as well groomed as she can, and does not neglect her appearance. But with traveling conditions and the hard life she leads, she is always a bit disheveled. She has soft hazel eyes, deep chestnut fur, and a light underbelly. She wears black leggings, well worn but sturdy travel boots, and a dark brown tunic. She will change clothing for the situation, though her selection is limited. She wears a belt around her waist and a pouch for her tools.

        Kaitlynn is very poor, limited to what Nihilus gives her. She has a few knives (sometimes poisoned) and her thief's tools.

        - Quick and Agile
        - Excelent Lockpick and Thief
        - Fair at Knife Throwing
        - Alert, Good Senses

        - Easily Scared
        - Physically Weak
        - Bad with Most Weapons

        Kaitlynn is quite shy and awkward in conversations. She doesn't interact with other beasts much, aside from delivering messages. She is easily frightened, but will do what she needs to survive. She will stand up for Nihilus, even though he mistreats her, because he is the closest thing to a friend she is known. She has no aspirations of being anything more than a thief, and really the only reason she clings to life is because she fears death.

        Kaitlynn was an orphan, though she doesn't know how she came to be one. Whether her parents abandoned her, died, or otherwise, it doesn't really matter. She never knew them, and has not even dreams of what they were like. When she was very young, too young to even remember, she was cared for by groups of other children, orphans as well. They felt kind of a common bond with her. She was given the name Kaitlynn by one of them, as they had nothing else to call her by.
        As she grew older, Kaitlynn became more independent. She had to. The other orphans had moved on, to Redwall, professions, or the Dark Forest. Kaitlynn could not find honest work, small and ragged as she was. As a young adolescent she turned to thievery to survive. Stealing food just so she could eat. One day, she tried to rob a certain stoat, and got caught. This is how she met Nihilus. 
        Rather than turn her in to any kind of authority, or punish her, Nihilus cultivated Kaitlynn's skill. He saw she had a knack, so he took her under his wing. He provided her with food and clothing, though rather little of either, and let her sleep on the floor of his chamber. He helped her grow in skill, taught her to use a knife, and made her his assistant. He gave her tasks, mostly relaying messages, some thievery and pick pocketing. He has forced her in many a deadly situation, often wittingly, while watching from a safe distance. But, she still clings to him. In a dark and dreary world, he is the one thing she can rely on.

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