Pike Driftwood [COMPLETE]

  • Nickname: -
    Full Name: Pike Driftwood
    Species: Water Rat
    Age: 29

    Job: Sell-sword/Woodsman
    Alignment: Neutral

    Description: Pike is tall and lanky for his kind, and keeps his sandstone coloured coat as clean as is possible. His profession means that his clothes and fur are usually dusty and marred by the occasional spatter of mud despite his best efforts. He habitually wears a long, faded and much stained green traveling cloak.

    Beneath his cloak he wears a coat of leather scale armour. Not very strong, but quiet and simple enough for him. Beneath this he usually wears a simple maroon tunic and off white pair of pants.

    Possessions: Steel handaxe, leather scale armour, old traveling cloak, yew shortbow, quiver with 20 broadhead arrows, skinning knife, bedroll, plenty of soap and canvas backpack


    Sneaky: Pike has learned to move near silently when needed across most terrain. He is also good at hiding himself, but cannot hide anything larger than him worth a damn.


    Clean freak: Pike tries to keep himself as clean as is possible. However, as he spends most of his time running around the woods we always ends up dirty, much to his chagrin. He always takes the opportunity to clean himself and tries to avoid getting dirty (or muddy, or bloody, or dusty as much as is possible).

    Personality: Pike tends to be quiet and observant, preferring to let his more impulsive younger half-brother take the the reins. He sees nothing wrong with fleeing from a fight he cannot win, but would fight to the death for his sibling.

    Background: Pike was the son of the sea-rat corsair captain Jetblack and the ships cook, who died of fever just after he was born. His father left his crew and settled near Mossflower with his new son, seeking a measure of stability. Jetblack married a mouse maid and bore a second son, Jygg, and raised them both to be scrappers like him. When they were both of age, Pike and Jygg were unceremoniously booted out into the world with naught but the clothes on their backs and the weapons at their sides to sustain them.

    The brothers became mercenaries, Pike following his more confident brothers lead in seeking the employ of bandits and warlords. Where his half-brother would charge into the fray, Pike would sneak around the sidelines, scouting and ambushing. He became an accomplished brigand and woodsman, always finding the vital chink in his foes defences and scurrying off into the woods when confronted.

    When Jygg set out for Redwall, Pike followed, trusting in his half-brothers judgement and honour-bound to stick with his kin.


    Jygg Longblade: Pike trusts Jygg with his life, and would do almost anything that he asks of him

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