Nihilus Morgue

  • Nickname: Nihilus, Undertaker
    Full Name: Nihilus "The Undertaker" Morgue
    Species: Stoat
    Age: 32
    Alignment: Evil
    Job: Criminal, Thug, Enforcer

        Nihilus is both tall and broad for his species. He is much stronger and larger than the average stoat. He has a relatively normal sandy-brown fur coloration, with a lighter underbelly and a black tip on his tale. He has two tattoos that are black lines, starting about a centimeter under each eye and going down to about his jaw line. These show his former affiliation with a Juska tribe. He has dark eyes, that are actually red, though it is hard to see. Nihilus wears an armored chestplate, often under his tunic for protection from would-be-assassins. The tunic is often dark colors, like dark greens. He also wears black leggings and heavy black boots. He has a belt around his waist and a strap over his left shoulder. Finally, he almost always wears a heavy black, hooded cape. He really isn't a fan of his identity being all over the place.

        Nihilus possesses a random assortment of blades. His primary weapon is a well crafted longsword, beyond normal vermin standards. It is nearly as big as most two handed swords, but usually wields it with a single paw, though sometimes he will use two for force. On his left arm he wears what is like a gauntlet/bracer. It is mostly heavy snakeskin and cloth, but protects his outer forearm with a large piece of metal that is heavy enough that he uses it like a buckler to deflect swords during fights. It doesn't hamper his paw too much, so he can hold a dagger in addition to his sword. He has an assortment of knives and daggers that he wears in his over shoulder strap, some throwing, some heavier. Nihilus often has a place of residence, but he moves often. He has a fair amount of money from his trade.

        - Physically Strong and Hardy
        - Brutal and Effective Fighter
        - Not Easily Scared
        - A Fairly Intelligent Schemer

        - Completely lacking in Cooking/Food skills, relies on other's work.
        - Not Artistic (includes music, dancing, acting, anything of that kind)
        - Stinks at diplomacy with anyone he isn't paying
        - Underestimates everyone

        Nihilus is the shadowy figure that meets people in backwater taverns and gives them jobs. He is the in between, drifting from the people that have the money, to those that would kill to get it. Of course, he always makes sure he gets his fair share. He isn't usually the one who gets his paws dirty, but if someone needs silenced for certain, the Undertaker will put them six feet under. 
        Nihilus isn't one for small talk. He fought hard to get his place in life, and he isn't one for matters of anything more than what he can see and touch. He isn't a trustworthy beast at all, and assumes everyone as a potential enemy. He is typically very cold and grim, hence the name "Morgue." He delivers most messages in a grim monition. But he isn't above anger. He is relatively smart, and easily frustrated with stupidity or failure. Anyone who crosses him will feel his wrath.

        Nihilus was once a member of a Juska tribe. There he learned his fighting skills, as well as his life's principles. Kill or be killed. Work to eat, but only if you can't make somebeast else work for you. The tribe was a small one, and when the leader died, his son took command. He was an idiot, and commanded no respect from the remaining members. Nihilus, among others, took this opportunity to leave the Juska behind. 
        Nihilus traveled a little bit to South Mossflower. He started as a mercenary, fighting for money. But as he gained fame with those who hired him, he worked up into their good graces. Now he serves as their enforcer, their middle man, their forward commander. It is rare to see him without his hood down, lurking somewhere in the dark. Most often he won't be in public places at all, appearing just to talk to his contacts and hirelings.

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