Jygg Longblade

  • Nickname: "Claymore"

    Full Name: Jygg Longblade

    Species: Half Mouse, half Water Rat

    Age: 27

    Job: Sellsword

    Alignment: N/A

    Description: A brown-furred river rat, Jygg stands at a little higher than the average vagabond. His fur is fairly well groomed when not on the trail, and overall looks a bit more self conscious and hygienic than his other "cheese-thief" brethren. He possesses two brilliant emerald eyes, and has a slight mouse-like cast to him, due to his mixed heritage.

    He is often wearing his armour when in the field, but otherwise wears worn-yet-comfortable traveling clothes when safe.

    Possessions: A large two handed sword, partial plate armour, a traveling cloak, packsack with a bedroll, a small dagger, and a wooden (yew) crossbow with metal reinforcement. He carries his ammunition at his belt, and generally keeps about 20 to 30 hand made wooden bolts at hand.

    Strong: Jygg is a fairly strong rat, and able to use his large two handed sword with a fair degree of proficiency. His stamina is fairly good, and can run (whether to or from a battle) at a pretty decent speed with full kit on.

    Veteran: Jygg has seen many skirmishes and border wars in his career, and knows his job well. He can operate as a mercenary in many environments, from simple guard duty to a hired officer.

    Proud: Jygg has an extreme sense of self worth and pride. He'll take any excuse to brag on how "potent" and "spectacular" his fighting prowess is. Words most rats don't know. However, as the saying goes, "pride cometh before the fall". Often Jygg will take insults too seriously, and he does not take jokes well.

    Poor Swimmer: Uncharacteristically for a water rat, Jygg is a poor swimmer, only barely able to stay afloat. He avoids water when possible, due to his fear of deep water from a traumatizing event in his childhood, in which he watched his mother be devoured by a fierce river pike.

    Jygg is a prideful sort of rat, a braggart in every sense of the word. Greedy and smart, he puts his learned trades of violence, extortion, and war into good use as a mercenary rat.

    Almost fearless as long as the pay's good enough, Jygg will stay with an employer until the contract's over, or if they displease the rat in some way. Tardy pay, mistreatment, and menial labour being the top three reasons why Jygg would leave an employer's service.

    Jygg was born to a mousemaid and sea-rat, out by the edge of Mossflower. His father, a retired corsair, introduced young Jygg and his brother, Pike,  to the trade of battle very quickly. Training Jygg in the skills of blade and crossbow, eventually the young half-rat learned enough to be thrust into the world with naught but the sword on his back, a crossbow he made himself, and his brother beside him.

    Jygg became a mercenary in the service of warlords and bandit chiefs very quickly, as the trade of a sellsword always provided food and bed to the young half-rat. Judged by many on his mixed heritage, he proved the "pure" rats wrong by his surprising knowledge on small unit tactics(which were drummed into him by his father, of course.)

    Eventually, he amassed enough experience and seasons that he was considered a true "veteran" now. Wearing iron plate armour around his frame and with his weaponry at his side, he struck out to Mossflower to find the fabled "Redwall Abbey" to take up a cushy guard position at the Abbey. Who knows… maybe the rumours of Redwall are wrong.


    Pike Driftwood: Older brother, Jygg trusts Pike completely, even with his life.


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